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The expansion of legal gaming options is a hot trend in the US at the moment. It hasn’t yet reached every corner of the country, however. Before you play, you need to know what the safe and legal forms available in your state are.

The good news is that there’s another option, which doesn’t involve either abstaining from playing, or turning to illegal offshore casinos. These are what are known as sweepstakes casinos. There are even similar sites which will allow you to play poker on the same terms.

Sweepstakes casinos give you a chance to play your favorite casino-style games and redeem winnings for cash prizes, 100% legally. You can even get in the action without spending a dime, which can be done with free Sweeps Coins.

Sweepstakes bonus codes (casino and poker)

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What is a sweepstakes online casino?

A sweepstakes online casino is a type of casino that blends play money action with cash prizes. These sites do this in such a way that they fall under sweepstakes law rather than gambling law. This makes them legal in most states, even ones that haven’t passed an iGaming bill.

We’ll explain the legal aspects in a moment. In practical terms, however, the most important aspect of an online sweepstakes casino is that they use a two-currency system. These are usually called Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins, though some sites use alternative terminology.

Officially, both currencies have no cash value. However, the Sweeps Coins can be redeemed for cash prizes. Typically, the dollar value of a prize will be equal to the numbers of Sweeps Coins you’ll have to trade in to receive it. That one-to-one ratio makes it easy to keep track of the current value of the prizes you could claim if you elect to stop playing and trade in your Sweeps.

You make a purchase of the play money Gold Coins, to be played in standard play mode, and receive, as a bonus, an amount of Sweeps Coins, to be played in promotional play mode, that corresponds to the value of your purchase. You can then play whatever games you like, using either currency. Playing with Gold Coins is just for fun, while using Sweeps Coins is more like a casino style experience.

You then redeem your Sweeps Coins for cash prizes. All of this means there are a few extra steps, but once you’re playing, it’s almost the same thing.

Are sweepstakes casinos legal?

Yes! The federal government has laws in place to cover promotional sweepstakes. Sweepstakes casinos structure their product so as to fall under these laws, which makes them legal nationwide by default. Theoretically, individual states could pass their own laws against them, but this hasn’t happened to date.

To qualify as a sweepstakes casino, they have to allow you to enter a contest with no purchase necessary. This means that you can receive free Sweeps Coins. To do this, you will need to send the casino a hand-written letter requesting them. The amount of free sweeps a casino offers is small, but it fulfills the legal obligation.

Best sweepstakes casinos for US players

Because they hinge on the particularities of the law, sweepstakes online casinos are largely a US phenomenon. Many also serve Canadian customers, as Canadian sweepstakes law is similar.

There are a number of such sites to choose from, though many are owned by the same company, Virtual Gaming World (VGW). Here are the biggest and best among them.

Chumba Casino

Chumba Casino is one of the VGW sites. It dates back only to 2017, but has become among the most popular sweepstakes sites. Among other things, the Chumba Casino bonus for new users is quite generous: 2 Sweeps for free on signup, and a 67% discount on your first $30 GC. In other words, you’ll get 30 free Sweeps for just an initial outlay of $10.

As far as its products go, Chumba is fairly straightforward. It has an array of online slots based on standard themes. Because of the site’s popularity, the progressive jackpots on some of these slots can get quite large, sometimes into the millions of Sweeps.

Chumba’s offerings aren’t limited to slots. It also offers blackjack, roulette and video poker. If you’re not looking for anything specific, it’s a good general-purpose sweepstakes casino for first-time players due to its welcome bonus, big jackpots and a decent selection of games.

Luckyland Slots

Luckyland Slots is a site like Chumba. Its bonuses are structured differently, however. The no purchase signup bonus is more generous, offering 10 free Sweeps, rather than just two. The first purchase bonus costs less too, though the reward isn’t as high. If you purchase $4.99 worth of GC at signup, you’ll get $10 worth of GC added free.

As the name implies, Luckyland is purely a slots site. These are, however, more modern and of higher quality than that of Luckyland Slots sister casinos, like Chumba. Also, whereas Chumba is browser-based only, Luckyland gives you a choice. You can certainly play in your browser, but there is also a Luckyland Slots Android app you can download directly from its website.

Luckyland is the better option if you’re only interested in slots, or if you want to take advantage of the free play but don’t intend to make a purchase. Of course, you can also play on both sites to take advantage of both introductory offers.

Funzpoints Casino

Funzpoints is a new sweepstakes casino, having opened in 2019. Its currency system looks a little different from those other sites, but is effectively identical. Standard Funzpoints are equivalent to Gold Coins, while Premium Funzpoints are the equivalent of Sweeps.

Note that Funzpoints cash prizes work on a different system from the VGW sites; here, you’ll need to trade in 100 points for every dollar in prize value you claim. Thus, if you’re comparing Funzpoints to Sweeps, you’ll want to knock a couple of zeroes off the Funzpoints.

The Funzpoints welcome bonus consists of 250 Premium Funzpoints up front, and double Premium Funzpoints on your first purchase, to a maximum of $20. Thus, if you make a $20 purchase to maximize your return, you will end up with 4250 Premium Funzpoints for a $20 outlay.

This is pretty similar in terms of added value to Chumba Casino, and the product is similar too, right down to the lack of a mobile app. However, where the two diverge significantly is in terms of ongoing promotions. Funzpoints Casino has a lot of special features that allow you to win extra money or Funzpoints, like jackpot draws, booster games and the Sunday Funzday weekly reload bonus. Check out the review page for full details on these.

SweepsSlots Casino

SweepsSlots Casino is a newcomer to the space. The SweepsSlots Casino welcome bonus gives you a 25% boost to your first Gold Coin purchase (and accompanying Sweeps Coins), but the site also has a “subsequent deposit” bonus giving you a 2.5% boost on all purchases.

At the moment, the site has a limited range of games, but it does have some unique features. For one thing, winnings from Sweeps Coin play are credited in real, withdrawable cash immediately, rather than requiring you to redeem Sweeps Coins for cash manually. It also has some neat tools to track your play, the option to cash out in USDT (Tether) cryptocurrency, and is working on the option to make purchases using crypto as well.

Signing up and playing at sweepstakes casinos

Aside from the legalities, a big difference about sweepstakes sites is their platform focus. The current crop of sweepstakes casinos is primarily browser-based.

Neither Apple nor Google will allow the products in their respective app stores. Some Sweeps Coin casinos have an Android app you can download directly from their website, but for the most part, you should expect to be playing in-browser. The good news is that there’s no need to download a geolocation plug-in, and the signup process is easier because there are fewer regulations that apply to sweepstakes sites.

Just click one of the Play Now buttons at the top of this page or on the review page for the site you’ve chosen. You’ll either be taken straight to the sign-up page, or a login page with a Register button. Registration will be very similar to creating an account with any other online merchant. You’ll have to provide a bit of personal information, and that’s about it.

If you want more Sweeps (or equivalent) than you received from the sign-up offer, you’ll need to make a purchase. The link to purchase should feature prominently on the site. Remember that what you’re purchasing is the play money currency (Gold Coins or equivalent) but what you want to pay attention to is the amount of Sweeps (or equivalent) you’ll get as a bonus at the same time.

Navigating the sites is usually quite intuitive, and the games are simple. Remember that most games can be played either with play money or the redeemable sweepstakes currency. Typically there will be a tab within the site, or a choice upon loading a game, which will allow you to choose between the two.

How to get free Sweeps Coins

There’s nothing more appealing to a gamer than a freeroll. That being the case, one of the nice aspects of sweepstakes casinos is that there’s always a way to get into the action without spending a cent. Sweepstakes casinos do this using free Sweeps Coins.

Typically, there are four ways to do this:

Signup bonus

Virtually all sweepstakes casinos, including all the ones we’ve featured here, will give you some free Sweeps to play with when you sign up.

This typically isn’t very much, with offers ranging from $2 to $20 or so. On the plus side, you’d have to sign up to play anyway, so you’ll get your free Sweeps (or equivalent) with no additional effort.

One catch, of course, is that this is a one-time offer. You’ll have to provide proof of identity when redeeming for prizes, so don’t try to cheat the system by registering multiple accounts. There is also typically going to be some sort of play-through requirement, but this might just mean using your free Sweeps one time. This is simply to discourage people from signing up, collecting some free Sweeps, and redeeming them immediately, without any intention of even trying the product.

Login bonus and other on-site promotions

Depending on the specific casino, there may be ways to earn free Sweeps from within the site. For instance, Chumba Casino has a Daily Bonus which you can claim simply by logging in once every 24 hours, waiting for a pop-up to appear, and clicking the Claim button.

Other operators may have any number of other similar promotions. Browse the site reviews to see what’s on offer.

Facebook or other off-site promotions

Many sweepstakes casinos also have a social media presence on Facebook or other social media sites. Those that do will often host giveaways for their followers, in order to encourage engagement with their page.

These are typically opt-in, and require you to be paying attention to the page. When one shows up, it will include instructions for participating, which might involve commenting on or sharing the post, for instance.

What games can I play on sweepstakes casino sites?

This depends on the site, but there are some commonalities between the current options.


Most of the current crop of sweepstakes casino sites have a slots focus. Some, like Luckyland Slots, offer slots exclusively. Others, like Chumba Casino, feature slots predominantly, but have some other options mixed in.

Table games

Those sites that aren’t based exclusively around slots often have a few table games mixed in for variety, though they’re rarely the top priority. Blackjack and roulette are the most common options. You may occasionally find some other choices, like baccarat.

Video poker

Video poker is popular, and you can find it at some sweepstakes casinos as well. It has high potential payouts, like a slot machine, but a skill element similar to blackjack. Video poker titles often have a very good return to player if played correctly, but using the wrong strategy can prove very costly. There are lots of resources available online to help you play optimally, so be sure to look up the specific version of video poker you’re trying before you start to play.

Purchasing and redeeming from sweepstakes casinos

You purchase the play money currency and receive free sweepstakes currency along with it. When you want to redeem, what you will really be doing is redeeming that sweepstakes currency for cash prizes.

Because of this, you won’t necessarily be receiving your money the same way you sent it.

The most common (and sometimes only) way to makes purchases at a sweepstakes casino is with a credit card. Most will accept Visa and Mastercard. Some will also accept certain digital payment solutions like Paypal or Skrill, but there will typically be fewer options.

Receiving prizes is usually through ACH or similar bank transfer.

Important: Many sweepstakes casinos will ask you for additional personal info the first time you want to redeem your sweepstakes currency. In particular, they’ll need your bank info in order to send the payment. It’s therefore important when you’re signing up to anticipate providing this information eventually, and make sure your signup information is accurate.

Other sweepstakes sites

Because the sweepstakes model circumvents gambling laws, there are few restrictions on what types of game such sites could offer in theory.

Indeed, sweepstakes poker sites and sweepstakes sportsbooks exist as well, though the latter are outside our wheelhouse here at OnlinePokerReport.

Currently, the only sweepstakes poker site serving American customers is Global Poker. With the game’s limited popularity relative to casino products, and the rise of legal real money poker in the US, there may not be enough of a market to support much competition.

Global Poker

As the name implies, Global Poker is primarily a sweepstakes poker site. However, it now does feature casino games as well.

The Global Poker signup bonus is the best of the three VGW sites. You’ll get 20 Sweeps just for signing up, and $40 GC free with your first $20 purchase. This means a total of 60 Sweeps for a payment of $20.

That said, unless you’re primarily interested in the bonus, Global Poker only makes sense if you actually want to play poker. The casino games at the moment consist of just three slots options, and two versions of blackjack. If you’re not going to play poker as well, those limited options might get stale pretty quickly.


A new site, OnlineLotto, is trying an interesting take on the sweepstakes casino format. Despite the name, it isn’t an online lottery site.

Like the VGW sites, it uses two currencies, Gold Coins and Sweepstakes Coins, with the latter being redeemable for cash. However, the latter can’t be acquired directly, not even as a free bonus with the purchase of Gold Coins. Rather, they’re available as prizes you can win by entering draws using your Gold Coins.

The site also has casino games – only slots at the moment, but with table games coming in future. These take, and pay out, only Gold Coins. However, since you can use those coins to enter the draws, you can indirectly increase your chances of winning a cash prize by racking up Gold Coins at the slots first.

That said, OnlineLotto has not yet implemented the second currency, or cash prizes. For the time being, it is purely for fun. Keep an eye on our OnlineLotto review page to stay up to date on any developments on this front.

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