Full Tilt Poker Remission Process Begins; Concerns Remain

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As promised, the Garden City Group (GCG) began the Full Tilt Poker remission process on Monday, September 16, 2013. The GCG sent out a rather lengthy e-mail to some former Full Tilt Poker customers in the US detailing the remission process. The e-mail indicates that the period to file a claim will begin on September 18, 2013.

Missing E-Mails

As noted above, not everyone who signed up for the GCG notifications has received an e-mail from the GCG at this point, and the players who haven’t received their e-mails are already starting to grow a little anxious, especially when the actual e-mail hit the poker forums and they had a chnce to read its contents.

Before you start breathing into a brown paper bag, panic is definitely uncalled for at this point, as the PPA’s VP of Player Relations Rich Muny took to social media to explain that e-mails would be sent on Monday and Tuesday –mine arrived Monday evening.

It should also be noted that if you do not receive an e-mail from the GCG you can still file a claim by visiting www.fulltiltpokerclaims.com and following the instructions provided.

E-Mail Raises Eligibility Concerns

While the commencement of the remission process was certainly a welcomed relief for many players, not everyone was likely jumping for joy. For some players the e-mail’s contents were a source of confusion and concern.

Chief among these concerns was a number of points covering eligibility –which we got a first look at last week when a leaked draft found its way onto the poker forums. Even with a couple of rewrites of the draft, there is still quite a bit of confusion regarding eligibility on the following points:

The Deposited Funds Puzzle

  1. You must have deposited funds into an account with FTP

Point #1, if taken literally, would mean that any player whose account was funded by a peer-to-peer transfer, freeroll money, or some other method short of depositing might not be eligible to file a claim –which would be incredibly troubling for staked players who received their stake-money through a P2P transfer, among others.

Affiliates and Vendors

  1. A past or present employee of FTP or any of its past or present affiliates

  2. A past or present vendor of FTP that received compensation through FTP players’ accounts

Like Point #1, the impact of Point #2 and #3 is dependent upon the definition of “affiliate” and “vendor” by the GCG. The best guess is that the GCG will not honor affiliate claims; following the precedent set by PokerStars when they spurned affiliates during the repayment of Full Tilt Poker’s ROW (Rest of World) debts.

Red Pros

  1. A past or present Team Full Tilt player

  2. A past or present shareholder of FTP…

The final group of players that may be reaching for a bottle of the stiffest alcohol they can find are former Full Tilt Poker Red Pros, who are crossing their fingers that “Team Full Tilt player” means specifically Team Full Tilt (the collection of pros who appeared in FTP’s advertising and were listed as Team Full Tilt Pros) which I believe to be the case considering the capitalization of Team Full Tilt in the e-mail.

The Curious Case of Tom Dwan

Even if Red Pros get paid this does call into question the likely sizable balance of Tom Dwan, who was a shareholder prior to Black Friday, a member of Team Full Tilt, and is now a current pro for the site –which makes Dwan the only Full Tilt player who could be SOL three-times over.

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