US Online Poker And Gambling Momentum Tracker

Which states is Online Poker Report actively tracking for online poker and casino legislation?

Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware all have some form of legal online gambling in place. But more states are likely to join them, perhaps as soon as next year.

Here is a look at the states we’re tracking right now. This list will update as events warrant. You can find a full legislative tracker here.


   Momentum status: Treading water (last updated Feb. 16)

The lowdown: There are plenty of vehicles for gaming expansions in the state, including the possibility of an omnibus gaming bill that hasn’t surfaced yet. There are no less than four sports betting bills in play. But sources in Springfield tell us passing any gaming bill is going to be a reach in an election year.

Illinois burst onto the scene as a real contender to legalize online gambling in 2017, when the Senate easily and surprisingly approved a bill. The House didn’t vote on the legislation, and slim hopes of something happening late in 2017 came and went.


   Momentum status: Slightly up (last updated Feb. 16)

The lowdown: A bill surfaced to start the year that is an over-arching gaming bill that appears to allow for online gambling. More here. The bill’s focus, however, is daily fantasy sports. A hearing was held on the bill in February.

The gaming commission in Massachusetts remains one of the most up-to-speed organizations when it comes to new forms of gaming. The latest example: It’s now preparing for the possibility of sports betting.


   Momentum status: Treading water (last updated Feb. 16)

The lowdown: A House committee approved an online gambling bill at the end of 2017, and added online sports betting to the mix. That puts the bill in front of the full House to start 2018. But there has been no movement so far.

It still seems like there’s a tough road ahead for the Michigan bill, but progress is progress.

  New Hampshire

   Momentum status: Slightly down (last updated Dec. 8)

The lowdown: New Hampshire authorized online lottery sales earlier in 2017. But that momentum did not carry over to online casino and poker, as a bill died in November.

Still, the prospect remains that the state could take up the issue again in 2018, running iGaming through the state lottery.

  New York

   Momentum status: Slightly up (last updated Feb. 16)

The lowdown: The legislature is back, and the online poker bills from 2017 are back in play. The latest positive sign is the sponsor in the Assembly saying he would “redouble” his efforts on online poker. There is also a possibility that online poker and sports betting are paired in legislation.

The Senate approved online poker last year, but it must do so again to send the legislation to the Assembly. With a budget deficit in play, hope springs eternal that this is the year New York gets online poker done.