Genting Poker Bails on Hendon Mob Players, Then Backtracks

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Genting Poker has been under siege by The Hendon Mob online poker community since Friday, thanks to a post by Genting Poker Room Manager James Lowe stating that Genting was cancelling their Hendon Mob Tournament $ promotion – effective immediately.

Hi all, my name is James Lowe’ and I have recently taken over as Poker Manager at Genting Poker.

Unfortunately my first post is not great news!

Genting Poker has decided to stop the Hendon Mob Tournament $ scheme with immediate effect […] This does mean that any points you have accrued and not used are no longer valid. Look out for the new Genting VIP scheme currently being planned to go live in July 2013.

So Lowe’s post was effectively saying that all players who joined Genting Poker (a part of the iPoker Network) through The Hendon Mob would have all unused Tournament $ rescinded  – meaning they would receive zero value for earned tournament currency that was basically as good as cash.

Obviously this went over about as well with Hendon Mobbers as Ben Mezrich lecturing the poker world on the virtues of Absolute Poker.

Genting retracts policy change, claims error

Fortunately for Hendon Mobbers it looks like Genting and their new Poker Room Manager James Lowe have come to their senses.

After nearly three days of silence Lowe returned to the forum just hours ago to backtrack on Genting’s new position [bold mine]:

Dear All,

First Off, I wish to apologies for the confusion my earlier post (and introduction to THM) has caused. This was a genuine mistake on my part.

To clarify:-

1. Your Hendon Mob $’s accrued to 14.06.2013 remains redeemable.

2. However, any play on Genting Poker from that date will not accrue Hendon Mob $. You will, however, continue to earn Genting Poker points which are redeemable as per the standard Genting Poker VIP scheme.

Now, compare that to the original post: “This does mean that any points you have accrued and not used are no longer valid,” and you’ll see why the word backtrack is getting thrown around a lot.

But the good news is that everything appears to have been worked out in the end.

Severe backlash over original decision

The initial decision is all the more baffling when you consider James Lowe’s work experience in the world of online poker; with his resume he must have known the blowback he would receive for what is essentially a bait and switch tactic.

As one Mobber “neilcaterham” said, “This is starting to sound like one of them Yank sites,”

The cancellation so shocked the community that posters on the forum thought it was a level, or some diabolical plot to besmirch James Lowe’s name. One poster “4K Suited” hypothesized:

The Poker Manager of Genting would not usually be responsible for this type of decision, and given James Lowe’s profile on Linked In, it’s unlikely that he would handle it so unprofessionally, as he’s been with them for over 2 years.

Frankly I suspect that the real James Lowe is desperately trying to cover his ass before he launches himself off the top floor of the Shard. After all, that’s where his career in poker is about to go unless he can prove that it wasn’t him making this ill-judged statement on a poker forum…

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a joke or an “ill-judged statement.”

Several players attempted to redeem their tournament dollars and/or contact support to see if the promotion was in fact cancelled, and all signs pointed to yes, the promo was just cancelled out of the blue.

Even The Hendon Mob wasn’t notified, and had to read about the cancelled promotion on their own forum:

We first became aware of this when we read it on our forum. So they are basically saying that the Sponsorship Dollar promotion is cancelled and that they are not honouring any of the dollars you have earnt and have been saving to play events. We have emailed them and are waiting a reply. We are working to resolve this and will post on this thread if there are any developments. For the time being all sponsorship dollar requests are suspended.

We apologise to all those effected.

The Mob

Another poster “AKHater” explained how the cancellation of the affiliated deal would have a real-world impact on players like himself:

This is disgusting. I have £310 worth of sponsorship money that I was intending on using soon.

I genuinely think we need to club together and take legal action on this. I am f***ing disgusted.

As soon as I get confirmation that this is for real, I will be withdrawing all funds from Genting and never playing there again.


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