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This is one of a series of profiles covering companies that hold a license to participate in Nevada’s online gambling market.

Poker Trip is the parent company of several an online poker portals and will go down in history as the first licensed online poker affiliate in Nevada.

The company, which operates several different websites in the poker and gambling genre, chief among them being AllVegasPoker.com, will act as the primary website for PokerTrip’s affiliate dealings. Another major website in the PokerTrip arsenal is the website ThePokerAtlas.com, which still has an undefined role in PokerTrip’s affiliate dealings.

Details and Timeline of PokerTrip’s Nevada License

PokerTrip was approved for an affiliate license in Nevada (the first and only company thus far to receive one) on September 20, 2012. What this will mean for the site is still relatively unknown, but they have started an advertising on the 2+2 poker forums for their sister site, www.pokeratlas.com, and with the launch of Ultimate Poker should start ramping-up their marketing.

The affiliate license PokerTrip received is known as a Class 3 Service Operator license. According to the website IrLaw.com this means:

The term “marketing affiliate” is a narrow classification consisting of persons who provide interactive gaming operators with personal information via databases or customer lists, as well as persons who provide the trademarks, trade names, service marks or similar intellectual property under which an operator of interactive gaming identifies its interactive gaming system to patrons.

PokerTrip is currently the only company that has received a Class 3 Service Provider license.

Partnerships and Role in the Las Vegas market

As an affiliate PokerTrip will likely play a key role in marketing online poker sites in the state of Nevada. The historical role affiliates have provided for the online poker industry is to send new players to the online poker sites, with a commission of some sort paid for each player. How this will work in the Nevada market is still being worked out.

PokerTrip Company Overview

While the site will eventually turn more towards being an affiliate for online poker rooms in Nevada (at least that’s the general assumption by myself and others) currently the site is focusing on putting together reviews, trip reports, and other content regarding Brick & Mortar casinos in Las Vegas, as well as generating online poker content for the burgeoning Nevada industry.

AllVegasPoker.com has both exclusive content and reader-generated trip reports and articles, as well as a blog, and reviews of different Las Vegas properties.

Precisely how AllVegasPoker and PokerAtlas will operate as affiliates for the online gaming industry in Nevada is still unknown at this point, and like Operators and Service Providers, PokerTrip is sort of going with the flow for the time being, waiting to see what happens when more operators launch, putting them somewhat at the mercy of the companies that will be providing online poker to Nevada.

Both sites are still in the process of being built-out and updated, and my own expectation is that there will be an official launch when the redesign and content is considered up to snuff –at the moment both sites seem fairly outdated and jumbled. The need to overhaul the websites may be the reason PokerTrip hasn’t really made a push in the market, despite being the only affiliate to receive a license in Nevada at the time of writing.

PokerTrip: Power Players

Pokertrip and its websites PokerAtlas.com and AllPokerVegas.com are owned and operated by Jon Friedberg, who is a familiar name in the poker world. Friedberg is long-time poker player and also a longstanding member of the poker media. Friedberg is likely best known for his 2006 World Series of Poker bracelet win, where he pocketed over $500k after winning Event #17, a $1,000 buy-in No Limit Holdem tournament, and since then he has turned his eyes towards poker-related businesses while still maintaining a presence as a poker player.

To get AllVegasPoker.com off the ground Friedberg brought in Matt Coles, a former affiliate manager at PokerListings.com, giving Coles the power to put together a team to create and build out the content on the website and direct its future marketing campaigns.

Two of Coles’ hires were: Shawn Green, a former senior gaming analyst for Caesars Entertainment and online content manager for Cardplayer Magazine, was hired as the content manager, and Jackie Chiafullo brought on as the marketing manager.

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