About Online Poker Report: Authors, Contact, Network And Mission Statement

Online Poker Report (OPR) is a US national iGaming media site, which is part of the Catena Media North America network. Founded in the wake of Black Friday, we were initially dedicated to online poker as the name suggests. In recent years, however, we have branched out to cover more verticals.

OPR’s subject matter now includes online poker, online casino, iLottery, and occasionally other minor gambling and gambling-adjacent products. However, sports betting, daily fantasy sports and other sports-related gambling topics are the domain of our sister site, Legal Sports Report (LSR).

The focus of both sites’ coverage is on the legislative, regulatory and business strategy aspects of online gambling. Other sites in our larger network are more aimed towards gamblers themselves. While such readers may enjoy our coverage as well, we also aim to be a useful resource for lawmakers, business leaders and entrepreneurs, investors, mainstream journalists, and anyone else interested in matters of online gambling policy and the US iGaming market.

Catena Media is an independent, publicly traded media company that does not conduct or operate any online gambling products of its own.

Our mission

Online Poker Report began its life with the mission of both reporting on and advocating for online poker legislation in the US. That mission continues today, but with a broader scope.

We aim to promote the value of legalization and common sense regulation as tools in reducing gambling-related harms while also allowing for consumer choice. In the process, we fight against both the offshore black market, and the prohibitionist policies that inadvertently support it by denying gamblers a safer, legal option.

OPR aims to be a thought leader on responsible gambling policy and industry best practices, and a resource for those who want the facts on the US online gambling landscape as it exists today.

The Online Poker Report Team

Editor: Alex Weldon

Alex WeldonAlex holds a Bachelor’s degree in Astrophysics from Queen’s University, but has been a gambling journalist with a focus on data for the better part of a decade. Formerly a general-purpose freelance writer and artist, he got onto the gambling beat by way of his time spent playing poker semi-professionally. He was the lead writer for OPR prior to his promotion to editor, and before that, managed the GameIntel Poker Update, a subscribers-only newsletter analyzing poker site traffic data for industry executives.

Lead Writer: Heather Fletcher

Heather FletcherHeather joined OPR as lead writer shortly after Alex vacated the position to become editor. Her analysis focuses on the human and marketing aspects of the gambling industry. Heather is especially interested in the marketing aspects of online casino, online poker and online sports betting. If there’s a data-driven or regulatory aspect to cover, she’s looking into it. Heather is a career journalist, with bylines in the New York Times, Adweek and other publications. She holds a master’s degree in journalism from New York University.

Network Manager: Dustin Gouker

Dustin is now the Head of Content for the entire Catena North America network. However, OPR was once his individual responsibility and he still occasionally contributes his analysis on important stories. You can get Dustin’s insights directly in your inbox by subscribing to The Gouker Report.

Contributor: Martin Harris

Martin is a writer and teacher who holds a PhD in English. He has authored a book on Poker & Pop Culture, published in 2019, and generally covers poker-related topics for OPR.

Contributor: John Holden

John is an academic with a PhD in Sport Management whose research focuses on policy issues surrounding sports corruption. He brings a careful eye to bear on legal and regulatory matters in his coverage for OPR.

Contributor: Derek Helling

Derek is a freelance journalist who holds a degree from the University of Iowa. He covers poker and sports betting for various sites in the Catena network, and from a variety of angles.


Catena Media is an affiliate media company, meaning that our business model is based on connecting players with legal gambling options in their state. The rules about this vary from state to state, and Catena complies will all applicable regulations and undergoes vendor licensing and registration where necessary. For more information on how this business model relates to our content, see our Editorial Policy page.

Online Poker Report, through its parent company, holds a license to operate in the following states. These include all legal iGaming states, as well as sports betting states that have similar licensing requirements.

Licensed as Registered Vendor (Catena Operations Ltd.)

  • Colorado, #94433550, Active as of May 22, 2020
  • Indiana, SWR-000107, Active as of November 9, 2019
  • Michigan, #007543, Active as of December 14, 2020
  • New Jersey, #0089184, Active as of April 6, 2021
  • Pennsylvania, No license number issued, Active as of April 4, 2019
  • Tennessee, No license number issued, Active as of August 19, 2020
  • Virginia, #100102, Active as of January 13, 2021
  • West Virginia, SWS 037, Active as of August 14, 2020


One of OPR’s goals is to improve the quality of reporting on the gambling industry by acting as a resource for our fellow journalists in the mainstream. If you’re using us as a source or are simply interested in the topic of online gambling in the US, don’t hesitate to reach out. In addition to the team above, we have access to a range of experts throughout the Catena Media network and can direct you to the best person to answer your questions.

For more information, see our Media Relations page, or contact Zack Hall, the media relations lead for Catena US.

The Catena Network

Catena Media is a major gambling media company based in Malta. Its operations are geographically separated, and Online Poker Report is one component of its North American network, which now includes several dozen sites covering the US and Canada.

Online Poker Report and Legal Sports Report form a closely connected pair of sites within that network. Both emphasize the business and public policy aspects of the industry, while most of the rest of the network is more customer-oriented. LSR covers sports betting, fantasy sports and related gambling products, while OPR handles all other forms of online gambling.

Other Catena North America sites are too numerous to mention individually, but the Play brand represents the most important cluster of consumer-facing sites. This brand comprises the national PlayUSA and PlayCanada sites, plus individual sites for most states that have legal sports betting and/or online gambling.


Online Poker Report operates with a small team and isn’t hiring any new full time staff at the moment. We do, however, work with freelancers. If you have experience with both journalism and the online gambling industry and are interested in contributing to OPR, feel free to contact us. Be prepared to supply writing samples and demonstrate your industry knowledge.

The larger Catena North America network is rapidly expanding and has new job listings on a regular basis. Browse open Catena Media positions in the North American market.

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