New Jersey Regulators Expand Responsible Gambling Requirements for Online Play

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A positive development for New Jersey’s soon-to-launch regulated online gambling market today, as state regulators greatly expanded the number and nature of responsible gambling tools online operators must offer customers.

NJ regulators posted the changes last Friday on the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement’s Internet Gaming FAQ page.

Operators must provide variety of account limits

The updates to New Jersey’s online gambling regulations spell out three options all operators must provide to all customers:

  • Deposit limit: This limit puts a cap – chosen by the player – on how much can be deposited into an account. The limit can be set to apply daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Spending limit: This option limits the amount players can “put at risk” on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It’s not entirely clear how this limit will apply to poker; will it be based on losses or amount wagered? In the latter case it would be a fairly useless limit for poker that few players would be likely to employ.
  • Play time limit: This last option might prove slightly controversial, as the limit is based not on your actual time spent playing, but instead simply on the amount of time spent logged in. This limit is only applied on a daily basis. While the regulation doesn’t specific indicate how a day is determined for the purposes of the limit, one assumes the day ends at 11:59 PM and begins starts at 12:00 AM. This limit also accounts for the situation where your time limit expires while you are still in a hand or tournament, clearly stipulating that “a patron will be permitted to complete any round of play, or active or prepaid tournament” even after the limit is reached.

All in all, these are good starting points for expanding the control players have over their online gambling experience.

But several questions remain, including what the default settings will be, how present and visible the options will be in the software and how flexible the tools will ultimately be.

Players will be able to cash out from online account at the cage

In an additional change announced alongside the enhanced problem gambling options, New Jersey regulators clarified that players will be able to request a cashout from their online account at the actual casino cage or any “other approved cashiering location.”

The regulations further dictate that funds requested in this manner must be “made immediately available” to players.

- Chris is the publisher of Grove also serves as a consultant to various stakeholders in the regulated market for online gambling in the United States.
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