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Betfred Sports is not a brand that most people in the US will recognize. Up to now, the online sportsbook has built its fortune serving bettors in the United Kingdom, where it has been a major operator of retail betting shops since 1967.

However, it won’t be an unfamiliar name in the US for long. Betfred online sportsbook is now active in Arizona, Iowa, Colorado and Pennsylvania and is expected to come online in Louisiana in the coming months. According to company management, those states are just the beginning.

Since Betfred Sportsbook is such an unknown quantity in the US, everyone needs some information about how things work on-site. Read on to find news, bonuses, updates and our take on how Betfred does things stateside.

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Betfred sportsbook promo code 2022

Online SportsbookBetfred Sportsbook
Betfred Sportsbook Promo CodeBETBONUS
Betfred Sportsbook Welcome OfferRisk-free First Bet Up To $500
Last UpdatedMay 2022

Betfred joins a growing number of online sportsbooks with quality welcome bonuses. In order to claim the Betfred risk-free bet bonus of up to $500 you will need to use our Betfred code BETBONUS when signing up.

Then, your opening bet simply needs to have minimum odds of -200. If your first bet has odds of -300 it would not qualify, but odds of -150 would. All plus odds would as well.

Once your bet settles, if it’s a winner you will get the proceeds as per usual. But if it loses, Betfred will issue you a free bet equal to the size of that opening wager, to use wherever you like in the sportsbook.

Betfred in Iowa: New users in Iowa, unfortunately, will discover that Betfred IA does not offer a welcome bonus at this time.

Betfred Sportsbook account creation

The process for beginning to wager on Betfred is quite straightforward. It should take no more than 10 or 15 minutes to get started.

Downloading the Betfred app

The first thing to do is to download the Betfred Sports Betting app onto your device. Betfred is available for Android and Apple customers.

Android users must first instruct their phone to allow downloads from unknown sources. They can accomplish this task through the security tab under settings.

Afterward, click on our link to access the download page for the app. Look for the Android logo, and it should take you to the location of the .apk file. You may have to accept the download or deal with a warning from the phone, but everything is on the up and up.

Apple users need only click through our link to arrive at the download page. Click on the Apple logo, and you’ll go right to the download site for the Betfred Sports Betting app.

There is no charge to download the Betfred app, regardless of the operating system or device you’re using.

Registering on Betfred

Once Betfred Sports is fully installed on your device, you will need to register for your new account. Look for the green and white button that says “register” in the upper right corner of your display to get started.

Betfred will need to collect several pieces of personal information from you to complete the registration. These include:

  • Your full name
  • Email address
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • Mailing address
  • Social Security number
  • Betfred promo code BETBONUS

You will also need to select a username and password to log in to your account in the future. Make sure to keep your login details secure, as you will subsequently be giving your financial information to Betfred when the time comes to deposit.

Make sure to use our exclusive links to maximize your Betfred welcome bonuses.

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Banking options on Betfred Sportsbook online

After you have registered, you’ll have one thing left to do before you can begin playing. You’ll need to make a deposit to fund your new account.

To do this, go to the cashier and click the Deposit button. As is the case with most sportsbooks, Betfred offers several methods for transferring money to the site, to accommodate a variety of user preferences.

You will be able to choose from the following options:

  • Cash at the retail cage
  • Credit Card: Mastercard, Visa or American Express (PA)
  • E-Check/ACH (AI, PA)
  • VIP Preferred (PA, CO)
  • PayNearMe (PA, CO)
  • Play+ Prepaid Card (PA, CO)
  • Skrill (IA)

As Betfred expands further into the US, more options should become available. Choose the payment method that best suits your situation.

At this step too, you will want to check this page for relevant bonus codes. You don’t want to miss out on whatever first deposit or reload bonuses may be on offer.

Betting options on Betfred online sportsbook

Now that you’ve downloaded, registered and deposited, it’s time to start playing. You will find that you have a wide range of bet types and betting markets available to you on-site.

Types of bets

Online sportsbooks have truly expanded our notion of what sports betting can be. The days of placing one or two wagers and waiting until the end of the game for a result are fading fast. Instead, sports betting has become a fast-paced and dynamic exercise. Thanks to one particular type of betting, it is now possible to bet many times on a single game.

Live betting

Live betting, also called in play betting or in game wagering, has largely transformed the nature of sports betting. Since its introduction into the US in 2018, it has become a dominant form of sports wagering in states with online sportsbooks.

Live betting is, as the name suggests, wagering on games that are already in progress. They usually involve the continuation of pregame wagers, milestone achievements or partial game results.

Betfred’s technology is such that its live betting can include wagers on the outcome of individual plays throughout the game. This granularity has resulted in a massive expansion of the number of bets that a single game can host.


The moneyline may be the most common type of sports bet, and it is certainly the most important. Its format and concept serve as the basis for several other types of wagers.

A moneyline is the simplest of bets. The bettor is simply attempting to pick the winner, nothing more complex than that.

There is a wrinkle, however, which is that the payout on a moneyline bet depends on the relative strength of the participants. These odds are expressed as a positive or negative number.

A positive moneyline indicates that the side is an underdog, i.e. considered less likely to win. The number will be greater than 100, and represents the net return on a $100 bet. For instance, a winning $100 bet on a +200 moneyline would return the original $100 stake plus $200 profit, for a total of $300.

Conversely, a negative moneyline indicates that the team or event is the favorite to win. This number will also be greater than 100, but represents the size of wager required to win $100. For instance, a winning $200 bet on a -200 moneyline would return the original $200 stake plus $100 profit, also for a total of $300.

These amounts scale according to the bet size, of course. If you bet half as much, you’ll stand to win half as much. The operator’s profit margin is also baked into the lines, so if the favorite is listed at -200, the underdog’s odds might only be +180 or thereabouts, not +200.

Point spreads

The point spread, or spread bet, is one of the most common types of sports bets. The key factor for a spread bet is the eventual margin of victory in a game, similar to a golf handicap.

To begin, Betfred will designate an expected margin of victory for a given contest by estimating which team will win and by how many points. Then, bettors will wager that either the estimated margin is too low or too high.

Thus, for purposes of the bet, the favored team must not only win, but win by at least the specified margin. This known as “covering the spread.” Conversely, a bet on the underdog can win even if the team loses the match, so long as the margin of loss is less than the spread. Spreads can either be whole numbers or include a half-point.

Whole number spreads result in a tie if the final result is a win by exactly the predicted margin. For instance, a -3 and -3.5 spread differ only when the favorite wins by exactly 3, in which case the former bets are refunded and the latter bets count as a win for the underdog.

Spread bets will also have odds listed next to them, though these are usually negative. Most commonly, both teams will be listed at -110, indicating that a player must bet $110 to win $100, with the extra $10 supplying the operator’s profit margin. At times, the operator will adjust the odds rather than move the line, however, so you might see one side listed at -120 and the other at +100 even when spread betting.


The totals bet is another extremely common sports bet, but it is often referenced by the way the bet works. Many people also call this type of wager the over/under.

In a totals bet, Betfred designates an estimate for the total combined points that the two teams in a game will score. The actual winner of the game is irrelevant. Bettors are then predicting whether the actual total will come in over or under that line.

Like point spreads, there will be odds given for each option. These are usually balanced or close to balanced, and include the operator’s profit margin. Common odds include -110 for both over and under, or -120 for one and +100 for the other.

Be aware that the sportsbook’s mark is usually going to be listed as a half-point (51.5, 210.5, etc.). The decimal ensures that there can be no ties. When a whole-number line is given, e.g. 51.0, then a push is possible. If the game total exactly equals the line, all bets are refunded.

Futures betting

All bets are about the future in some sense, but a futures bet refers to the more distant future. Typically, these are bets on the outcome of the season as a whole. Examples include bets on the season champion, whether a team will make the playoffs, or which player will win a given award.

Because there are so many possible outcomes for these bets, it is uncommon for any single option to be a favorite. For instance, it’s rare that even the best team in the league is greater than 50% to win the championship before the playoffs begin.

Thus, futures are usually expressed as positive odds. It may be helpful to convert these to a percentage by dividing 100 by (100 + odds). For instance, picking a season winner at +400 odds is a good bet if you believe the team is better than 20% to win, since 100 / (100 + 400) = 20%.


Propositions, or prop bets, are variety bets. Essentially anything that isn’t a moneyline, spread or futures bet is a prop, though some are more common than others.

You might see bets about whether a player or team will hit a certain number of points during the game. Other examples include the time of the first score, a specific football’s player’s total rushing yards, or whether the game goes to overtime.

The odds for a prop bet will typically be expressed the same way as those for a moneyline.


Parlays are combination wagers that involve the grouping of several individual bets into a single wager. Each constituent wager in a parlay is known as a leg.

You can have as many legs as you want in a parlay. Generally speaking, you can mix and match different types of bets any way you like. You can’t, however, include two related bets in the same parlay. For instance, you can’t take a prop bet on a quarterback’s passing yards and parlay it with a bet on his team winning, since each one makes the other more likely.

Parlays are high-risk, high-reward propositions because of there’s no room for error. In order for a parlay to pay out, every single leg must turn out to be accurate. There are, however, alternative combo bets available, such as trying to predict two out of three. The risk and reward for these falls somewhere between a true parlay and placing several individual bets.

Big parlays are popular with recreational bettors because they can turn tiny wagers into huge payouts. For instance, a 10-leg parlay with even money odds on every leg would pay out $10,240 on a $10 bet. Particularly big parlays, when they hit, tend to get coverage in the media, just the same way as lottery winners do.

Because such parlays are so unlikely to hit, however, they tend to be a key source of profit for sportsbooks. Keep in mind when betting parlays that they’re even more of a gamble than single bets.

Cash out option

Finally, Betfred is among those sportsbooks offering a cash out option. It’s not a type of bet, per se, but it is a key feature that can change your approach to wagering.

The cash-out option is the ability to take a reduced payout and close a bet before the outcome is final. For instance, if you have a bet that will pay out $300 and your team is leading with ten minutes left in the game, Betfred might be offering you $250 to settle the bet immediately. Conversely, if they’re far behind, you might be given the chance to salvage $30 from your bet, but at the expense of forfeiting your chance to win outright.

The amount of the payout is calculated as if you were hedging the bet on your own by betting on the other team. This makes it a statistically loss-making move. However, it does allow you to guard against any kind of last-minute calamities and save yourself some stress.

Available sports on Betfred

Betfred’s long history in the sports betting space means that it has the experience to offer almost any sport you could want. There is no shortage of opportunities to engage in the types of betting listed on this page.

Available sports on Betfred include:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Billiards
  • Boxing
  • Darts
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

This list is not at all exhaustive. As Betfred expands in the US, so will its selection of games. Generally speaking, if you have a game you want to bet, you will be able to find it here.

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The best features of Betfred Sportsbook

Betfred is an excellent sportsbook to have on our side of the Atlantic Ocean. There are many strong aspects of the operation, but two features truly stand out.


Betfred Sportsbook has been booking action longer than many of us have been alive. Its steady stream of success and growth means that it knows what to offer.

Furthermore, Betfred knows how to take care of its customers. Only through a great sense of brand loyalty could a sportsbook grow as explosively as Betfred.

In game wagers

Betfred has an extensive lineup of live betting options. While it’s a rarity to see other sportsbooks offering 100+ in-play options, Betfred commonly does just this.

There is also tremendous variety in terms of the scope of the live bets available. If you can imagine it, Betfred probably has it available for a wager.

The aspects of Betfred that need improvement

Of course, even the most experienced places still need to grow and improve. In Betfred’s case, there are a couple of areas that could use some attention.

Site design

The biggest flaw for Betfred is in its site design. The site and app are clunky and seem outdated. Furthermore, they are quite busy and unfriendly to the eye. Navigating through the site is a bigger chore than it needs to be.

Site speed

Hand-in-hand with its poor site design is its glacial site speed. The entire outfit takes a long time to load, and in this day and age, there’s really no excuse for it.

The last thing that sports bettors want is an online sportsbook that has to think about what it’s doing. Betfred goes slow enough that it’s noticeable, and that’s a big problem.

Betfred Sportsbook history

Betfred began life all the way back in 1967. Two brothers, Fred and Peter Done, established a single betting shop after a successful wager on England to win the 1966 World Cup. The shop, which opened its doors in a suburb of Manchester, was originally known a Done Bookmakers.

The gradual growth of the business and the acquisition of the Robert Walker sportsbook chain saw Done Bookmakers open its 100th shop in 1997. Three years later, the number of locations had doubled.

2004 proved to be a banner year for Done Bookmakers. The company rebranded as Betfred and launched its first digital product during that time.

Betfred has continued to expand at an exponential rate. There are now more than 1,500 Betfred shops operating in the United Kingdom. With so much coverage, however, it’s clear why Betfred wants to explore new markets in the US. So far, it has opened online books in Iowa, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Arizona, and should be launching in Louisiana sometime in 2022.


Betfred debuted a retail shop at the Grand Falls Casino and Golf Resort in January 2020. The launch was the first American Betfred location, and due to the casino’s position in the state, gives Betfred the opportunity to serve customers in Iowa, South Dakota and Minnesota. An app arrived in the Hawkeye State shortly there after. The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission oversees all sports betting in the state, including at the new Betfred location.


Colorado sports betting debuted in May 2020, with Betfred coming online later in the year. Betfred Sportsbook has acquired temporary retail and internet sports betting operator licenses from the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission and a partnership with Saratoga Black Hawk to be able to operate in the state.


Pennsylvania sports betting is bustling, so it’s no surprise that Betfred wanted in on the action. It debuted in PA thanks to a partnership with Wind Creek Bethlehem. The deal might serve as a test case for Betfred to expand its reach into Alabama and Florida, two locations where Wind Creek’s owner, the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, has other properties. Betfred Pennsylvania answers to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board as it operates in the Keystone State.


Arizona sports betting came online in September 2021 and became one of the top states for sports wagering seemingly overnight. Betfred partnered with We-Ko-Pa Casino Resort, which is owned by the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation in order to open in the Grand Canyon State. Betfred Sportsbook Arizona launched in February 2022.


Mobile sports betting in Louisiana debuted in early 2022, Betfred has not yet come online in the Pelican State, but should shortly. Betfred partnered with Tunica-Biloxi Tribe and opened a retail sportsbook at The Draft Room in October 2021.

FAQ about Betfred

What is the Betfred Sportsbook promo code?

The Betfred Sportsbook promo code is BETBONUS. Enter it when you create a new Betfred account and your first bet will be risk-free for up to $500.

In what states is Betfred active?

Betfred is legal and active in Arizona, Iowa, Colorado and Pennsylvania. It should be online in Louisiana soon and Betfred has plans to expand into other states going forward.

Do I have to be a resident of one of those states to place a bet?

Not at all. Anyone who is of legal gambling age and inside the state lines can bet, regardless of their residency.

Can I place a bet from outside the state I registered in?

No. You cannot place an interstate wager at any time. Betfred employs geolocation verification software to block any attempts to do so. Being a resident of the state is irrelevant. Even if you live there, you must be physically present within state lines to bet.

What age must you be in order to place a sports bet on Betfred?

It varies from state to state, but in most cases, you will need to be 21 or older to play.

How can I withdraw my money from Betfred?

Betfred maintains the same withdrawal and deposit methods. These methods are dependant on the state you are playing in

Can I play casino games on Betfred?

In general, no. The only state where Betfred is active that also has online casinos is Pennsylvania. Even there, it has not indicated any intent to launch a casino product.

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