Sounding the Iovation Alarm

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The news that Iovation – a company with deep links to the UB scandal – was providing location verification services for Nevada-regulated Ultimate Poker spread quickly through the poker community.

The release of secret recordings where Iovation head Greg Pierson apparently participates in a conversation regarding how to cover up cheating at Ultimate Bet only fueled the story further.

Ultimate Poker drops Iovation on news

Ultimate Poker moved fairly quickly to sever ties with Iovation. And Nevada regulators plan to take a closer look at the relationship between Iovation and Ultimate Poker.

But the news raised larger questions about how a company with clear ties to one of the worst cheating scandals in poker history continues to operate freely in what are meant to be heavily-regulated environments.

And how the head of such a company could be on the shortlist for an Entrepreneur of the Year Award from Ernst and Young.

Players seek to notify regulators

Over at TwoPlusTwo, PokerXanadu is developing a detailed form letter concerning Pierson and Iovation that he hopes will alert regulators to the long and controversial history surrounding the company.


It has come to my attention that the company Iovation [link removed], based in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A., is operating as a service provider to online gaming companies in a number of regulated gaming jurisdictions. I would like to alert your jurisdiction to the involvement of Iovation and two of its founders in the largest cheating scandal in the history of online poker.

View the full letter here.

The letter is generic enough to be delivered to any gaming regulator. Xanadu is asking for people to forward the letter (via email or hard copy) to relevant regulators.

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