Total guarantees for PokerStars US Spring Championships of Online Poker amount to $4.5 million across three states

PokerStars Unveils Schedules For US Spring Championships In New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan

Tournament poker players in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan will have plenty of games to join from the comfort of home over the next few weeks.

PokerStars recently released the schedules for its popular and celebrated Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) series. The series for each state runs from Mar. 25 through Apr. 11 and features more than 100 tournaments.

Like last year, SCOOP features three buy-in levels, or tiers, for each event. The Low, Medium and High tiers are designed to appeal to players of all bankroll sizes, allowing everyone to get in on the action. Buy-ins across the series range from $10 to $2000, save for in New Jersey, where it caps out at $1000.

Some guarantees for US SCOOPs are down from last year, but only slightly. PASCOOP is offering the biggest overall series guarantee, $2 million, which matches last year’s total. However, MISCOOP is down from $2 million to $1.5 million this year and NJSCOOP is down from $1.2 million to an even $1 million.

In New Jersey’s case, the decrease could be due to the series experiencing a fair amount of overlays last year. NJSCOOP still generated positive revenue despite that, but PokerStars tends to be more averse to overlays than some competitors. In Michigan, at this time last year, PokerStars still held a monopoly and was benefiting from post-launch excitement. A decrease there was probably inevitable.

Perhaps with more players returning to live poker in recent months, PokerStars is taking a slightly more conservative estimate to their turnouts for SCOOP. Either way, the prize pools will still offer hefty payouts for tournament cashes and wins.

Games and Highlights

Compared to other tournament series on PokerStars calendar, SCOOP offers a nice variety of games. While only included in MISCOOP last year, each state now has 8-Game tournaments at all three buy-in tiers. This year, MISCOOP and PASCOOP are also running Razz and PLO8 events, while all three states are featuring HORSE as well. However, as most would expect, the majority of the tournaments are either No-Limit Hold’em or Pot Limit Omaha events.

Each state’s Main Event lands on April 10 with buy-in tiers of $50, $300 and $1,000. Despite having a lower buy-in than the high roller main, the mid-level $300 event will easily attract the largest player and prize pools. Guarantees for the $300 Main Event for NJSCOOP, PASCOOP and MISCOOP weigh in at $100,000, $200,000 and $150,000, respectively. Unsurprisingly, these are far and away the biggest tournament guarantees of the series.

A notable addition to this year’s schedule are the Trophy Events, which are scattered throughout the series. As the name suggests, these tournaments offer the winner a SCOOP trophy, in addition to the prize money. Each state is offering 27 such tournaments, including the 8 Game events.

Consistency is key

With many similarities to last year’s schedule and structure, and with the three states almost mirroring one another’s SCOOP schedules this year, it’s clear PokerStars is aiming to establish consistency with SCOOP in the US. Internationally, SCOOP is always a highly-anticipated series on the online poker calendar, drawing large fields year after year. But in the US, SCOOP is considerably younger. So, creating a familiar format that players can count on could be a way to attract them back each year.

Last year, PASCOOP kicked off before NJSCOOP and MISCOOP. However, this year, for the first time, PokerStars has aligned the schedules so that they run concurrently. This could be another example of the site striving for consistent, dependable patterns. However, since we are beginning to see these alignments across PokerStars events more often recently (like with the Winter Series), it could indicate that PokerStars is setting the stage for the possibility of the three states joining the same pool on a larger PokerStars network. Most poker players certainly hope to see that come to fruition.

Series schedules

In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at the separate schedules for each state.

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As the veterans of the SCOOP series, New Jersey players have a total of 105 tournaments to play with an average buy-in of $98. All but nine of those 105 tournaments are NLHE. Other than the Main Event, the $300 Spring Special and the $200 Spring Special PKO events (both also Trophy Events) should draw big fields with $45,000 and $40,000 guarantees, respectively.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Events whose dates are marked with an asterisk (*) have their tiers spread across three days. The Low Tier takes place on the first day of the indicated range, followed by the Mid Tier, and then the High Tier on the final day of the range.

#DateFormatBuy-In (L/M/H)Guarantee (L/M/H)
1Mar 25NLHE$10/$30/$100$2k/$6k/$10k
2Mar 25HORSE 6-Max$10/$30/$100$1k/$2k/$5k
3Mar 25-27*6-Max Tb. Zoom$10/$30/$100$2k/$5k/$10k
4Mar 26Trophy Event$30/$100/$300$7.5k/$15k/$20k
5Mar 266-Max$10/$30/$100$1.5k/$4k/$8.5k
6Mar 27Trophy Event$10/$50/$300$4k/$10k/$45k
7Mar 276-Max Hyper PKO$10/$30/$100$1k/$3k/$6.5k
8Mar 286-Max PKO$20/$50/$200$3k/$7.5k/$20k
9Mar 283-Max$10/$30/$100$1k/$3.5k/$7.5k
10Mar 29Trophy Event$30/$100/$500$7.5k/$15k/$25k
11Mar 295-Max Tb. Total PKO$10/$30/$100$1.5k/$4k/$8.5k
12Mar 306-Max$20/$50/$200$3k/$6.5k/$15k
13Mar 31PKO$20/$50/$200$3k/$7.5k/$20k
14Apr 17-Max Big PKO$20/$50/$200$4k/$6.5k/$20k
15Apr 1-3*6-Max PLO Trophy$20/$50/$200$2.5k/$5k/$15k
16Apr 2Deepstack$20/$50/$200$4k/$6.5k/$17.5k
17Apr 26-Max PKO$10/$30/$100$2k/$5k/$10k
18Apr 3PKO Trophy Event$50/$200/$500$10k/$40k/$25k
19Apr 3NLHE$10/$30/$100$3k/$6.5k/$10k
20Apr 4PKO$10/$30/$100$2k/$6k/$12.5k
21Apr 44-Max$10.40/$30.40/$104$1k/$3.5k/$7.5k
22Apr 5Big Stack$20/$50/$200$4.5k/$8k/$25k
23Apr 66-Max Trophy$30/$100/$1000$2.5k/$5k/$15k
24Apr 6Bubble Rush$10/$30/$100$2k/$5.5k/$10k
25Apr 7Big Stack PKO Trophy$30/$100/$300$6k/$12k/$30k
26Apr 76-Max Win the Button$10/$30/$100$1k/$3k/$7k
27Apr 8Mini PKO$10/$30/$100$2k/$5k/$10k
28Apr 84-Max PKO$10/$30/$100$2k/$5k/$10k
29Apr 9Deepstack$20/$50/$200$4k/$7k/$20k
30Apr 95-Max$10/$30/$100$1.5k/$3.5k/$7.5k
31Apr 9-11*HU Tb. PKO Zoom$10/$50/$300$2k/$4.5k/$8.5k
32Apr 10Main Event (Trophy)$50/$300/$1000$17.5k/$100k/$35k
33Apr 10Turbo$20/$50/$200$2.5k/$5k/$12.5k
34Apr 11NLHE$10/$30/$100$3k/$7.5k/$15k
35Apr 118-Game Trophy$10/$50/$300$1k/$3.5k/$12.5k


Pennsylvania’s SCOOP features 120 tournaments and the highest average buy-in of the three states, at $109. It has more of a mix of games compared to NJSCOOP, with 18 non-Hold’em tournaments. Besides its Main Event, all three tiers of the Bigstack Spring Championship and the 6-Max Spring Championship offer some great value with guarantees from $8,500 to $50,000 for buy-ins ranging from $20 to $500.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Events whose dates are marked with an asterisk (*) have their tiers spread across three days. The Low Tier takes place on the first day of the indicated range, followed by the Mid Tier, and then the High Tier on the final day of the range.

1Mar 25Turbo$10/$30/$100$3.5k/$7.5k/$15k
2Mar 25Hyper$10/$30/$100$1.5k/$3.5k/$10k
3Mar 25-27*Turbo Zoom$10/$30/$100$2k/$10k/$20k
4Mar 26HORSE$10/$30/$100$1k/$2.5k/$5.5k
5Mar 26Trophy Event$10/$30/$100$5k/$12.5k/$35k
6Mar 266-Max$10/$30/$100$3k/$6.5k/$15k
7Mar27Trophy Event$10/$100/$500$7.5k/$80k/$50k
8Mar 275-Max Tb. Total PKO$10/$30/$100$3.5k/$6.5k/$12.5k
9Mar286-Max PKO$20/$50/$200$6.5k/$12.5k/$30k
10Mar 286-Max PLO8$10/$30/$100$2k/$4k/$8.5k
11Mar 29NLHE$20/$50/$200$8.5k/$20k/$35k
12Mar 294-Max Turbo PKO$10/$30/$100$3k/$6.5k/$12.5k
13Mar 306-Max Trophy Event$50/$200/$500$15k/$25k/$50k
14Mar 31PKO$20/$50/$200$8.5k/$20k/$35k
15Mar 316-Max Razz$10/$30/$100$1k/$2k/$5k
16Apr 1NLHE$10/$30/$100$4k/$8.5k/$20k
17Apr 1Mini PKO$10/$30/$100$3k/$7k/$15k
18Apr 1-3*HU Tb. Total PKO Zoom$10/$30/$100$3.5k/$7.5k/$17.5k
19Apr 2Deepstack$20/$50/$200$7.5k/$12.5k/$25k
20Apr 2PLO 6-Max PKO$10/$30/$100$2k/$3.5k/$8k
21Apr 3PKO Trophy Event$20/$200/$1000$15k/$100k/$70k
22Apr 33-Max Turbo$10/$30/$100$2.5k/$5k/$10k
23Apr 4NLHE$10/$30/$100$3.5k/$8k/$20k
24Apr 46-Max Turbo PKO$10/$30/$100$3k/$7k/$15k
25Apr 5Bigstack Trophy$100/$500/$2000$22.5k/$50k/$75k
26Apr 56-Max Hyper$20/$50/$200$3.5k/$7k/$15k
27Apr 66-Max$10/$30/$100$2.5k/$6k/$12.5k
28Apr 66-Max PLO Trophy$20/$50/$200$4k/$8k/$15k
29Apr 7PKO Trophy Event$30/$100/$300$8.5k/$25k/$50k
30Apr 76-Max Turbo$10/$30/$100$3k/$8k/$15k
31Apr 8Deepstack$10/$30/$100$5k/$10k/$20k
32Apr 84-Max$20/$50/$200$6k/$10k/$25k
33Apr 9Marathon$10/$30/$100$3k/$6.5k/$12.5k
34Apr 9NLHE$20/$50/$200$7k/$15k/$25k
35Apr 97-Max Turbo Big PKO$10/$30/$100$3.5k/$8.5k/$15k
36Apr 10Main Event (Trophy)$50/$300/$1000$40k/$200k/$100k
37Apr 10Turbo$20/$50/$200$2k/$5k/$12.5k
38Apr 106-Max Hyper PKO$10/$30/$100$2k/$5k/$12.5k
39Apr 11NLHE$10/$30/$100$4k/$10k/$30k
40Apr 118-Game Trophy$20/$50/$200$3.5k/$7.5k/$20k


The second MISCOOP ever also boasts 120 tournaments with the lowest average buy-in at $88. The schedule itself is nearly identical to PASCOOP though, as it too has 18 non-NLHE tournaments.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Events whose dates are marked with an asterisk (*) have their tiers spread across three days. The Low Tier takes place on the first day of the indicated range, followed by the Mid Tier, and then the High Tier on the final day of the range.

#DateFormatBuy-In (L/M/H)Guarantee (L/M/H)
1Mar 25Turbo$10/$30/$100$3k/$6k/$10k
2Mar 255-Max Hyper$10/$30/$100$1k/$3k/$7k
3Mar 25-27*6-Max Tb. Zoom$10/$30/$100$4k/$8.5k/$15k
4Mar 266-Max HORSE$10/$30/$100$1k/$2k/$5k
5Mar 26Trophy Event$30/$100/$300$10k/$30k/$35k
6Mar 267-Max$10/$30/$100$3k/$6.5k/$12.5k
7Mar 27Trophy Event$20/$100/$500$15k/$65k/$40k
8Mar 275-Max Tb. Total PKO$10/$30/$100$3k/$6k/$12k
9Mar 286-Max PKO$20/$50/$200$6k/$10k/$25k
10Mar 286-Max PLO8$10/$30/$100$1.5k/$3.5k/$7k
11Mar 29NLHE$20/$50/$200$8k/$15k/$30k
12Mar 294-Max Turbo PKO$10/$30/$100$2.5k/$5k/$8.5k
13Mar 306-Max Trophy Event$50/$200/$500$10k/$22.5k/$35k
14Mar 31PKO$20/$50/$200$7.5k/$15k/$22.5k
15Mar 316-Max Razz$10/$30/$100$1k/$1.5k/$4k
16Apr 1Big Stack$10/$30/$100$3k/$6.5k/$12.5k
17Apr 1Mini PKO$10/$30/$100$3k/$6k/$12k
18Apr 1-3*HU Tb. Total PKO Zoom$10/$30/$100$3k/$6k/$12k
19Apr 2Deepstack$20/$50/$200$6k/$10k/$17k
20Apr 26-Max PLO PKO$10/$30/$100$2k/$3k/$7.5k
21Apr 3Trophy Event$50/$200/$500$15k/$75k/$40k
22Apr 33-Max Turbo$10/$30/$100$2k/$4k/$7k
23Apr 4NLHE$10/$30/$100$3k/$6.5k/$15k
24Apr 46-Max Turbo PKO$10/$30/$100$2.5k/$5.5k/$10k
25Apr 5Trophy Event$30/$100/$300$6.5k/$20k/$40k
26Apr 56-Max Hyper$10/$30/$100$2.5k/$4.5k/$7.5k
27Apr 66-Max$10/$30/$100$2.5k/$5k/$12.5k
28Apr 66-Max PLO Trophy$20/$50/$200$3k/$7.5k/$15k
29Apr 7PKO Trophy$30/$100/$300$7.5k/$15k/$35k
30Apr 75-Max$10/$30/$100$2.5k/$6.5k/$10k
31Apr 8Deepstack$10/$30/$100$2.5k/$6.5k/$15k
32Apr 84-Max$20/$50/$200$5k/$7.5k/$15k
33Apr 9Marathon$10/$30/$100$2.5k/$6k/$10k
34Apr 9NLHE$20/$50/$200$6k/$10k/$20k
35Apr 97-Max Big PKO$10/$30/$100$2.5k/$6k/$10k
36Apr 10Main Event (Trophy)$50/$300/$1000$30k/$150k/$60k
37Apr 10Turbo$20/$50/$200$3.5k/$6k/$8.5k
38Apr 106-Max Hyper PKO$10/$30/$100$2k/$4k/$8.5k
39Apr 11NLHE$10/$30/$100$3.5k/$8k/$25k
40Apr 118-Game Trophy$20/$50/$200$3k/$6.5k/$15k


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