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This is one of a series of profiles covering companies that hold a license to participate in Nevada’s online gambling market.

Player Verify is the definition of a niche company, and one that could only be created in the age of the Internet.

Player Verify LLC allows US residents to upload their personal information to the secure site which can then share this information with iGaming sites quickly and securely. While that is their primary role and focus, Player Verify offers a whole litany of services to both players and the iGaming sites, from self-exclusion programs for problem gamblers to encrypted databases for iGaming companies, along with real-time fraud reporting.

Details and Timeline of PlayerVerify’s Nevada License

As a Class 2 Service Provider Player Verify will function as supplementary service provider; joining forces with with online operators and Class 1 Service Providers to provide player verification and background checks where needed.

Partnerships and Role in the Las Vegas market

Player Verify could be one of the more important players in the Nevada online poker industry as the site runs data searches of submitted information against public and governmental databases, and is one of the few companies licensed in Nevada that can run KYC checks. As of this writing Player Verify has not formed any partnerships with licensed operators, but they have started to reach out looking for potential partners.

One of the ways Player Verify would assist online poker providers would be through the creation of a website that would list Problem Gamblers, and keep sites from sending them marketing materials. As well as allowing players to self-exclude themselves. Player Verify will also be able to run all necessary KYC checks for online poker operators.

PlayerVerify Company Overview

Player Verify was created in 2010, specifically to fill this perceived void in the pending online gaming industry, with Player Verify giving online poker operators the necessary tools to satisfy the regulations created by the Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC) and the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB).  According to Nevada law, online poker sites must run a KYC (Know Your Customer) within 30 days of the person’s registration, and Player Verify saw a chance to be the entity that conducts these checks.

The company was accredited by the Better Business Bureau in 2010 shortly after launching, and currently has an A- rating from the watchdog agency –the only negative against the company is the length of time they have been in operation; Player Verify has zero complaints leveled against them.

According to Mark Dalton, owner and managing member of Player Verify, “Nevada gaming companies that select its player authentication services will have the ability to instantly authenticate identities via its Identity Checker tool.” Adding in another press release, “Nevada online poker sites know they have to follow KYC rules, and they do the best they can with the tools they have available. Now that our online poker service provider license is pending with the Nevada Gaming Control Board, Player Verify is ready to give Nevada I-gaming sites a better, safer option for player verification.”

Here are some of the services Player Verify offers to players from their website:

  • Upload & Share Sensitive Documents
  • Player ID Document Rating System
  • One Click IGaming Self Exclusion (Patent Pending)
  • Win/Loss Tool (Keep Track)

And here are the services Player Verify offers to iGaming providers:

  • Download Player Documents Securely
  • Player Self Exclusion Database
  • Player Fraud Database
  • Identity Checker

PlayerVerify: Power Players

  • Owner and Managing member: Mark Dalton

PlayerVerify’s Potential in other US markets

The Tennessee based company could easily fill the same void in other markets, allowing a quick, simple, verification process that will keep inter-state online poker participants from finding workarounds in order to play on these sites from out of state.

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