Nevada Online Gambling Licensee Profile: WMS

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This is one of a series of profiles covering companies that hold a license to participate in Nevada’s online gambling market.

WMS Industries has roots going back to the 1940’s, when the company was then known as the Williams Manufacturing Company.

Details and Timeline of WMS’ Nevada Online Gambling License

  • In March of 2012 WMS Industries began the application process for an online service provider and manufacturer license in the state of Nevada. As part of the initial group of filers, WMS was among the first companies granted a license in the state of Nevada. And the first manufacturer.

  • On September 20, 2012 WMS Industries was granted a Class 2 Service Provider License from the Nevada Gaming Commission. WMS Industries was also granted an online manufacturer’s license by the NGC, the first and only company to receive one of these licenses until Z4 joined them.

WMS Industries’ service provider allows them to partner with licensed online poker operators in Nevada, with the capability of offering a wide variety of services, while their manufacturing license would seem to indicate that the company would be able to develop new games in the market –how this will work is still unknown at this time.

Partnerships and Role in the Nevada market

At this point WMS Industries has not joined forces with a licensed online poker service provider in the Nevada market. As more online poker operators go live in Nevada, and/or as other forms of gambling are introduced, I expect WMS Industries to play a more pivotal role, especially in product development.

WMS: Company Overview

In the beginning the Williams Manufacturing Company was a pinball machine manufacturer founded by the company’s namesake Harry E. Williams. In the early 1960’s Williams manufacturing was bought by the well-known Seeburg Jukebox Company, which shifted the company’s focus from pinball machines to video games as the burgeoning market exploded after the release of Pong.  With their new focus, the original Pinball division was officially closed in 1999, although the company’s founder Harry Williamson will forever live on in the pinball and poker world as the inventor of the “Tilt” mechanism for pinball machines.

The WMS Industries corporate name came about in 1987, and while the company has had some limited success in creating video games (they were responsible for a few hits including Mortal Kombat and NBA Jam) they definitely found their groove in the slot machine industry and by the mid-1990’s WMS Industries was among the top slot machine manufacturers in the world.

In 2012 WMS Industries created Williams Interactive, which will act as a subsidiary of WMS, serving the online gaming industry. WMS Industries isn’t unfamiliar with online technology, having already developed real-money online games in the UK as well as real and play-money games for social media applications, where players purchase credits for the games instead of anteing-up money.

After the company’s acquisition of a Service Provider license in Nevada the new head of Williams Interactive, Orrin Edidin was quoted as saying, “We have made significant progress in our development of a technology and entertainment content base that will help our customers unlock the emerging opportunities provided through online capabilities.”

WMS: Power Players

  • President of WMS Industries, and President & Chief Executive Officer of Williams Interactive LLC: Orrin J. Edidin – I normally start with the CEO of a company zand not the CEO of a division, but in the case of WMS I’ll start with the man who will head Williams Interactive, the iGaming division of WMS Industries. In July of 2012 Edidin added the title of CEO and President of Williams Interactive to his title of President of WMS Industries, effectively putting him at the helm of WMS Industries online gaming efforts. Edidin’s goals with Williams Interactive is to position the company as the go-to service provider for the online gaming community, and will oversee the development of a “comprehensive suite of products, services and website solutions that bridge in-casino, online, social, casual and mobile gaming entertainment into an integrated casino-branded gaming ecosystem.”

  • Chairman of the Board and CEO: Brian R. Gamache – Brian Gamache has acted as the CEO of WMS Industries since 2001 and as Chairman of the Board since 2008. Under Gamache WMS has patented four separate gaming platforms: Community Gaming®, Sensory Immersion Gaming, Transmissive Reels® Gaming and Adaptive Gaming®.

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