Full Tilt Remissions Process to Start September 16th, With November 15th Deadline

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After over two years of delays, it appears that the process of returning Full Tilt bankrolls to U.S. customers is shifting into something resembling a higher gear.

An early August update from the Garden City Group indicated that the remissions process would begin shortly. And now a new update has pegged an actual start date.

According to the new update, the GCG will be emailing  “potentially eligible claimants identified by GCG” beginning on September 16th with information about how to file a petition for remission.

The information will also be available on the GCG website.

Perhaps more significantly, the GCG also announced that the “deadline to submit a Petition for Remission is November 15, 2013.

That’s a pretty tight window.

Questions still unanswered

While we know that the GCG intends to determine payback amounts “based on players’ final balances with FTP as of April 15, 2011,” we still don’t know:

  • What exact point on that date they’ll be using.
  • How non-cash assets such as tournament tickets and points will be handled.
  • What the process for appealing a decision by the GCG will be.
  • How long the actual return of funds will take.
  • What options, if any, those who fail to file by the above deadline will have.
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