Betway Sportsbook $1,000 Promo Code Bonus

Betway Sportsbook, the renowned international sports betting brand, is now live in New Jersey, PennsylvaniaColoradoIndiana and Iowa, with more states likely to follow over time. Sign up with Betway today and you’ll get a risk-free opening bet for 50% up to $1,000 in NJ & PA and 100% up to $250 in IA & IN, no Betway promo code required. The sign-up bonus works slightly different for Colorado users, they receive a risk-free bet for up to $500.

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Outside of the US, Betway Sports has honed its operations for years overseas, and currently serves players in seven countries in Europe. It is also an active sportsbook in Mexico.

Since the Betway name is still fresh for most of us stateside, it’s a good idea to bookmark this page. We have all the information about Betway Sports and its promotions listed below, and you won’t find a better resource about this exciting sportsbook anywhere else.

Betway Sportsbook promo code 2022

Online SportsbookBetway Sportsbook
Betway Promo Code Not needed
Free bet in NJ & PA (if first bet loses)Up to $1,000
Risk-free bet in IN & IAUp to $250
Betway Promo Code (Colorado only)Not needed
Risk-free bet in COUp to $500
Legal statesCO, IA, IN, NJ, & PA
Last Updated:May 2022

Betway Sportsbook welcomes new users with a free bet bonus that refunds you if you list your first bet, for 50% of that bet up to $1,000 in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and 100% up to $250 in Iowa and Indiana. All you have to do is sign up with Betway Sportsbook, make a deposit and then place your first bet (minimum odds of -330). If that bet wins, great, you get to keep your winnings and the bonus offer is no more.

However, if your initial bet is a loser you’ll receive a free bet as per the terms above. The free bet is wagered just like cash. The difference is that you cannot withdraw it, and you don’t get your stake back when you win (just the winnings) and it expires a week after being issued.

Betway Sportsbook Colorado offer: The terms and conditions of the risk-free promo are the same in Colorado except, it’s for a $500 risk-free bet.

All things considered, the welcome bonus for new Betway players is solid. We really like that you get bet credits, as opposed to a single free bet that other online sportsbooks offer.

Betway Sports account creation

Downloading the Betway Sports app

Obviously, the first thing to do is download the Betway app to your mobile device. Thankfully, the procedure for doing so is much the same as for most other applications.

Android customers will need to instruct their phones to allow downloads from unknown sources. This option is available in the security menu of the phone’s settings. Once this task is complete, follow our link above to the download page. Choose the Android logo, and the button will whisk you to the download page for the Betway .apk file.

Please be aware that you may receive a warning message when you try to download the file. However, Betway is a safe and secure entity, and you can continue the process without concern.

Meanwhile, Apple customers — that is, those on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch — will be able to download the Betway Sports app in much the same way as they do any other app. Click on our link above, and look for the Apple logo to go to the download page for the app.

Downloads on either platform are free. The installation should proceed identically to any other app.

Registering on Betway

The next step in the process is to register for a Betway account. To begin, look for the sign-in box at the top right corner of your display. Under the box for your username, you’ll find a “Register” button. Tap it.

That will bring you to Betway’s intake form for new customers. You will need to provide a few pieces of personal information that will help Betway to verify your identity.

You’ll need to enter the following:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Date of birth
  • Country of residence
  • Mailing address
  • Mobile phone number
  • Social Security number

You will also need to choose a username and password so that you can access your account later. Keep in mind that Betway will be keeping your financial data on file, so you’ll want to pick a secure password and keep it secret.

Unusually, Betway puts an element of responsible gambling into its registration form by asking you to select whether you want to activate daily, weekly or monthly deposit limits on your account. Choosing an appropriate limit isn’t just a good idea to make sure your gambling stays fun and affordable; it’s also a good security precaution.

After filling out and checking all the appropriate boxes, hit “Submit.” You should be all ready to move on to your first deposit.

Deposit options on Betway Sportsbook

The last thing that you need to do is, obviously, deposit some money into your account. Before you begin this process, make sure to check this page for any Betway bonus codes or offers that you may have missed. We often have exclusive deals with our casino partners, and you may not be able to take advantage elsewhere.

Once you’ve checked for bonuses, head on over to the cashier section of your account. It should be fairly easy to see.

Once there, choose from the list of deposit options that you have available to you. Those options can vary from region to region and operator to operator, but here are some that you’re likely to encounter:

  • Credit/debit cards
    • Visa
    • Mastercard
  • Electronic wallets
    • PayPal
    • Skrill
    • Neteller
  • Bank transfer
    • Online bill pay
    • Wire transfer
  • Cash option
    • PaySafeCard
    • PayNearMe

This list isn’t final, as Betway hasn’t launched yet. Make sure to double-check before you begin moving forward on one of these methods. Also, please check with your financial institution before you start the process for one of these deposits. Some banks have restrictions on using the use of their cards for gambling transactions.

Betting types on Betway

Betting on Betway functions in much the same way as a retail sportsbook. By and large, you’ll find the same major bet types no matter which sportsbook you use. However, the technology and advances present in online sportsbooks have transformed the sports betting experience in other ways. Here are all the ways you can wager on Betway.

Live betting

The most important type of wagering in online sports betting right now is live betting. Live betting, also called in game or in play wagering, is the practice of betting on games that are still in progress.

Perhaps you’ve placed a bet on a game before it starts, but don’t like what you see on the field once it starts. In the old days, you’d be locked in and forced to watch helplessly.

However, with the help of the internet and modern technology, mobile sportsbooks now give you the ability to modify or cash out your existing bets, or place new ones as the action unfolds. Betway will have plenty of options in this regard. With more than 100 wagers available on some games, you won’t be locked in to your position until the game clock hits zero.

Related to this is the cash out option. This isn’t a separate type of bet, but rather an easy way of hedging. Once the game is underway, you will often have the option to resolve outstanding bets immediately, whether they were placed before the game or during it. The payout will depend on how the game is shaping up and might be more or less than your initial stake, but always less than what you’d get for a winning bet. In practical terms, you could accomplish the same thing by making the opposite in play bet to hedge, but using the cash out option is faster and simpler.


Moneylines are the most fundamental wager in all of sports betting. The format in which they’re presented also forms the basis for many other types of bets, so you’ll also hear that format described as “moneyline odds.”

A moneyline bet is a straightforward proposal. When you bet the moneyline, all you’re doing is picking which team will win, or which player if you’re betting on an individual sport. The exact score doesn’t matter, nor how the teams got there, only which side gets the “W” next to its name at the end.

However, most contests are at least a bit lopsided, not a 50/50 proposition. That’s where the odds come in.

If you’re new to sports betting, moneyline odds can be a bit confusing. These will be a positive or negative number of at least 3 digits (4 or more if the contest is very lopsided). It’s not immediately obvious what these numbers mean, but it’s straightforward enough once you get used to it.

The team with the negative number next to its name is the favorite in the game. Because they should win more than half the time, the payout on such a bet will be less than the amount you risk. The number after the minus sign tells you how much you would need to wager in order to win $100. For instance, a team at -165 means that a bet of $165 would turn a $100 profit if successful. That is, the bet will have a total payout of $265 ($100 plus the original $165 stake).

Conversely, the team with the positive number is the underdog. Because it’s a longshot, the payoff for the bet will exceed the risk, as denoted by the plus sign. Here, the presumption is that you’re betting $100, and the number after the plus is the profit on such a bet. A $100 bet at +220, then, would pay out $320 if it wins – your $100 stake plus $220 profit.

This moneyline format (also known as American odds) pops up in other types of bets. Even in those that are 50/50 or close to it, like points totals and spreads, will feature such odds, because of the operator’s need to take a profit. Typically what you’ll see for these is -110 on each side, meaning you’ll need to risk $110 to win $100 whichever side you take.

Point spreads

The point spread bet, often just called a spread, is a wager on whether the favored team or player will win by a specified margin. The margin is calibrated by the site such that the bet is as close to 50/50 as possible.

The margin, or spread, will appear next to each team’s name. It will appear as a positive number for the underdog, and a negative number for the favorite. In many cases, the number will end in .5 to make ties impossible. A spread that ends in .0 allows for the possibility of a tie, in which case the bet is a push, i.e. you’ll get your stake back but no profit.

A bet on the favorite will win if the team wins by more than the spread. A bet on the underdog wins if this is not the case, i.e. if the underdog wins outright, or the favorite wins by less than the spread. The side which wins the bet is said to have “covered the spread.”

You will also see a moneyline odds figure next to each team’s name. It will usually be around -110, as mentioned above, and the same for both sides. Sometimes, if no spread exists which would make the proposition exactly 50/50, the odds will be a little bit lopsided, such as -115/-105 or -120/+100.

Many sportsbooks also offer alternative spreads, with more lopsided odds. For instance, if the main spread is 6.5 at -110 either way, you might be able to take the underdog +4.5 at more favorable odds (say +150) or at +8.5 at shorter odds (say -180).


Totals bets are wagers on the combined point total of two teams in a game. The winner of the game is irrelevant to these bets.

The oddsmakers will set a line, such as perhaps 5.5 for a hockey game, or 43.5 for football. As with point spreads, the .5 is to prevent ties. When the line ends in .0, a push becomes possible if the total falls right on it.

When betting on totals, you’re choosing whether you believe that the actual total will be over or under the estimate. For that reason, this bet is often called an “over/under,” and the bettor is “taking the over” or “taking the under.”

Also like point spreads, you will see moneyline odds given next to the over and the under. These will usually be -110 on each side, but sometimes a 50/50 line is impossible and you’ll see lopsided odds. You’ll see more lopsided odds with lower-scoring sports like soccer and hockey, and may have the option to bet alternative totals with different odds.

Futures betting

Every bet is about an event in the future, but futures bets refer to things that won’t happen for a while and often involve the outcome of more than a single match. The most common futures bets are those on the winner of an entire season, or which players receive specific awards. You may also see bets on whether a team makes the playoffs, or in which round they’ll be eliminated.

Futures bets can be difficult to win and will usually have positive odds for that reason. That’s because the bets involve the entire league rather than just two players or teams. Even the best team is typically going to be an underdog against the rest of the league combined.

To figure out whether a futures bet is a good one, you’ll want to convert the moneyline odds to a percentage. You do this by taking 100 and dividing it by the positive moneyline, plus 100. For instance, odds of +300 equate to 100 / (100+300) = 25%. Thus, if your favorite team is getting +300 odds and you think they’re better than 25% to win the season, it’s a good bet.


Proposition wagers, also known as prop bets or simply props, are a broad class of wagers, which includes many in play bets. In a nutshell, they cover anything that isn’t a moneyline, spread, or total, as well as bets of those types but for only one portion of the game rather than its entire duration. Betway refers to these types of wagers as “coupons,” so if you see that word, it’s the same thing.

Props tend to fall into one of three categories:

  • Partial game results, e.g. moneylines, spreads and totals for one half, quarter or period of play. A popular prop for in play football betting is the result of the current drive – punt, touchdown, field goal attempt, or turnover.
  • Team or player stats, e.g. first team to 20 points, or an over/under for a specific running back’s rushing yards.
  • Exotic props, such as number of yellow cards in a soccer game, which team will kick off, or the color of Gatorade poured on the winning coach at the end of the Super Bowl.

Odds for all these types of bets will be given in moneyline format. Some props may have more than two options, and resemble futures bets in this way.

Outside of sportsbooks, the term “prop betting” is used informally to mean any sort of bet between individuals that doesn’t involve a formal sport. For instance, weight loss bets or a wager on who can chug a beer faster are often described as props.


Parlays are a way to combine many single wagers into one larger bet with better odds than any of the bets individually. If you like to make small longshot bets with big potential payoffs, a parlay might be the bet for you. A parlay can combine anywhere from two bets to a dozen or more, though the bigger the parlay, the harder it is to win.

Be careful, however, because parlays are notoriously high-risk endeavors. The usual rule for parlays is that if any one part of the parlay loses, the entire stake is lost. Each bet in the parlay is known as a “leg,” and the bet can be described by its number of legs, e.g. “a four-leg parlay.”

This complete lack of a margin for error does come with increased payout potential, of course. For instance, a four-leg parlay in which each individual bet is even money could pay out up to 16 times the stake. Some sites offer “parlay boosts” to increase these odds further. However, take note that parlays are the biggest money-makers for most sportsbooks, which means they’re the least favorable for the players. They’re usually seen as a recreational bet type, best avoided by those with professional aspirations.

Related to parlays is the round robin bet, which consists of a group of smaller parlays covering all the options within a larger set of games. The simplest would be a two-leg round robin of three matches. Instead of betting a single three-leg parlay on results A, B and C, the round robin would be a simplified way of betting A+B, A+C and B+C, such that you can win something even if only two bets succeed, and a bigger prize if all three do.

Available sports on Betway

Betway offers a wide range of sports for its players to bet on. All the major US professional sports will be there, of course, as they are at other sportsbooks:

  • NFL football
  • NBA basketball
  • NHL hockey
  • MLB baseball
  • MLS soccer
  • PGA golf
  • NASCAR/Formula 1
  • Boxing/UFC/MMA
  • etc.

You’ll also find additional options, though some restrictions will apply depending on what state you’re in. For instance, some states don’t allow betting on college sports, while others allow it with restrictions on the types of bets or which teams you can bet on.

An incomplete list of sports you might see would include:

  • Badminton
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • Esports
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Mixed martial arts
  • Motor sports
  • Rugby league
  • Rugby union
  • Snooker
  • Soccer
  • Table tennis
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball

The best parts of Betway

Betway is a terrific site with a long history of excellence. There are many things that the book does well, but these are the items of particular positive note that we saw.

Selection of sports

The sheer number of markets that you can bet is quite astounding. Few other books offer quite as many options as Betway does.

Some of those choices will be forbidden in certain states, and it may take Betway some time to deploy the same range of options in the US as it has abroad. However, the fact that this potential is there does a lot for Betway’s long-term viability as a great online sportsbook in the US.


The other big positive that dovetails with Betway’s variety of markets is its level of integration and complexity. Whatever other forms of gambling a state has or might legalize in future, Betway has the capacity to tie in its product with those other verticals.

Thus, there’s no reason that you couldn’t choose to play exclusively at Betway. As time and laws move forward, Betway will have the technology in place to keep up, needing only to apply for a license in order to expand its product.

Areas for improvement at Betway

Of course, there are always things that any site could do better. Here are a couple of areas where Betway’s product could use improvement.


The first thing is fairly obvious. Betway has, for its corporate life, focused on the European market. Sports fans there have very different attitudes and desires from American sports bettors. If you’re looking at its international site, for instance, you’ll notice that “football” means “soccer,” and the US sport is called “American football,” though this will surely be changed for the US launch.

There are more subtle quirks of American sports, however, which may seem bizarre to European audiences. Betway would do well to get a once-over from some Yankee eyes before going live on this side of the Atlantic.

Customer support

The other thing to realize is that the American audience has expectations when it comes to customer support. Internationally, the only way to contact Betway’s team is through live chat, but Americans prefer to have more options in this regard.

For that reason, Betway may want to think about establishing a physical address and call center for US customers.

Betway Sportsbook history

Sports betting in Europe is a venerable and crowded market. Many of its top players have long histories of service and experience and have been household names since before internet betting even existed. Thus, it’s telling that in less than two decades, Betway has managed to ascend to join the giants of the industry.

In fact, the Betway Group only began life in 2006. A self-proclaimed group of sports fanatics pooled their expertise and resources to launch a premium gambling site. It grew from there in leaps and bounds. At present, the Betway Group now runs successful operations in the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Mexico, Spain and Sweden.

Betway has since begun launching its online sportsbook in various states across the US. Currently, Betway is licensed and up and running in New Jersey, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Iowa and Indiana.

Next Betway Sportsbook locations

While nothing is set in stone, it wouldn’t be at all surprising to see Betway expand into other states, including MichiganIllinois and possibly even Arizona. We will be sure to update this page once official word comes from Betway, so keep us bookmarked.

Betway Sportsbook FAQ

In what states is Betway active?

Betway is live in five states currently, Colorado, Iowa, Indiana, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Do I have to be a resident of a state where Betway is legal to place a bet?

No. Regardless of where Betway ultimately launches, you will not have to establish that you are a resident of that state in order to place a wager.

Can I place a bet from outside a legal state?

No. State and federal law prohibit interstate sports betting.

What age must you be in order to place a sports bet on Betway?

It will depend on the state in which you are trying to bet. However, in the five states where Betway is licensed (CO, IN, IA, NJ, PA), players will need to be 21 or older in order to bet with Betway.

How can I withdraw my money from Betway?

Once Betway launches, we will have a better idea of exactly which methods are available. However, the general principle is that a site’s withdrawal methods are the same as it’s deposit methods, with a few exceptions. For instance, credit cards are often accepted for deposit only, while the option to receive a check in the mail is usually present for withdrawals.

A shortlist of possible withdrawal options includes:

  • Direct bank transfer, e-checks, etc.
  • PayPal or third party payment processors
  • Paper check in the mail
  • Cash paid out at a retail sportsbook or casino partner

Can I play casino games on Betway?

It will depend on the state. Betway has the infrastructure to host casino games, but not every state will allow the site to do so. If your state has online casino play, there’s a pretty good chance that you will be able to use Betway as your online casino at some point.

At the moment, Betway Casino is up and running in NJ & PA.

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