Adelson: Make Internet Gaming Illegal Nationwide

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Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson has penned a scathing indictment over at Forbes of efforts to regulate online gambling in the United States.

In the article, Adelson calls online gambling a “societal train wreck waiting to happen,” “a toxin which all good people ought to resist” and claims that online gambling could lead to the “demise” of land-based operators.

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For his claim regarding the impact of online gambling on land-based operators, Adelson refers to, but does not identify by title, “[r]ecent research from a number of European countries.”

LV Sands said to support online poker

It’s important to note that Adelson’s position is not necessarily synonymous with the opinion of the company he controls.

In February of 2013, AGA head Frank Fahrenkopf indicated that all AGA members – including Las Vegas Sands – supported federal online poker regulation.

Adelson has long history with online gambling issue

This is far from the first time that Adelson has come out swinging against online gambling regulation.

But it does seem to mark a dramatic shift from his earlier position on the issue. In 2001 he told the Las Vegas Sun that “our hat will be in the ring” for regulated online gambling, and praised the efforts of Nevada lawmakers toward regulating such activity. And in 2006 his company announced plans for a UK-facing online gambling venture with Cantor.

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