Signs of Life in Durrrr & Jungleman’s High Stakes Challenge

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After a hiatus that makes the WSOP November Nine seem like nothing more than a long weekend, it appears that Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Daniel “jungleman” Cates are ready to resume their high-stakes cash game challenge.

That’s per a recent post on 2+2 by Cates, where he said that the two have “agreed to play a min of 4k hands/month, and then 8k hands every 2 months afterwards. If we dont play 4k hands a month in august, then restrictions will be made. I guess restrictions means scheduled times, penalties for not complying… I will be posting here in august/september if this doesnt help state of challenge.”

It’s hard to believe, but the match started way back in August of 2010, and throughout the 20,000 or so hands that have been played the advantage has been entirely on the side of Dan Cates.

The match between the two had already begun to stall before Black Friday, with Cates wanting to play as much as possible, while Dwan (down over a million) didn’t appear to be making the match a top priority.

The taunts between the two came to a head on Twitter in March of 2013, with Cates tweeting the following:

Dwan fired back with a tweet of his own, and judging by the responses it seems the two have more history between them than the Challenge:

Since the relaunch of Full Tilt Poker in November of 2012 the two have played only two sessions, both relatively brief, and both wins for Dwan.

The first was a 383-hand session in mid-April that saw Dwan come out with less than a big blind in profit,+$158, and the second occurred a month later with the two putting in a 900-hand session that saw Dwan carve a more substantial $92k out of Cates’ lead.

With about 20,000 of the 50,000 hands in the books Cates lead is now down to $1.25 million (by most accounts).

The length of time these matches have gone on, and the ability for one of the players to simply make excuses not to play, highlights the basic flaw in this type of challenge match.

If you’re unfamiliar with the particulars of the durrrr Challenge you can find them here: durrrr issues million-dollar challenge.

Cates is no stranger to controversial debates on 2+2, as he was a central figure in the “Girah Scandal” where he eventually admitted to playing under multiple screen names. More recently he’s been involved in a back-and-forth with Ben Grundy, which began in this new, unrelated thread about multi-accounting.

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