NV Licensee Profile: Central Account Management System

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This is one of a series of profiles covering companies that hold a license to participate in Nevada’s online gambling market.

Central Account Management System (commonly shortened to CAMS LLC) is a Los Angeles-based id verification and payment processing company is a subsidiary of the massive Verifi umbrella. CAMS duties in the newly regulated Nevada market will be payment connectivity and regulatory compliance. Verifi was formed in 2005 and since then the company has been at the forefront of the verification industry, and has numerous subsidiary companies similar to CAMS under its sway.

Details and Timeline of CAMS Nevada License

As detailed above, CAMS will play a very specific role in the Nevada market, focusing on player verification checks and payment processing. This role will allow CAMS to partner with as many casinos as they wish.

Partnerships and role in Nevada market

CAMS has already partnered with Fertitta Interactive’s Ultimate Poker website to provide ID and geo-location verifications. As more and more online poker rooms come online CAMS will likely form many strategic partnerships, performing either “Know Your Customer” checks, or to process deposits and withdrawals for online poker sites.

Central Account Management System- Company Overview

CAMS itself was only created in 2012 by Matthew Katz, and according to the site’s Linkedin page the company now boasts from 51-200 employees –not too shabby for a company that has only been around for about a year.

The simplest way to describe what CAMS does is through their mission statement that can be found on their website: “Offering lottery and online wagering operators the ability to collect and manage player information, assist merchants and operators to monitor and comply with internal and external regulation policy, facilitate payment deposit and withdrawals, and enforce operator business rules.”

In addition to their usual role, CAMS will be tasked with the all-important “Know Your Customer” checks that must be run on every player that registers at a Nevada online poker site, as well as being the first payment processor to receive a license from the Nevada Gaming Commission.

CAMS is one of the numerous niche companies that has applied for and received an online poker service provider license in Nevada. Unlike all-encompassing service providers like 888 or Bally Technologies, CAMS has two specific, and extremely important, roles in the Nevada market; to provide verification systems for online poker operators and to process payments.

The lists of services CAMS will provide to the online poker industry in Nevada include:

  • Know Your Customer ID checks: including age verification

  • Geo-Location and Device ID verification

  • Payment Processing

  • Payment processing fraud detection and security

  • Problem Gambler self-exclusion lists

  • Player deposit limit checks

Unfortunately, CAMS got off to a bad start in Nevada when they contracted work related to verification to Iovation, the company founded by former Ultimate Bet executive and partial owner Greg Pierson.

When news of Iovation’s involvement in the new Nevada market came to light CAMS was forced to drop the company, but a bad precedent had been set, as poker players wondered if the new “regulated” market was simply the same as the old unregulated market that oversaw the Super-User scandals. Thankfully, Ultimate Poker and CAMS quickly severed their relationship with Iovation.

CAMS Power Players

  • Matthew Katz, CEO

Matthew Katz, the CEO of CAMS was also the founder of the company and sees a bright future his company, especially as he makes major inroads into the burgeoning online gaming market in the US. Katz started his first business while he was still enrolled at Washington University in St Louis, where he later graduated with a degree in Economics. CAMS is simply the latest endeavor in a long line of successes for this young entrepreneur.

CAMS: Potential in other US markets

With their ability to process payments and take on the very difficult process of player verifications, CAMS has a future in virtually every market in the country. This can be seen by the simple fact that CAMS is not even located in Nevada, yet still received a Nevada online poker license to act as a verification company and payment processor.

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*Resources: www.centralams.com

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