Annie Duke: I Was Never Shown Any Non-Public Hole Card Information

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Annie Duke took to Facebook this week to clarify her knowledge of and involvement in the Ultimate Bet superuser scandal.

Both Duke and fellow ex-UB pro Phil Hellmuth made statements concerning Ultimate Bet last week in response to the recent release of secret recordings made by Travis Makar that detail the attempt to cover up cheating at Ultimate Bet.

But an apparently unintentional ambiguity in Duke’s initial statement caused her to offer additional clarification yesterday.

Before we get to that, some quick background.

Tapes imply Duke had access to God Mode

Comments allegedly made by Russ Hamilton on the tapes – which are at times inaudible and subject to interpretation – suggested that Annie Duke had some level of access to the so-called “god mode” that allowed UB insiders to cheat opponents by viewing their hole cards.

Duke’s initial response seemed to support this version of events. From her Twitter:



Duke unambiguously states she had no such access

But her subsequent statement removed any doubt about whether or not she ever had access to “god mode” on UB:

The facts are that during commentary, what I saw as the hands were being played wasexactly what every other spectator of the table was able to see. I and other co-commentators were providing commentary as we watched live play, and the broadcast of our comments was delayed as is standard practice to avoid affecting play. The screen that I saw was captured and streamed onto the internet along with my commentary so anyone who tuned into the broadcast saw exactly the same screen that I saw. The broadcast delay was designed to protect the integrity of the game by making sure that the hands my co-commentators and I were commenting on would be finished BEFORE our commentary was broadcast on the Internet. The existence of the delay was made public during the broadcasts. And we were never shown any non-public hole card information, during or after hands.

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