MaximBet Sportsbook Promo Code for $2,000 Welcome Offer

MaximBet Sportsbook is live in Colorado and should launch in additional states soon. The sportsbook is an affiliate of the Maxim men’s lifestyle brand, which is best known for the Maxim magazine that debuted in the 1990s. When you sign up with MaximBet today you’ll receive a 100% deposit bonus worth up to $2,000. You do not need a MaximBet bonus code to claim this offer.

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In early 2021, ZK International Group partnered with the Carousel Group to launch MaximBet. In September 2021, the online sportsbook rebranded in Colorado as MaximBet, marking the online sportsbook’s North American debut. It additionally hopes to go live soon in Indiana, New Jersey, and Iowa and has explored launching in other states, as well.

Read on to learn more about MaximBet Sportsbook, including more details about the site’s welcome bonus and other promotions, the bets you can place, and a review of the sportsbook app’s features, including banking options and customer service.

MaximBet Sportsbook promo code 2022 

Online SportsbookMaximBet Sportsbook
Promo CodeNone - Use Links
Total Welcome BonusUp to $2,000
First Deposit Bonus100% match up to $500
Second Deposit Bonus100% match up to $250
Third & Fourth Deposit Bonus100% match up to $125
Legal StatesCO
Last UpdatedJanuary 2022

MaximBet Sportsbook welcome bonus offer

MaximBet offers new customers a 100% deposit match bonus for up to $2,000. While this sounds like the first deposit bonus you’ll find at many sports betting sites, this one works a little differently. Instead of awarding a single matching bonus on your first deposit only, MaximBet awards you multiple bonuses spread across your first four deposits, with those bonuses totaling a maximum of $2,000.

After you create an account and make your first deposit, you’ll receive an initial 100% match up to $500 in free bet credits. Then if you make a second deposit within eight to 14 days of the first one, you will receive another 100% match for up to $250 in free bet credits.

If you make a third deposit within 15 to 21 days of your initial one, you can get an additional 100% match up to $125 in credits. Then make a fourth deposit within 22 to 28 days and get one more 100% match up to $125.

In other words, to maximize your bonus you’ll need to make four weekly deposits, to the tune of $500, $250, $125 and $125, in that order.

These bet credits aren’t cash. You’ll need to meet a 1x wagering requirement – equal to the deposit plus the bonus – before you can withdraw any winnings. Once you receive these bonus credits, you have seven days to wager them before they expire.

While the $2,000 deposit match is similar maximum to what you’ll find at some other online sportsbooks, the 1x playthrough requirement is much easier than most. The need to split the bonus between four separate deposits could either be a perk or a nuisance, depending on your betting style.

Other MaximBet promotions

Beyond the welcome bonus, MaximBet often features a number of other promotions for all bettors. These can be quite fun, typically rewarding players with free bet credits according to a variety of outcomes. Here are some recent examples:

  • “It’s Over” — Bet $10 or more on the over of any over/under style NFL or college football game (including props). If you win, receive an additional $1 in free bet credits for every point (or rushing yard, reception, etc.) by which the final total beats the line. For example, if you bet the over for Courtland Sutton to have more than 60 receiving yards and he collects 105, you get $45 in free bet credits.
  • “The Long Ball” — Place a moneyline bet of $20 or more on an MLB team. If your team loses, you’ll get $10 in free bet credits for every home run it hit.
  • “Get the Puck Out of Here” — Bet $10 or more on any NHL moneyline. If your team gets shut out during regulation, you’ll receive free bet credits equal to the amount you bet.
  • “We are the Champions” — Place a futures bet of $10 or more on a team to win the NHL or NBA playoffs. If you win, you’ll receive additional free bet credits equal to the amount you won, up to $250.

You’ll frequently find other promotions as well, including a large number of odds boosts for games each day. The site sometimes offers free-to-enter drawings, including one awarding tickets and travel to the upcoming Super Bowl (called the “Big Game Contest”).

MaximBet Sportsbook loyalty program: Max Rewards

Max Rewards is MaximBet’s points-based loyalty program that rewards you for placing bets and making deposits. The program is quite simple, forgoing tiers or other complicated ways to collect benefits. There’s no need to opt-in, either, as all sportsbook users automatically enroll. You earn points in the following ways:

  • Five points for every $1 that you wager on straight (single) bets.
  • Ten points for every $1 that you wager on live (in play) straight bets.
  • Twenty points for every $1 that you wager on parlays.
  • Fifty points for every $1 that you deposit.

After each month, you’ll receive $1 in free bet credits for every 1,000 points that you earned during the month. These credits come with a 1x playthrough requirement, and you must use them within seven days.

Not all online sportsbooks have a loyalty program, so MaximBet having one is a positive. Casual bettors may not earn very much, but Max Rewards does provide some value for active users. High-volume bettors can potentially accumulate a significant number of bet credits via the program.

Creating an account at MaximBet online sportsbook

Signing up for a new account at MaximBet Sportsbook is simple, only taking a couple of minutes at most. Start by visiting MaximBet’s website and click the “Register” button in the upper right. From there, you’ll need to share some personal information:

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Last four digits of your Social Security number
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Home address

Along the way, you’ll create a password for your account. Additionally, you’ll need to confirm that you are at least 21 years old (the minimum age to place bets in most states) and that you agree both to the site’s privacy policy and terms and conditions.

If you have downloaded the MaximBet Sportsbook app (described below), the process is similar. When you first open the app, you’ll see a “Join Now” button that will take you to the sign-up page.

Downloading the MaximBet Sportsbook app 

You can access the MaximBet Sportsbook either via a web-based browser on a desktop or laptop computer or by downloading the app for mobile devices. The app is available for both iOS (Apple) and Android devices.

To download the app, head to the MaximBet Sportsbook website. Click on “Promotions” along the top of the home screen, then scroll down to find the necessary links.

Once you download the app, you will need to enable location services to place real money wagers. You can only make bets if you are in a state where MaximBet Sportsbook operates. The same goes for the web-based version of the site. There, too, you’ll have to permit the site to establish your location and confirm you are in a state where MaximBet Sportsbook operates before you can place any bets.

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Betting at MaximBet Sportsbook

MaximBet Sportsbook has all the standard bets you would expect to find, including the following:


Most contests highlight three common bets — the moneyline, spread, and total. A moneyline bet (appearing as just “money” at MaximBet) is a classic wager on one side or the other to win a game or match outright. The margin of victory is meaningless here, as you’re simply betting on which team or player will win.

The odds for moneyline bets indicate what the payouts are for winning wagers. The favorite’s odds will be a negative number, and the underdog will be positive. Say the Denver Broncos are the favorite against the Las Vegas Raiders, and you bet on the Denver moneyline at -192. That means if you bet $192, you’d win $100 if the Broncos win. Meanwhile, if you bet on Las Vegas at +170 and the Raiders win, a bet of $100 would win $170.

Point spreads

For point spread bets (listed as just “spread” at MaximBet), you’re betting on the margin of victory. In that Denver game, the Broncos might be 4.5-point favorites. If you place a spread bet on them, that means they would have to win by five or more for your bet to win. Or you could “take the points” and bet on the Raiders at +4.5, meaning all Las Vegas has to do is win by any score or lose by no more than four points for you to win your bet.

MaximBet has a neat feature allowing bettors an easy way to choose their own alternate spreads if they wish. Just click the arrows under the available spreads to show the other options (with different odds).


MaximBet has totals, too, which are “over/under” bets on the combined score by both sides in a game. Going back to that Broncos-Raiders game, say the total is 43.5. This means you can bet on whether the final combined score will be over or under 43.5. If you bet the over and the two teams combined to score 44 or more, you win. If you bet the under and they score 43 or fewer, you win. Again, the odds will indicate what a winning bet pays (e.g., -108 = bet $108, win $100).


Combine multiple wagers into one. All of the “legs” of your parlay must be correct for you to win the bet. When selecting bets and placing them on your bet slip, you’ll see them appear as “straight” or single bets, but the MaximBet site additionally allows you to combine the bets into a parlay if they qualify. (Sometimes multiple wagers on a single game, for instance, won’t qualify.)

The odds for parlays can be quite long. For example, a parlay with three legs might have odds of +500, +600 or more. Parlays can be difficult to hit, but they pay out nicely if they do.

Round robins

This is similar to a parlay, but with a round robin bet, you don’t have to get every “leg” correct to win some money. The payout won’t be as big as it would for a regular parlay, but you don’t lose with a single wrong wager, and thus, you have a better chance to win your bet.


MaximBet also has team props and individual props available for most of the games it lists. Also called “proposition bets,” these are bets on outcomes not necessarily dependent on a game’s result, such as a bet on how many rushing yards a team will have or a bet on how many rebounds a player will collect. The number of prop bets MaximBet offers will vary depending on the game, from many props to few or none.


Popular futures bets include betting before or during the season on which team will win the championship, or betting on which player might win a league MVP award. If you look under individual sports on MaximBet, you’ll see tabs for both that day’s games as well as any available futures bets.

Live betting

These are bets on games in progress that include all sorts of traditional bets (moneylines, spreads, totals) as well as a variety of props. The odds will change in response to how the game is going. MaximBet highlights all “live” games on its homepage, making it easy to find these betting options and place wagers quickly.

Sports you can bet on at MaximBet

Bettors will find all the major sports and then some on the MaximBet Sportsbook:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • MMA
  • Motor sports
  • Rugby league
  • Rugby union
  • Snooker
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Table tennis

That represents a nice selection and includes certain sports like cricket, darts, snooker and table tennis that you won’t find at other online sportsbooks.

Depending on the sport, there are often a variety of leagues represented, as well. For example, basketball bettors can wager on not just NBA, WNBA and NCAA games, but other leagues’ games in Europe, South America and Asia.

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User experience at MaximBet online betting 

MaximBet has a clear, easy-to-navigate platform powered by the Carousel Group. The purple, pink, black, and white color scheme and fonts do evoke the Maxim magazine aesthetic, and thus perhaps that intended association with the Maxim brand. More pertinently, the layout is smart and clear, making the site especially easy to use, even for new sports bettors.

The design resembles other online sportsbooks, with quick links to different sections, individual sports and promotions across the top banner and featured contests below. That lower part of the page is divided into two columns — “Live Games” and contests that are “Coming Up.” The latter highlights the sportsbook’s daily odds boosts, of which there are often quite a few.

You can also click links to different sports or use the search bar to find a particular game. A pull-out menu on the left also lists all the same links, making it easy to find whatever you’re looking for on the site.

Once you pick a sport, you’ll be able to toggle between that day’s games and available futures bets. Games generally show moneyline, spread, and total bets, but clicking “More Wagers” takes you to all of the available bets on each contest, including team and individual prop bets.

Once you find the wagers you wish to make, simply click your chosen bet and it will automatically appear in your bet slip. The bet slip appears on the right side of the screen, and you can have it visible or hidden as desired.

There you can enter the amount you wish to wager and MaximBet automatically calculates the payout for a winning bet. You can also build parlays and round robins with your bets if that’s allowable and you wish to do so. After that, just click to confirm and you’ll have placed your bet.

Users likely will appreciate the site’s intuitive layout and how simple it is both to find what they are looking for and to place their wagers.

Depositing and withdrawing at MaximBet Sportsbook

As far as banking options go, MaximBet offers several methods both for depositing funds and withdrawing.

Depositing at MaximBet

When you first register for an account, you’ll immediately be invited to deposit, although you don’t have to do so right away. When ready, you can either click on the “My Account” icon or “Bankroll,” enter a deposit amount and choose a payment method. Currently, MaximBet lists the following options for depositing:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • VIP Preferred e-check
  • Mazooma
  • Skrill

The minimum deposit is $10. Unlike some online sportsbooks, MaximBet imposes no maximum on how much you can deposit, although if you deposit by e-check or Mazooma (an online bank transfer method), some banks may have an upper limit.

Withdrawing at MaximBet 

To withdraw funds, follow a similar process of accessing your account, entering the amount you’d like to withdraw, and then choosing your method for doing so. Currently, the MaximBet Sportsbook in Colorado only has a couple of withdrawal methods available, although it may add more soon:

  • Mazooma
  • Skrill

As with deposits, there is a $10 minimum on withdrawals and no maximum limit. MaximBet charges no fees for withdrawals.

Before you can make your first withdrawal, MaximBet will need to verify your account. The verification process involves uploading required documentation (ID, proof of address). From there, the site says most withdrawals should take one to five business days.

In Colorado, there is no in-person option at present for banking at MaximBet Sportsbook. The site’s land-based partner in the state is Johnny Nolon’s Casino in Cripple Creek, but the casino has no retail sportsbook.

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MaximBet Sportsbook customer support

MaximBet has several ways to get in touch should any issues or questions arise. Clicking “Help” takes you to a comprehensive and well-organized FAQ page containing information regarding your account, betting and rules, banking options, geolocation and other technical matters, and more. There is even a lengthy section on betting terminology to help new sports bettors. The FAQ is searchable, making it a good first step when seeking answers to common queries.

You’ll also see a “24×7 Chat” icon on the home screen. If you click it, you’ll see multiple options appear.

You can call customer support via a toll-free number, 1-888-831-1887. You can leave a message with your email address (including sending attachments), and someone will get back to you. Or you can open a live chat and have a text conversation with a representative right away.

MaximBet sports betting final thoughts

Taken as a whole, MaximBet Sportsbook offers an inviting new choice for sports bettors. The limited banking options remain the only significant drawback during the early going, although as the sportsbook expands to other states and becomes more established, expect that to change. Meanwhile, the range of markets and overall betting experience are both good and compare well to other sites.

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