theScore Bet Sportsbook Review & Bonuses

In 2007, the Canadian company Score Media and Gaming launched a multi-sport news website, theScore. Based in Toronto, the public company trades on Canada’s TSX Venture Exchange. By aggregating sports news items and providing real-time scores and stats, theScore app gained millions of users.

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A dozen years later, Score Media and Gaming became the first media company to launch an online sportsbook, called theScore Bet. After first going live in New Jersey in Sep. 2019, theScore Bet launched in Colorado and Indiana the following year, then in Iowa in Feb. 2021. Plans include expanding to other states as well, pending receipt of the necessary licenses and approvals.

A multi-year agreement between theScore and Penn National Gaming will help facilitate that expansion greatly, as Penn National operates casinos in 11 states. Further evidence of theScore’s aspirations came in February when it made an initial public offering in the US, thereby opening the door to trading on the Nasdaq exchange. The company has also partnered with the American sportsbook technology provider Bet.Works, which powers both the app and online platform.

This review covers what sports bettors can expect to find at theScore Bet sportsbook, including a look at the site’s bonuses and promotions, instructions for creating an account and downloading theScore Bet app, an overview of bets and markets and the overall user experience, information on banking options and customer support, and answers to other questions about the sportsbook.

theScore Bet welcome bonuses

For new customers, theScore Bet offers a first deposit matching bonus worth up to $1,000 and a risk-free first bet worth up to $500.

Sports Betting ApptheScore Bet
Free Bet Bonus:Up to $500 risk free on first bet
Deposit Bonus:100% matched for first deposits, up to $1,000
Legal In:New Jersey, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa
Last Verified:January 2022

Deposit match bonus

TheScore Bet offers a 100% matching bonus for first deposits. The bonus is good for deposits up to $1,000. Thus, if you deposit $1,000 when first funding your account, the bonus will equal $1,000, and if you deposit $100, the bonus will equal $100, etc.

There are some stipulations attached. The first is a playthrough requirement, described by theScore Bet as a “cash-back rate” that unlocks bonus money at a rate of five cents per dollar wagered. Presented in a more conventional fashion, this translates to a 20x wagering requirement. For example, to clear the full $1000 bonus, you’d have to wager a total of $20,000, at a rate of $5 in bonus money for each $100 you bet.

You have 60 days to clear the playthrough requirement and unlock all of the bonus money. Unfortunately, you can’t cash out either your deposit or any winnings from it during this period without invalidating the bonus. After the time limit expires, any uncleared bonus money is lost, but you can withdraw freely at that point.

There is one other restriction. In order for bets to unlock bonus money, the odds have to be no shorter than -300 (i.e., -200 is okay, but a bet at -400 doesn’t count). The value of this matching bonus is in line with many other sportsbooks, and the terms to clear the bonus aren’t particularly tough.

Risk free first bet bonus

Once you’ve made that first deposit, theScore Bet also lets you place a risk free first bet. What this means is that you’ll get your stake refunded if the bet loses. The maximum value for such a bet is $500.

Generally speaking, the best use for such bets is on a longshot that will pay off big if it wins. However, for a free bet to qualify for the promotion, the odds must be +300 or shorter, so you won’t be able to go looking for a ten-to-one underdog to bet on. You must also place the risk-free wager within seven days of qualifying for it.

The risk-free bet provides a nice opportunity for new users to place an initial bet without worry and potentially build a bankroll right off the bat. That said, the promotion only technically “rewards” the user if the wager loses.

theScore Bet sportsbook VIP accounts

There is no loyalty program at theScore Bet, but high-level players can inquire about creating VIP accounts. Joining the VIP program requires approval by the site’s VIP host.

Creating an account at theScore Bet sportsbook app

Unlike most online sportsbooks, theScore Bet is not available for desktops or laptops. That is to say, there is no browser version of the sportsbook; it exists solely as a mobile app. The good news is the app is free to download and of high quality, much as one might expect from a media company with a long history of providing a popular sports news app.

TheScore Bet Sportsbook app is available for both Android and iOS (Apple) mobile devices. Download it for free from theScore’s website, where you’ll find large, conspicuous download buttons at the top of the homepage. Click the link you want and follow the instructions from there.

Also, be certain that you are downloading “theScore Bet” which is the sportsbook app, and not theScore’s sports news app, unless you want that too. If you have both, you can enable “bet mode” in the news app in order to sync the two. Doing so allows you to track your bets in real time on the news app as scores and stats update. Placing bets can only be done from within the sportsbook app, however.

Registering a new account at theScore Bet app

Unfortunately, you have to register an account at theScore Bet before you can browse the markets. However, you can register an account from anywhere, even from states in which you can’t legally place a bet. You can even deposit funds from anywhere. However, the app will only accept a bet when you’re physically located in a state where theScore Bet is licensed to operate.

After allowing location services on your device, you’ll need to supply some personal information in order for theScore Bet to verify your identity:

  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Last four digits of your Social Security number
  • Gender (optional)
  • A photo of your driver’s license or state-issued identity card
  • A selfie

Along the way you’ll also create a username and a password, set up two security questions and answers, and enter a four-digit verification code.

This might sound like a lot simply to create an account, but the app does work especially smoothly, and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. You’ll take the photos from within the app, which facilitates the process. The whole process takes only two to three minutes.

Betting at theScore Bet sportsbook

Bettors using theScore Bet Sportsbook will find all of the most popular wagers available, and then some. Each contest features all the standard pregame wagers, with lots of props and live betting options available for most sports, as well. Here is a rundown of the primary bet types you’ll find at theScore Bet sportsbook:


The classic “straight” bet on a team or player to win a given contest. American odds display as a positive number (for underdogs) or negative number (for favorites). These numbers show how much a winning bet pays out. Negative numbers indicate the amount you’d need to risk to win $100. Conversely, positive numbers indicate the amount you can win if you risk $100.

Say the Denver Broncos are -115 to win. That means a $115 wager on the Broncos would pay $100 if they win. Meanwhile if the New York Jets are +130 underdogs, that means a moneyline bet of $100 would pay $130 if the Jets win. You’ll see when you make a wager that the payouts are calculated for you and shown on your bet slip.

Note that “moneyline” is used to describe both the odds and the type of bet. However, a moneyline bet is specifically a bet on the winner of the match, regardless of the score. Conversely, moneyline odds are used to define the payouts for every type of bet. Unlike most US sportsbooks, theScore allows you to switch to other odds format (decimal or fractional), if you’re unused to moneylines.


Spread bets take into account just how much of a favorite or underdog teams are, in order to equalize the payouts on both sides. For example, if the Jets are 4.5-point underdogs, a spread bet on New York would show up as +4.5. If they won or did not lose by more than four points, the bet would be a winner. Similarly, a bet on Denver as a three-point favorite (i.e., -3) means the Broncos would have to win by more than three points for the bet to win.

Odds for spread bets will generally be around -110 on both sides, because the point is to establish a line such that the bet is as close to a 50/50 proposition as possible.


You can additionally bet on the total number of points for both teams combined. Also called an “over/under” bet, it means you are betting on the total to go over or under a specific amount. Thus, if the line is 224.5 for the Denver NuggetsLos Angeles Lakers game, and you bet the over, your bet will win if the sum of the two teams’ scores is 225 or more.


On theScore Bet, when you add wagers to your bet slip, you’ll have the option to create parlays as you go.

A parlay is a bet that combines multiple wagers (or “legs”) into a single bet. The odds are greater and payouts bigger, but you need to get every leg of your bet correct in order to win. Thus, you could bet on the Brooklyn Nets to win (a moneyline bet), the Denver Nuggets to cover as a 4.5-point favorite, and the Lakers-Rockets game to go over 219.5 points, combining all three wagers into a single parlay.


A teaser is a type of parlay bet in which the bettor can alter (or “tease”) the lines of the bets, changing the odds but perhaps creating a more likely winner.

For example, you could have a two-leg parlay — say, spread bets on the New York Jets and Denver Broncos. You could “tease” the point spread in both games, changing it from the default one in order to increase your chances of winning the bet.

Teasers are also known as alternative spreads, alternative totals, etc.


You’ll find a ton of team and player props, or proposition bets, on theScore Bet. These are bets on statistical results not directly related to a game’s outcome. Some relate to a particular player, such as whether they’ll score a certain number of points, or rush for a certain number of yards in a football game. Others relate to just part of the game, e.g. the winner of the second quarter. Depending on the sport, you might see props based on whether certain types of events take place, or when, or how often, such as whether a red card will be given during a soccer match.


Futures bets are wagers on events or outcomes that are more long term, often decided at the end of a season. These include preseason or in-season bets on teams to win the championship, players to win certain awards, and the like.

In theScore Bet app, when you choose a league, you’ll see both “Lines” and “Futures” tabs. “Lines” refers to games occurring that day, while under “Futures” you’ll find a reasonably good selection of futures bets.

Live betting

Live betting, or in game betting, allows you to wager on games in progress. You can bet on game outcomes like the moneyline, spread or total, with the odds and payouts changing as the game goes along. Depending on the sport, you may even be able to bet on what will happen on the next play.

One popular live betting option for football, for instance, is whether the current drive will end in a touchdown, a field goal attempt, a punt, a turnover or a safety.

State restrictions

The markets and available bet types are essentially identical in each state that theScore Bet operates in. However, specific state laws do introduce a few small differences due to regulatory requirements.

In New Jersey, for instance, betting on in-state NJ college teams is not allowed. Nor is any betting on college games taking place in New Jersey (e.g., NCAA tournament games). Thus you won’t find those games on theScore Bet app in NJ.

Also, in Iowa, you can bet on college sports, including in-state teams. However, you can’t place live prop bets on individual college players. Thus, these options do not appear on theScore Bet app in IA.

Sports you can bet on at theScore Bet

Bettors will find a variety of markets from which to choose at theScore Bet sportsbook. The app neatly arranges sports and leagues in the following categories:

  • Baseball (MLB, Korea, Japan, Taiwan)
  • Basketball (NBA, NCAA, WNBA, international)
  • Bull riding (PBR)
  • Combat (MMA, boxing)
  • Football (NFL, NCAA)
  • Golf (all tours)
  • Hockey (NHL, international)
  • Motor sports (Formula One; NASCAR Cup, Xfinity, Trucks; IndyCar)
  • Rugby (rugby league)
  • Soccer (Premier, Champions, Europa, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, MLS, international)
  • Tennis (men’s, women’s)

The selection is similar to what you’ll find at most major online sportsbooks, although bull riding is an exception that is comparatively rare. Each of the leagues listed above are covered in full, with every game available for pre-match betting, and usually in play betting as well.

User experience at theScore Bet

In terms of functionality and design, theScore Bet app is about as good as it gets. The black background paired with blue, yellow and white highlights makes all of the information easy to read. It’s also arranged in logical fashion.

The design is very intuitive, with individual sports along the top and highlighted contests just below. Featured promos and games occupy the middle pane, and links along the bottom give you access to your open and settled bets, live betting and the full list of sports.

Game pages load rapidly. The different lines, player props, game props and alternative lines are all easy to locate. Clicking “Game info” yields important information about time, location and player injuries.

For those who’ve also downloaded theScore’s sports news app, clicking “Preview” in the sportsbook switches over to that other app and opens the game page. There, you’ll find a wealth of relevant stats, side-to-side comparisons, team and key player histories,  game-related news feeds and discussion.

Place a bet and it automatically appears on a white bet slip that slides up from the bottom of the screen. There you can compile bets as well as set up parlays and teasers. Once you’ve made your selections and set your stakes, it takes only one tap to submit all your wagers all at once.

Your initials appear in the upper left to show that you’re logged in. Tapping them opens your account information. There you can check your available balance, your bonus funds and free bets, or open your wallet, from which you can deposit or withdraw funds. You’ll also find links to promotions, responsible gambling help and resources, and customer support.

There are various ways to customize the app, too, as well as to set up game alerts and push preferences to make it even more useful. Users can choose their preferred odds format as well (moneyline aka American odds by default, with decimal or fractional odds on demand).

Depositing and withdrawing at theScore Bet sportsbook

TheScore Bet offers a few ways to deposit funds into your account. Go to “My account,” then “Wallet,” and then choose “Deposit.” Funding methods include:

  • Debit or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover)
  • E-check (online banking transfer)
  • TheScore Bet Play+ prepaid card

All options require a $10 minimum deposit. There are both daily and monthly maximum limits to deposits, as well. These vary according to the depositing method, with a rolling monthly maximum of $10,000 on any method. However, VIP accounts for high-value players allow this maximum to be increased.

Players can also self-impose deposit and spending limits, and they can limit the amount of time they spend on the app per day or ban themselves for a designated period. Finally, they can self-exclude altogether, following guidelines set by the state in which they are located.

When it comes time to withdraw, here are your options:

  • E-check (online banking transfer)
  • TheScore Bet Play+ prepaid card
  • Cash at the casino cage (NJ only)

Withdrawing via an online banking transfer requires uploading an image of a voided check. Withdrawals using that method and or via Play+ prepaid card may take up to 72 hours to complete. New Jersey users wishing to withdraw funds at the cage at Monmouth Park Racetrack must set up an appointment ahead of time to do so.

theScore Bet customer support

Customer support for theScore Bet is available in one of three ways.

First visit your account screen in the app, then tap “Help,” followed by “Contact support.” There, you’ll find phone support available (just tap on the number to call) as well as email support (tap the email address to send a message).

You’ll also see live chat as an option, with agents available 24/7. These agents are very quick and helpful, making it the best option for most queries. There is also an extensive and searchable FAQ available via the app in the help section that contains answers to many common questions and issues.

theScore Bet FAQ

In what states is theScore Bet sportsbook legal?

Currently theScore Bet is available in Colorado, Indiana, Iowa and New Jersey.

Do I have to be a resident of those states to place bets?

No, you do not. You only need to be physically located within the state when placing your wagers. For example, to place a bet at theScore Bet New Jersey sportsbook, you have to be in NJ at the time you place your bet.

In what other states will theScore Bet launch?

That remains to be seen. TheScore has a strategic market access partnership in place with Penn National, which covers 11 states. It doesn’t receive the same priority in all of these, however.

TheScore has “first skin” access to Louisiana and Mississippi.

It has “second skin” access to Missouri, Ohio and Texas (in addition to Indiana and Iowa, where it already operates).

It has “third skin” access to Michigan, Massachusetts, Maine and Kansas.

What is the minimum age to place wagers at theScore Bet sportsbook?

This depends on the state. In all states where theScore Bet currently operates, the minimum age to bet on sports is 21.

How is theScore Bet sportsbook licensed?

Most states, including all those in which theScore Bet currently operates, require online sportsbooks to operate in conjunction with a land-based partner.

In New Jersey, theScore has partnered with Monmouth Park Racetrack in Oceanport. In Colorado, the sportsbooks’ land-based partner is The Gilpin Casino in Black Hawk. In Indiana, theScore Bet has joined forces with Ameristar East Chicago. And in Iowa, the retail partner is the Ameristar Casino in Council Bluffs.

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