A Modest Proposal For Rebutting Online Poker’s Critics

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Sheldon Adelson’s recent broadside against online poker – and the response that it generated – got me thinking about some of the underlying issues involved in how advocates for online poker regulation approach criticism from the likes of Mr. Adelson.

I put some of those thoughts together in an article for QuadJacks: “Please Stop Writing Responses to Sheldon Adelson.”

The gist of the article is that rebuttals – at this point – are likely counterproductive and only serve to strengthen Adelson’s influence.

And I propose the foundations of a response strategy to his criticisms – and the myriad like his sure to follow in the months and years ahead – that I hope will be more effective than the temporarily-satisfying act of directly responding with a rebuttal.

One point that I think is especially important comes at the end of the article, so I wanted to quickly highlight it here:

Online gambling is fundamentally different than land-based gambling. And it’s a new phenomenon to most of the mainstream. That invites a fear of the unknown that requires a disproportionate response from regulators and the marketplace to overcome.

Adelson is playing on that fear. The only response is for poker advocates to demand that regulators require – and the market delivers – comprehensive, intuitively airtight solutions to these fundamental issues.

Read the whole thing.

- Chris is the publisher of OnlinePokerReport.com. Grove also serves as a consultant to various stakeholders in the regulated market for online gambling in the United States.
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