OPR Bulletin: Week of July 14th, 2013

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Stories worth watching

Phil Ivey claim-staking the regulated U.S. market

There’s the launch of social poker / training hybrid IveyPoker (read a quick review at QJ here). And the news of Ivey’s deal with California’s Pala Band of Mission Indians and ex-Party CEO Jim Ryan. Contrast that burst of activity with the relative silence from Phil Hellmuth and many of the other big names of American poker.

Watch IveyPoker this week to get the early sense of IP’s staying power in the social gambling space. And watch CA to see how aggressively – if at all – Pala’s competitors grumble about the “bad actor” issues the deal could potentially raise.

Is the Atlantic Club Casino about to be sold (again)?

I’m hearing stronger and stronger rumblings that Churchill Downs is a serious buyer for the ACC. That doesn’t mean they’re the only suitor, or that they’ll be the ultimate one. But people who should know are suggesting CD is the closest to a deal of any involved at the moment.

Responses to Rep. Joe Barton’s online poker bill range from emphatically dismissive to absolutely dismissive

I’ve been watching federal attempts to regulate online poker and gambling since 2006, and I have never witnessed such a total consensus – both public and private – on a bill’s lack of potential for passage as I am witnessing with the Barton bill.

Related: Don’t forget that a related Senate subcommittee hearing – “The Expansion of Internet Gambling: Assessing Consumer Protection Concerns,” – is scheduled for Wednesday, July 17th at 10:00 a.m. ET.

Links you may have missed

And check out the latest edition of The Rabbit Hunt, a poker news podcast where Mark Gahagan and I provide an in-depth look at the top live and online poker stories of the week.

Recently on OPR

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