November 17, 2013: Washington Post Tips Adelson’s Hand

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Opposition comes to a head as New Jersey prepares to launch full-scale online gambling on November 21, 2013. Just before the big day, Adelson moves his anti-online gambling message into the public domain.

The Washington Post reports that the casino magnate has hired a team of “lobbyists and public relations experts in Washington and in state capitals nationwide” to “persuade Congress to ban Internet betting.” Adelson argues that online gambling is a “danger to society and could tarnish the industry’s traditional business model.”

The Post goes on to divulge Adelson’s plans for a public campaign that casts online gambling in a negative light:

“In January, Adelson plans to roll out an advocacy group, the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling, that aides say will include advocates for children and others who are considered vulnerable to the temptations and ­potential harms of online betting.”

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