Bet Raise Fold Opens and Raises

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Two big developments for online poker documentary Bet Raise Fold.

The first: An official opening date for the film, which is set for June 30th. The premiere will be on June 12th in Las Vegas at the Palms.

The second: If you’d like to attend that premiere, you can get a package that includes premiere tickets (but not travel) by chipping in for Bet Raise Fold’s official Kickstarter campaign.

Support levels start at $15 (gets you a digital copy of the movie) and run all the way up into the many-thousands of dollars.

There are some neat rewards, but my favorite has to be:

PHIL GALFOND VOICE GREETING: Fifteen seconds of Phil Galfond (aka OMGClayAiken) providing a custom voice greeting! It can be your full name, your favorite pet, whatever you want! Usually, this is where we have to insert “within good taste”. We will send you the MP3 file so you can use it as your outgoing voicemail, to prank call a friend, whatever your heart desires. ***PLUS: You will also get the Ultimate Grinder Package!

Visit the Kickstarter campaign here. Teaser video for BRF below:

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