Funzpoints Promos and Casino Review

Funzpoints is a sweepstakes casino offering online slots players the chance to play their favorite games either for fun or to win real money. Funzpoints also features daily “jackpot” drawings in which players can win additional cash prizes.

Operating online since 2019, Funzpoints is owned by the Nova Scotia-based company Woopla, Inc. The site operates according to a sweepstakes model, explained below. Aside from the jackpot draws and a single keno game, all the games offered at Funzpoints are slots titles.

Here’s a look at what you can expect when visiting this sweepstakes casino, including bonuses offered, game selection, site features, customer support. We’ll also explain site’s real money “Premium” mode, how it works and why it’s legal.

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How Funzpoints works

Funzpoints operates similarly to other US sweepstakes casinos, but uses different terminology for its dual currency system. Players play the games with a currency called Funzpoints. These come in two types: Standard Funzpoints and Premium Funzpoints.

Those playing in “Standard” mode play with Standard Funzpoints, which have no cash value. These are equivalent to the Gold Coins used at rival sites. Those playing in “Premium” mode play with Premium Funzpoints. Though they’re technically not cash, they can be redeemed for cash prizes at a fixed ratio, making this the equivalent of real money play for practical purposes.

Instead of depositing, players are invited to purchase Standard Funzpoints, just as they would at a social play money casino. However, every purchase of Standard Funzpoints comes with a “free” bonus in the form of Premium Funzpoints. Players can then gamble with these in Premium mode in order to earn more. This isn’t the only way to obtain Premium Funzpoints, however.

Funzpoints welcome bonuses

Once you register an account at Funzpoints, you’ll be given a choice. You can play in Standard mode with Standard Funzpoints, which are just for fun and can’t be withdrawn or redeemed for anything. Or you can play in Premium mode with Premium Funzpoints. Since these can be redeemed at a fixed rate of $1 per 100 points, you can think of them as equivalent to a cash balance given in pennies. E.g. if you have 5,350 Premium Funzpoints, you effectively have $53.50 in your account.

Funzpoints’ welcome bonuses differ a little bit depending on which mode you’re planning on playing.

Funzpoints Standard mode welcome bonuses

Everyone first joining the site automatically gets 1,000 Standard Funzpoints just for creating an account.

You can also spin the Funzwheel to win more Standard Funzpoints or tickets to the jackpot drawings (explained further below). Every spin of the Funzwheel produces some sort of reward, including anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 Standard Funzpoints.

You can spin the Funzwheel for free once every three hours, so you’ll never truly run out of points if you’re just looking to play for fun.

Funzpoints Premium mode welcome bonuses

If you choose to play in Premium mode, there are other welcome bonuses available to you.

First up, just by filling out your account profile you receive 250 Premium Funzpoints, worth the equivalent of $2.50. Filling out the profile means supplying your name, mailing address and date of birth. This is Funzpoints’ equivalent to the no deposit bonus at a standard real money casino.

Also, by following our Funzpoints registration link, you can receive a 100% matching bonus worth up to $20.

In other words, Funzpoints offers both a no deposit welcome bonus and a matching deposit welcome bonus. We call this combination a welcome package. These rewards have a redeemable value totaling $22.50. This is fairly generous as far as sweepstakes casinos go.

Funzpoints also offers other bonuses for first-time depositors, namely extra Premium Funzpoints when making an initial purchase of Standard Funzpoints:

  • 500 extra Premium Funzpoints with $5 purchase.
  • 1,000 extra Premium Funzpoints with $10 purchase.
  • 2,000 extra Premium Funzpoints with $20 purchase or higher.

These are functionally matching bonus offers, as well. In each case the amount of Premium Funzpoints is essentially the same as the amount of Premium Funzpoints you get for making the purchase. (Read on for more about making purchases.)

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Other Funzpoints bonuses and promotions

Besides the daily jackpot drawings, Funzpoints offers other ways for players to get extra value while playing.

For most holidays, Funzpoints offers holiday bonuses. These are typically a 3x bonus on any purchase you make. In other words, you get three times the Funzpoints you normally would. Another weekly bonus is the Sunday Funzday bonus of $5 when you make your first purchase of Funzpoints that day.

Other ongoing rewards for players include:

  • Booster games
  • Funzone
  • Mystery gift prizes

Booster games are pop-up games that appear while you play that offer chances to win free Funzpoints. Some of these come up in Standard mode. Purchasing Funzpoints and moving over to Premium mode unlocks additional booster games.

As players accumulate volume, they move up in Funzpoints “levels,” which are equivalent to a loyalty program at other sites. At the completion of each level, players get taken to the Funzone, which again is another way to earn some free Funzpoints.

Mystery gift prizes are a randomized portion of this loyalty program. Here too, the more you play, the more mystery gifts you receive. These consist of randomized amounts of Premium Funzpoints.

How do you get Funzpoints for free?

Players can additionally pick up free Funzpoints via social media giveaways. Finally, as with all sweepstakes casinos, Funzpoints is required to give you a small quantity of Premium Funzpoints for free if you mail in a hand-written request. And if you’re just looking to play for fun in Standard Mode, don’t forget that you can spin the Funzwheel every three hours to top up your Standard Funzpoints balance.

Also, remember that when it comes to Premium Funzpoints you can never buy them directly.

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Standard and Premium Funzpoints explained

Premium Funzpoints can be redeemed for real money to produce a cash balance, which can then withdrawn from the site. For legal reasons, however, there is no way to purchase Premium Funzpoints directly, nor can you gamble with your cash balance once you’ve redeemed them.

Instead of deposition, you receive Premium Funzpoints as bonuses, including every time you purchase Standard Funzpoints. You can also win Premium Funzpoints by playing games with them in Premium mode.

In terms of real money equivalents, you essentially get twice your purchase amount in cents in Standard Funzpoints, plus the equivalent of your purchase amount in Premium Funzpoints. Here’s a look at what you get for various purchase amounts:

  • $4.99 = 1,000 Standard Points, plus 500 Premium Funzpoints (as a free bonus).
  • $9.99 = 2,000 Standard Points, plus 1,000 Premium Funzpoints (as a free bonus).
  • $19.99 = 4,000 Standard Points, plus 2,000 Premium Funzpoints (as a free bonus).
  • $49.99 = 10,000 Standard Points, plus 5,000 Premium Funzpoints (as a free bonus).
  • $99.99 = 20,000 Standard Points, plus 10,000 Premium Funzpoints (as a free bonus).

As noted before, you use Standard Points to play in Standard mode, which is just for fun and does not offer the chance to win anything of value. You use Premium Funzpoints to play in Premium mode and earn additional Premium Funzpoints, which can ultimately be exchanged for cash.

Generally speaking, there are a few other differences between Standard mode and Premium mode that you should know:

Standard mode

  • Play a restricted selection of games for Standard Funzpoints with no cash value.
  • Limited booster games.
  • Pop-up advertisements.
  • No access to the trophy room.
  • Win real cash prizes in daily jackpot draws, but no other chance to win real money.

Premium mode

  • Play all games for Premium Funzpoints which equate to real cash once redeemed.
  • Access to all booster games.
  • No pop-up advertisements.
  • Access to the trophy room.
  • Win real cash prizes in daily jackpot draws.

Funzpoints slot games

The majority of games on Funzpoints are slots. There are more than 30 slots titles available. Since this isn’t technically a real money casino, you won’t find the same titles here that you would at other sites. However, the library does have a decent variety of games from which to choose.

One thing to note is that all Funzpoints slots games have a theoretical RTP or “return to player” rate of 96.5%. That’s quite competitive when compared to most real money online slots, and it’s nice to know that you’re getting the same deal at every game without needing to check the fine print.

Betting amounts vary from game to game. The minimum required bet anywhere on the site is 8 Funzpoints (equivalent to $0.08), and the maximum possible bet at any game is 500 Funzpoints (equivalent to $5). The maximum win on any individual spin is 500,000 Funzpoints (equivalent to $5,000).

New sign-ups get access to just five slots games plus the one non-slots game on the site, Paintball Keno. Making a first purchase of at least $4.99 unlocks access to all of the other titles.

Some of the most popular slots include:

  • Barnyard Frenzy
  • Buffalo Plains
  • Chase the 8’s
  • Cherry Master Deluxe
  • Criminal Cash
  • Diamond Kitty
  • Kongo’s Adventure
  • Maximo the Magnificent
  • Reel Groovy
  • Safari Thunder
  • Scatters in Space

Funzpoints frequently adds new slots titles, and usually features previews of upcoming games.

Funzpoints jackpot drawing

Every day at 9 p.m. ET, Funzpoints has a jackpot drawing that awards a total of $350 distributed among 40 winners. It’s a nice perk simply for playing on the site, essentially a free-to-play raffle with cash prizes. Even better, it is available both to Standard mode and Premium mode players.

The prizes are divided as follows:

  • Five prizes of $20
  • 15 prizes of $10
  • 20 prizes of $5

Players enter the Jackpot drawing using tickets accumulated each day during play. Your current tally of tickets appears at the top of the screen, with those tickets automatically entered into that night’s drawing. The more tickets you have entered, the better your chance of winning a prize.

Funzpoints site features

The Funzpoints site features an attractive, colorful design with a musical soundtrack both for the lobby and when playing any of the games. Sounds and music can be toggled off if you prefer a quiet play experience, however.

A button in the upper left enables quick switching between Standard and Premium modes. The top bar is also where you’ll find your current Standard Funzpoints and Premium Funzpoints totals, as well as the number of jackpot drawing tickets you’ve won that will go toward the next drawing.

Clicking the “buy” button in the upper right brings a pop-up from which you can make purchases. There is also a drop-down menu featuring quick links to your profile, site FAQ and terms of service, and other areas of the site.

One such link is to a “Gaming Limits” section where users can set restrictions on their play. They can pick a time period (e.g., one day, one week, one month) and set a maximum for purchases during that time. They can also self-exclude for a day, a week or a month, during which time they will not be able to log in to their accounts.

On the left side is a featured game and a jackpot countdown. Icons for various slots games appear in the main window and scroll left to right.

Choosing a game brings it up to fill the entire window. The graphics and animation are well done, and the overall look is pleasing. Games run very smoothly and function as well as any other online slots you’ll encounter. Each of the slots features easily accessible information regarding gameplay, including paytables, line payouts and other details.

Funzpoints app

Unfortunately, there is no Funzpoints app for users of Apple (iOS) or Android devices. However mobile users can access the website via a web browser where the site demonstrates the same functionality as on a desktop or laptop. When we tested Funzpoints this was never an issue for us. Basically, instead of opening an app, you open your mobile browser instead. On some devices, you can add a shortcut to the website on your home screen, making getting to the site even easier.

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Funzpoints deposit and withdrawal options

Players don’t specifically “deposit” funds on the site, but rather purchase Standard Funzpoints. With each purchase, players receive free Premium Funzpoints, which as described above have real cash value.

Purchases can be made directly on the Funzpoints site using either a debit or credit card. The following are currently accepted:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Maestro

Withdrawing your winnings involves first cashing out Premium Funzpoints into your Funzwallet, then transferring funds from the Funzwallet directly into a personal bank account. (Funds in your Funzwallet can also be used to purchase Funzpoints again.)

There is a $20 minimum on withdrawals. There is also a $2,000 maximum per transaction, but there is no limit on the number of transactions you can make. In some instances, these ACH transfers take one to three business days to process.

Where can I play Funzpoints?

Funzpoints is legal and available in all US states except for Washington. Players must be at least 18 years old to play at Funzpoints.

Why are sweepstakes casinos legal?

The system used by Funzpoints and similar sites is designed such that it falls under federal sweepstakes law and isn’t “gambling” in the eyes of the government. There are two critical components to this:

First is the fact that you cannot purchase Premium Funzpoints directly. Although they can be redeemed for cash, they don’t constitute a cash balance.

Second is the fact that there is no purhcase necessary. Buying Standard Funzpoints to receive Premium Funzpoints as a bonus is the most efficient way to get a lot of the latter, but it isn’t strictly necessary. The amount you’ll receive for mailing a written request is small, but it fulfills the legal definition of a sweepstakes.

Though sweepstakes casinos aren’t prohibited by federal gambling laws, individual states can have stricter laws. At the moment, Washington is the only state to have declared sweepstakes casinos illegal, while you can enjoy these products in the other 49 states.

Funzpoints customer support

There is an FAQ button on the site, although at the time of this review it was a dead link. Tucked within the site’s terms and conditions is an email address where players can contact support. Funzpoints says it typically answers most questions within one hour, although more involved queries may take one to two business days.

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