New Challenge Match Emerges as durrrr Challenge Heats Back Up

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With the frustratingly slow pace of the durrrr Challenge the attention of the poker community has turned to the recently announced heads-up challenge match between two of the top online players in the game, Douglas “WCGrider” Polk and Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky.

The specifics of the match were announced on the 2+2 poker forum with the duo agreeing to play 15,000 hands of heads up NLHE at stakes of $100/$200. In addition to the money that changes hands during the sessions, the winner of the match will also receive an additional $100,000 from the loser.

Polk recently sat down for an interview with Tobias Block where he discussed his upcoming challenge match with Ben Sulsky, and talked about high-stakes challenge matches in general.

In the interview Polk has admitted the two haven’t hashed out a playing schedule or penalties for not playing, but he did say they are shooting for a mid October finish, and added, “this isn’t the durrrr Challenge,” alluding to the “complications” that have arisen in the challenge match that has celebrated three birthdays.

Meanwhile Over in the durrrr Challenge…

In a recent interview (you can watch the interview below), and a subsequent forum post by Daniel Cates at 2+2, he and Tom Dwan have hashed out an agreement that will supposedly get the match back on track –Although I simply can’t shake the feeling that I’ve heard this somewhere before?

Perhaps the best part of the durrrr Challenge talks heating back up is that David “Viffer” Peat has resumed his role of being the official troll of Jungleman on 2+2. The two high-stakes players have an obvious distaste for one another and their back-and-forth is the highlight of the High-Stakes Challenge thread.

The most significant point Viffer raised in the thread was that Back Friday could be considered an “Act of God” which would basically make the original bet void, and therefore all of Jungleman’s forum and social media whining and allegations of Tom Dwan’s unwillingness to play are without merit.

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