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The Stars Group (TSG) and Fox Sports currently operate the FOX Bet sportsbook in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Michigan.

Soon, FOX Bet Sportsbook will also be operating in Tennessee and Virginia.

Considering it is a newer sportsbook, its popularity is a grand — but unsurprising — feat. TSG is also the company behind PokerStars, which has found its place within the landscape of NJ online poker sites. Players in New Jersey,  Pennsylvania, and Michigan have access to PokerStars, FOX Bet Sportsbook, and FOX Bet Casino through a single account.

FOX Bet is heading down the same path through which it will soon need no introduction. Its digital sportsbook is already one of the best among more than a dozen NJ online sports betting apps.

FOX Bet is licensed and regulated in each US jurisdiction it serves.

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FOX Bet bonus code and promotional offers

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When you head to FOX Bet to sign up for your new account make sure you follow these simple steps to opt in for FOX Bet’s welcome bonus.

  1. Go to promotions tab/page
  2. Click on the FIRST BET ON US RISK FREE promotion
  3. Register
  4. Click View Challenges
  5. Hit Opt-In button within 7 days of registration
  6. Place first risk-free bet within 7 days of registration

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Sign up for a FOX Bet account

FOX Bet is all about making the housework simple, which is why it has developed a quick and easy signup process. To sign up, players must initially visit FOX Bet via their website or mobile device. In terms of downloading the FOX bet app, players follow a step-by-step sign up process that is noninvasive and only takes a few minutes.

Downloading and utilizing the FOX Bet Sportsbook app

The FOX Bet Sportsbook app is optimized for most mobile devices. It’s also one and the same as the PokerStars Casino app, and the poker client. All three are available as a single download.

With so many sports available at a player’s fingertips, FOX Bet is a must-have for the avid mobile-game enthusiast. Its GPS locator is another feature that makes the play on this platform primed for mobile use.

Here how to download the FOX Bet app:

App download: The app is available for both iOS or Android users. The first step is to access the FOX Bet website on the respective mobile device. Onscreen prompts will lead players through the download process efficiently. Afterward, the player will be prompted to register.

Betting on FOX Bet Sportsbook

The way players bet can be sacred. It is much like a favorite slot or table for a player in a casino; it can set the course for the whole experience. That is why it is essential for sportsbooks to have the availability of traditional sports bets.

Here are the betting options for the FOX Bet Sportsbook:

Straight bets

As the name suggests, a straight bet is the most common bet and the bet through which other bets are built upon. Whether it is the winner of the game, or the team to score next, a straight bet is a straightforward bet. There are no contingencies or additions.


Parlays take straight bets to the next level. This type of betting depends on multiple factors being met to win. While the risk is greater with a parlay, players enjoy this wager because the reward is also bigger. Winning the parlay offers more reward than the sum of winning each individual bet.

Here is a list of common parlays frequently played on the FOX Bet platform:

  • Two bet parlay
  • Three bet parlay
  • Four bet parlay


Round-robins are the evolution of parlays. A round-robin bet covers an array of different parlay bets. Fortunately, the setup of the FOX Bet platform will create all possible bet combinations for the player. That way, the player structures their round-robin correctly, regardless of how many picks are chosen.

Exclusive plays available on FOX Bet

Odds boost and enhanced parlays

Odds boosts and enhanced parlays are meant to increase the experience of FOX Bet players. These specific wagering options are exclusive at FOX Bet.

Odds boost: This option is meant to tip the odds in favor of the player, which is done to increase the price of the win. It is available on a host of sports and games. Players can try it today.

Enhanced parlays: Players will quickly notice that there are a lot of parlay options for this platform. Enhanced parlays are aimed to help boost the reward of a win, much like odds boost. However, this bet is specific to several teams, players or fighters winning their events on a given day.

Cashing out of existing bets

For most bets, the option and ability to cash out of existing bets on the platform is simple. If a player is involved in a traditional bet, FOX Bet makes it simple to cash out. If that option is chosen, all wins and losses up to that point are rendered; thus, the bet obligation from that point forward is relieved. It is not possible for players to cash out of odds boost bets and enhanced plays.

Sports available on FOX Bet Sportsbook

Sports betting is a worldwide practice, and because of that, online sportsbooks must keep up with the demand. Online sportsbooks automatically globalized the industry, which makes it possible for people to follow and bet on a multitude of global sports. FOX Bet knows this and is happy to oblige with a hearty list of international sports. These are all the sports options players can bet on in FOX Bet Sportsbook:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Motorsports
  • Rugby Union
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

First impressions of FOX Bet Sportsbook

Each online gaming platform is different. While they all abide by the same basic set of rules, the look of each sportsbook and the functionality differs.

FOX Bet might be a little abrasive for those who are trying a sportsbook for the first time. At first glance, this sportsbook can be overwhelming and intimidating. Fortunately, the first impression is overcome by more positive vibes.

Once a player starts to navigate FOX Bet Sportsbook, the functionality becomes obvious. Though there is a lot of information and capabilities packed into the app, the paths to utilize those functions are well marked. After getting the basic gist of the app, the rest is easy to learn and manage.

Making deposits through FOX Bet Sportsbook

FOX Bet continually aims to offer the most up-to-date and dynamic deposit options available. It is still insistent on being completely secure. While players are using the options, they can feel comfortable that their money is safe.

Here are the options available for depositing through FOX Bet Sportsbook:

  • ACH/e-check
  • Cash at Cage via Resorts in Atlantic City or Mount Airy Casino in Mt. Pocono, PA
  • Neteller
  • Pay Near Me
  • PokerStars instant online banking
  • PokerStars+ prepaid card
  • Skrill
  • Visa/Mastercard

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Fast Deposit

The popularity of mobile and online games are dependent on accessibility and speed. When betting at a physical track, transactions happen quickly. When a mobile platform is involved, the transactions need to be even quicker. FOX Bet knows this and thus, offers an option for a deposit that is right for the demand. “Fast Deposit” is available through the following channels:

  • ACH/e-check
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Visa/Mastercard

Making withdrawals through FOX Bet Sportsbook

Withdrawing funds from FOX Bet is also extremely easy. These are all the available methods for withdrawing available throughout the platform:

  • ACH/e-check
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • PokerStars+ prepaid card

Is it possible to deposit or withdraw into my account at one of FOX Bet’s land-based partners?

Even though we live in an increasingly virtual world, some people still prefer to deal primarily in cash. For those folks, the idea of depositing online could seem a bit daunting. However, some sportsbooks are more than happy to let you deposit directly into your account at the cashier cage for their land-based partner.

For right now, FOX Bet only maintains this service at the Resorts Atlantic City Hotel and Casino in New Jersey and the Mount Airy Casino in Pennsylvania. Neither of its other two partners will be able to assist you in transactions with your account.

However, as FOX Bet expands, and particularly if the expansion involves a retail location, the number of options you have is likely to go up. Check back with us frequently or keep an eye on FOX Bet yourself for any developments on this front.

FOX Bet Sportsbook accounts

FOX Bet Sportsbook has figured out how to make its accounting easy and player-friendly. The wallet system is secure, yet transparent to the individual player. The platform offers an array of different deposit and withdrawing methods, with effective transfer and delivery options.

Plus, the actual platform allows players to find their favorite sport and team, and bet the way they feel comfortable.

Fund availability

FOX Bet wants to make the transition of funds as smooth as possible for players. After all, it is the player’s money. Therefore, the platform makes funds easily accessible for play or withdrawal.

Once deposited, especially if done through Fast Deposit, the funds are always accessible. The availability of funds and the security of the platform is only one reason for FOX Bet’s loyal player base. However, it is undoubtedly an important one.

Special offers for FOX Bet players

FOX Bet does not offer traditional VIP rewards. Instead, it has come up with its VIP version, which seems to make players happy. This system includes a list of current promotions, which rewards players with prizes and specialties.

Here are a few of the highlighted offers currently running on FOX Bet:

80+ Minute Goal Insurance: Place a “Match Result” bet on any match throughout the MLS, MLS Cup, English Premier League or Europe’s Champions League. If a goal is scored after the 80th minute, causing your bet to lose, you will receive a free bet. This free bet will be up to $20, and it will exclude goals scored in extra time and penalty shootouts.

LeBron Lifeline: Basketball fans, rejoice. With this lifeline, players will have the ability to win a free bet to make up for their team losing. Losing on the Los Angeles Lakers, for any of their NBA games this season could help you score another bet. Getting your money’s worth is simple with a LeBron Lifeline. Even if the Lakers lose, but LeBron James scores 35+ points that game, you get a free bet. This bet is accumulative up to $20 and can be used on any sport within seven days of receipt.

Check out other special offers here!

Where Is FOX Bet Sportsbook Legal?

At this moment, only inhabitants of four states can experience FOX Bet for themselves – New Jersey, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. So, if you would like to try FOX Bet, you’re going to have to go to one of these places.

New Jersey

New Jersey was the recipient of the first incarnation of FOX Bet. The site opened its doors for business in September 2019 and replaced the outgoing BetStars brand. It launched as the third and final sportsbook allowed on the Resorts AC license. Remote registration is perfectly acceptable. New Jersey players can bet on a wide range of betting markets, but they are somewhat restricted when it comes to wagering on collegiate sports. You cannot bet on an in-state college team in New Jersey, and it is also impossible to bet on a college game taking place in New Jersey, regardless of the participants. However, everything else is acceptable, so don’t hesitate to give FOX Bet a try in the Garden State.


FOX Bet opened in its second state mere days after its debut in New Jersey. Pennsylvania also became home to the company in September 2019. The debut occurred thanks to FOX Bet’s partnership with Mount Airy Casino in Mt. Pocono. Players are permitted to sign up for an account without traveling to Mount Airy, however. While you’re in Pennsylvania, you can bet on any type of sporting event outside of high school athletics. However, it is not possible to bet on non-sports events like the Oscars or political elections. Esports are also forbidden by the same rule.


FOX Bet Colorado became a reality for inhabitants of the Centennial State in May 2020. Its in-state partner is the Lady Luck Casino in Black Hawk. Remote registration is available throughout Colorado, which is a good thing, given Colorado’s size, terrain, and potential for inclement weather. Colorado law allows almost all betting markets to be active in the state. The only exceptions are high school sports (which no state allows) and proposition wagering on college games. Esports are also fuzzy, but are allowed if they are overseen by a proper agency.


FOX Bet Michigan came to life in January 2021. Because Michigan law requires sports betting operators to partner with Michigan-based retail casinos, the launch occurred thanks to a deal that Fox Bet made with the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians Gaming Authority, which own and operate the Odawa Casino.

FOX Bet was one of the first online sportsbooks to open for business in Michigan. Although competition is fierce, Michiganders should feel excited to have an opportunity to see what the buzz is about. Thankfully, Michigan law is one of the least restrictive in terms of betting markets, so bettors in the Great Lake State should be able to find something to their liking.

Next Online Books to Launch

Online sports betting continues to explode across the US. Though many states are considering bringing sports betting home, there are a few states that appear to be on the fast track to launch. Here are the most likely candidates to become active online sports betting states in the near future.


Tennessee is set to become one of the unlikeliest states to offer sports betting to people inside state lines. All indications are that Tennessee will experience the first sportsbook launch before the end of 2020. Because Tennessee is not home to any gambling facilities, its sports betting will be entirely online.

The online-only requirement is no bother to FOX Bet, of course. Though FOX Bet may not be one of the companies to launch initially, it is unlikely to wait for long before heading into the Volunteer State. With two large cities and so many great sports teams, Tennessee is too fertile for any sportsbook operator of note to pass up.


Virginia is another state that surprised observers when it legalized sports betting. As it stands, the bill that became law in early 2020 will allow sportsbooks to come to Old Dominion in early 2021.

FOX Bet is quite likely to join the party in Virginia sometime soon after launch. There are so many areas in and around Virginia that offer a chance for new revenue streams that it would be foolhardy to wait around for long. Don’t be surprised if FOX Bet Virginia is a reality in the next few months.

FOX Bet Frequently Asked Questions

How old does someone have to be to play FOX Bet Sportsbook?

To utilize FOX Bet Sportsbook, players must be at least 21 years old.

Does a bettor need to be in state?

Yes. Granted, a bettor does not have to be a resident in New Jersey, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Michigan. However, players are required to be physically located within the state while playing.

Where does FOX Bet Sportsbook hold its gambling license?

Though The Stars Group holds an international license for its online gaming platform, the company still relies on casino partners in each state. Resorts Atlantic City is the partner for FOX Bet in New Jersey. In Pennsylvania, the site operates under the license of Mount Airy. In Colorado, they are partnered with Eldorado Resorts, which owns the Isle Black Hawk and Lady Luck Casino. In Michigan the site is partnered with the Little Traverse Bay Band of Odawa Indians, who operate the Odawa Casino Resort in Petoskey.

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