US Online Gambling Bill Tracker

Online Gambling And Poker Bill Tracker

The list of states taking an interest in online gambling and poker has grown in recent years. We’re now seeing more jurisdictions than ever looking at the issue.

States considering online gambling bills in 2018

StateBill number(s)Bill synopsisLatest news
CaliforniaA 1677Bill would legalize online poker.Latest news
Connecticut277Bill would legalize online lottery
IllinoisS 1667

S 1531

Bills would legalize online gambling, poker and daily fantasy sports.Latest news
LouisianaS 322Bill would legalize and regulate online gambling via a referendum.
MassachusettsS 200Bill would legalize and regulate online gambling.Latest news
MichiganS 202

S 203
S 204

S 205

H 4926
Bills relate to legalization of online gambling.Latest news
New YorkA 5250

S 3898
Bills would legalize online poker.Latest news
New HampshireH 562

S 242
First bill would legalize online gambling. Second would legalize poker in land-based casinos.Latest news
PennsylvaniaH 271

H 392

S 477
(Enacted October 2017) Online gambling and poker would be legalized as part of an omnibus gambling bill.Latest news
West VirginiaH 3067Bill would legalize and regulate online gambling.Latest news

So far, only New Jersey, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Delaware have legalized any form of online gambling. But that’s poised to change in 2018 and beyond.

New York is the state closest to legalizing online poker and/or gambling in the near future. California has been considering online poker regulation for a decade.

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