SweepSlots Casino Promos – Up to 1,100 Free Sweeps Coins

SweepSlots is a new online casino employing the popular sweepstakes model. This approach enables players to use virtual currencies to play casino-style games for fun and/or real cash prizes. Whereas traditional online casinos are only available in a handful of states, sweepstakes casinos are legal throughout the US, except for Washington State.

Best of all, when you use our SweepSlots bonus code PLAYNOW you’ll receive a first purchase bonus of up to $100.

The site uses two currencies, Sweeps Coins and Gold Coins, and players can bet with either type. When playing with Gold Coins, you can only win more Gold Coins. However, when playing with Sweeps Coins, you have the chance to win real cash prizes that are available for immediate withdrawal.

SweepSlots is operated by Regal Technologies, a Delaware-based limited liability company. While the site currently features a limited number of slots and keno games, there are plans to add more in the near future. The games that are available now are all well-designed and fun to play. All of the slots also feature multiple progressive jackpots (whether you’re playing with Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins), meaning whatever game you choose, you always have a chance at winning a big prize.

Read on for an overview of SweepSlots, including information about bonuses and promotions, the SweepSlots loyalty program, instructions for registering an account, an explanation of Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins, plus a review of game selection, site features, banking options and customer support.

SweepSlots bonuses and promotions 

SweepSlots has several kinds of bonuses available to all players. They begin as soon as you open your account.

Welcome offers and other bonuses

New signups receive a bonus of up to $100. Simply enter our SweepSlots promo code PLAYNOW and you will get a 25% welcome bonus on your first coin purchase of up to a maximum of $100. You’ll also get a 2.5% bonus on subsequent coin purchases.

SweepSlots has a couple of other bonuses that you’ll find in your account right away after signing up. New players receive an additional login bonus of 1,000 Gold Coins plus another 100 Sweeps Coins.

As you start playing the different games at SweepSlots, you will discover other bonuses frequently coming your way. One is an achievement reward when you accomplish various feats during the games (for example, win an extra five Gold Coins for hitting three identical symbols on a single reel). In addition, you can win free spins or other rewards within each of the games.

“Deposit” bonuses

If you click on “Promotions” at the bottom of the homepage, you will find a couple offers that SweepSlots calls deposit bonuses. These are the same ones we’ve described above.

The term is a bit of a misnomer because you aren’t actually depositing money into an account as you might at a regular online casino. Rather, you are purchasing Gold Coins for cash, and receiving Sweeps Coins along with your purchase. There are two of these bonuses at SweepSlots, to claim them just remember to enter the SweepSlots bonus code PLAYNOW:

  • First deposit bonus
  • Later deposit bonus

For the first deposit bonus, any purchase of Gold Coins up to $100 receives a 25% bonus of both Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins. For the later deposit bonus, any purchase of Gold Coins earns a 2.5% bonus of both Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins.

You will see other deposit bonuses available from time to time as well, including ones that add as much as 50% to your coin purchases. Some of these come with wagering requirements that you’ll need to satisfy to release the bonus.

SweepSlots jackpots

We should also mention the multiple jackpots available when playing any slot at SweepSlots. Whether you play with Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins, both game types feature three jackpots:

  • Mini jackpot
  • Major jackpot
  • Mega jackpot

The mini jackpot is the smallest, with the major jackpot about 3.3 times larger and the mega jackpot about 10 times the mini.

For the Gold Coin games, the jackpots award you more gold coins that have no cash value. But for the Sweeps Coin games, you can win actual money, and the jackpots are also in dollars. During our trial, the mega jackpot was over $8,000 and climbing (for Sweeps Coin games), with the major jackpot edging toward $3,000 and the mini jackpot over $800.

SweepSlots tournaments

On top of all that, SweepSlots runs tournaments, too. These involve playing slots during a particular time period, with the players who win the most collecting a share of a prize pool. These tournaments cost Gold Coins to play and also pay out in Gold Coins.

SweepSlots loyalty program: VIP Shop

SweepSlots also features a loyalty program. Players automatically collect VIP points as they play. You can always check to see how many VIP points you’ve accumulated by looking under “My Account.”

Right next to your VIP points total you will see a link to the VIP Shop. There you can redeem your VIP points in a variety of ways. You can claim bonus credits, Gold Coins, Sweeps Coins or free spins.

How to register for a SweepSlots account

Creating a SweepSlots account is an easy process that takes only a couple of minutes. As noted above, as soon as you create your account, you will receive some Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins to let you get started playing right away.

You will need to provide some personal information when creating your account at SweepSlots. That information includes the following:

  • First and last name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number

You will also create a username and password and set up a secret question to help ensure the security of your account. There is an option as well to link your account to your Facebook account, if you wish.

Finally, you will need to agree to the site’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. That includes confirming you are at least 18 years old, the minimum required to play on the site.

Once you have entered all of the necessary information and clicked “Register,” you will receive a confirmation email. You will have to click the link in the email to verify your account. Once you do, you are all set to start playing.

Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins at SweepSlots 

The two-currency model is a feature of all sweepstakes casinos, and a requirement for them to be legal. You can purchase Gold Coins, but not Sweeps Coins.

Gold Coins are priced at $1 per 1,000 coins. However, you will receive more than 1,000 as there is always a bonus attached, such as the 2.5% “later deposit bonus,” which would mean 1,025 Gold Coins for your $1.

Whenever you buy Gold Coins, you will automatically receive Sweeps Coins at a rate of 10% (plus any applicable bonus). Thus, when buying 1,000 Gold Coins, you will also get 100 Sweeps Coins.

Promotions might award you Gold Coins, Sweeps Coins, or both.

Technically speaking, neither Gold Coins nor Sweeps Coins have any cash value. However, playing with Gold Coins only ever wins you more Gold Coins, whereas playing with Sweeps Coins gives you the chance to win cash. Unlike some sweepstakes casinos where you must trade the virtual currency for cash before withdrawing, at SweepSlots, any winnings when playing Sweeps Coin games are in dollars that you can withdraw right away.

Once you have created your account, you will see at the top center of the site a toggle switch letting you choose between “GC” and “SC.” How that switch is set affects all aspects of the site.

When set at GC, when you choose a game to play, you play it with Gold Coins, and if you win you will win more GC. However, if the switch is set to SC, you will play the same game with Sweeps Coins, and if you win you will win cash. You will see your coin balances on the screen change as you play, and if you win cash, you will see that amount as well.

When you go to “My Account” and look at your account statement to see all of your transactions, how you have that “GC/SC” toggle switch set affects what you see, showing you information either about your Gold Coin transactions or your Sweeps Coin transactions, including all balance changes.

The same goes for everything else on the site. If you look up your bonuses, you will see either the GC bonuses or the SC bonuses depending on how you have set the switch.

It might sound a little complicated, but everything is quite clear. In fact, SweepSlots is very well organized compared to many sweepstakes casinos, and makes it very easy to keep track of the two different currencies.

See below for more information about purchasing Gold Coins and redeeming cash won from playing with Sweeps Coins.

SweepSlots game selection 

As a new site, SweepSlots currently has a relatively modest selection of games to play, although it has indicated plans to add more soon.

The site features games from a variety of game developers, many of them from Casino Web Scripts. Right now, there are about 25 games from which to choose. The majority of the games are slots, with a couple of keno titles also available.

  • 777 Slot
  • Cleopatra’s Ancient Treasures
  • Fruit Cocktail
  • Leprechaun
  • Mafia Hunt
  • Magical Potions
  • Treasure of the Wild Bears

All of the games are five-reel slots that enable players to play anywhere from a single line to 25, 40 or 50 at a time. As noted, all of the slots are linked to ongoing jackpots, both for Gold Coin and Sweeps Coin play. There are two keno games, as well, both also from Casino Web Scripts:

  • Las Vegas Keno
  • Golden Egg Farm Keno

Both of the keno games are similarly designed and, like the slots, neatly mimic the look and feel of brick-and-mortar gambling.

SweepSlots site features 

The games at SweepSlots all feature smooth, fast-moving graphics and animations, with a musical soundtrack and audio effects that you can mute or modify, if you wish. The games load relatively quickly, and you can play them in your browser window or make them full screen.

When a game is open, a column of icons discreetly appears down the left side of the screen. These are quick links to the homepage, your account, recent games, customer support and impressively detailed game-specific tutorials. As you play, you can change the number of lines and the coins per line, and/or set games to autoplay for a designated number of spins.

Whenever you have a winning spin, you can click “Gamble” and play a double-or-nothing style game with your new winnings. These games take different forms depending on the game, and most are quite humorous and add to the entertainment value.

There is a lot more to explore on the site, including under “My Account.” For example, click “Finances” to open a new page where you can see all of your transactions and bonuses, redeem rewards and winnings, and more.

As you delve further, you can even check statistics detailing your play (both daily and all time), plus a graphical representation of your “profit evolution for last 10 gameplays.” Once you spend some time on the site, you will discover other features as well that help enhance the playing experience.

Purchasing Gold Coins and redeeming funds at SweepSlots

While the regular cash-based online casinos use deposits and withdrawals, sweepstakes casinos like SweepSlots require you to purchase the virtual currencies, and then redeem your prizes.

How to purchase Gold Coins at SweepSlots

SweepSlots provides a couple of ways to purchase Gold Coins:

  • You can purchase Gold Coins through your Skrill account.
  • You can use cash you have won in the Sweeps Coin games to buy more Gold Coins (receiving Sweeps Coins in the process).

The tutorial video suggests that you can also buy Gold Coins using various cryptocurrencies, although those options were not available at the time of testing. You will find you can also obtain Gold Coins with your VIP points (described above).

How to withdraw cash at SweepSlots

If you would like to withdraw cash that you’ve won playing Sweeps Coin games at SweepSlots, start by clicking the yellow “Redeem Funds” button at the top of the screen, which also shows how much money you have to redeem. You will see the following options available:

  • Buy Gold Coins with winnings
  • Skrill
  • USDT — cryptocurrency

We have already covered the first option of buying more GC with your cash. If you want to cash out your funds to your Skrill account, make sure you use the same email address on both your SweepSlots account and your Skrill account. The minimum amount you can withdraw with Skrill is $50.

The third option enables you to withdraw funds as USDT (Tether) cryptocurrency. For that, you will need to supply your crypto wallet address. Here, too, the minimum amount for withdrawing is $50.

SweepSlots customer support

There are several ways to get help with issues that may arise or answers to questions when playing on SweepSlots.

Clicking “Help” on the homepage takes you to a short FAQ section containing answers to basic questions like “How does this work?” There is also a short “How to Play” video presentation that explains to brand new players how to open an account and get started.

You can additionally click “Support” on the homepage to open up a support ticket. Fill in your email address, indicate the priority of your request: low, medium, high or urgent. Indicate whether you just have a question or want to dispute something, then type your message. You will receive a response via email. Finally, SweepSlots also offers 24-hour phone support at 800-416-6788.

Where can I play SweepSlots? 

In the United States, SweepSlots is available in every state except Washington. In Canada, you can play at SweepSlots from anywhere except Quebec. Wherever you are, you must be at least 18 or older to play at SweepSlots.

As a sweepstakes casino newcomer, SweepSlots is an attractive offering that compares favorably in many ways to other sites, and will be even better once it expands its game selection.

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