GCG: All Full Tilt Emails Sent. Now Come The Postcards.

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The Full Tilt Poker remissions process has taken an unexpected detour into … postcards.

That’s one of a few pieces of information contained in the most recent update from the Garden City Group, made around 9:30 PM EST on October 1st.

The relevant points:

  • Emails have now been sent to all players the GCG views as eligible.
  • That’s over 1.4m emails, as the GCG tells it. No word on how many went through.
  • Some 23,500 petitions have been filed to date.
  • If you didn’t get an email because you don’t have access to the email associated with your Full Tilt Poker account (or, really, for any other reason), contact the GCG.
  • If you didn’t get an email because the email bounced for some reason, then you can look forward to a “postcard” from the GCG – at least to “the extent GCG has been provided with physical mailing addresses.”

If you haven’t been following the remissions process to this point, here’s a recap.

Window for filing is brief

A quick reminder: The window for filing a petition is quite brief, staying open only until November 16th.

Given the inherent potential for miscommunication and dispute, it makes sense for players in just about every imaginable scenario to file their petition sooner rather than later

You can begin the filing process here.

Note: The petition page has struck many as poorly designed. If you have received a control number via email, do not click the “Create a New Petition” button. Instead, enter the information you received the in the relevant fields and click “login.”

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