All Thumbs Up For Bet Raise Fold

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The long-anticipated premiere of the poker documentary Bet Raise Fold: The Story of Online Poker came to fruition at the Palms Casino on Friday night when the Bet Raise Fold brain-trust of Jay Rosenkrantz, Taylor Caby, and Ryan Firpo unveiled the film to some of the biggest names in poker (my invitation may have been lost in the mail).

The reaction to the film has been extremely positive across the board.

Former Victory Poker CEO Dan Fleyshman attended the premiere and the high expectations he brought into the theater were exceeded:

Executive Producer Tom Dwan summed-up Jay Rosenkrantz’s recent contributions to poker (which includes not only Bet Raise Fold, but also The Micros) perfectly with his pre-premiere Tweet:

And Dwan definitely liked the movie and the potential windfall his 1/3 ownership of Bet Raise Fold may bring, tweeting just a few hours later:

Peter Jetten seems to have also liked the film, but not quite as much as the after-party judging by his post-premiere Tweet:

In my opinion, the best moment of the night was when TwoPlusTwo owner Mason Malmuth offered a dedicated forum for the film … with a few caveats, according to the comical live blogging of’s Matt Kaufman:

9:07 pm – Mason Malmuth, owner of 2+2, asks a question, and I’m heavily paraphrasing here:
Mason: Would you guys be interested in a forum on 2+2 for the movie? If you want, we can make one immediately.
Taylor: Yeah… uh, that would be great.
Ryan: Only if I get a custom forum title.
(Crowd laughs)
Jay: Thanks a lot, we’d love that.
Mason: But it will only work if you participate. A forum is only worth something if people participate.
…would everyone here take part in the forum if we create one?
(Mason awaits cheers of “Of course we would! Hooray for TwoPlusTwo!”  but instead receives minimal clapping.)

Malmuth (along with several others) offered his thoughts on the film over at TwoPlusTwo, saying he feels that:

[…] Bet Raise Fold is an important contribution to poker in general and our industry in particular. Also, and I’m getting a little ahead of the game here, but we’re hoping that the film will be shown at our 2+2 Party at SouthPoint on July 6. If we’re able to show it, and we’re awaiting final approval from the SouthPoint people, it will probably go at 3:00 pm or a little bit after.

Read more reactions to the film on TwoPlusTwo here, starting around post #254.

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