NorthStar Gaming CEO Michael Moskowitz has previously headed Panasonic North America and XM Canada

With Playtech Deal, NorthStar Gaming Is Ready To Go In Ontario, Even If The Market Isn’t

On Jan 11, NorthStar Gaming announced its partnership with gambling technology giant Playtech. Their partnership will deliver online gaming experiences to Canadians including sports betting, online casino, poker, and bingo.

NorthStar is a subsidiary of the Canadian media company Torstar, and the brand under which it will offer its new gambling products. To do so, it will be using Playtech’s Information Management Solution (IMS) which allows operators to have full visibility of players.

That information is useful for marketing purposes, of course. However, Playtech also has built-in harm reduction strategies using push notifications and other online communications. Players will benefit from being able to switch and transition different channels with a single account and wallet. Ample support and security are equally available.

The NorthStar and Playtech deal is groundbreaking and would make them industry leaders. Provided, that is, that they can navigate the murky legal issues surrounding Ontario’s upcoming privatized market.

NorthStar and Playtech teams are stacked for success

Mor Weizer has been CEO and executive director of Playtech plc since 2007, and CEO of its subsidiary Techplay Marketing LTD before that. In those roles he has overseen licensing management and marketing as well as other ventures. His expertise is easy to sum up: he knows money.

Regarding the partnership, he commented:

 “We are delighted to announce our partnership with NorthStar Gaming as it prepares to launch its market-leading online gaming business in Canada. Our success is driven by strategic partnerships with industry-leading operators around the world, and we are excited to partner with a leading entertainment company like NorthStar Gaming. At Playtech, we are driven to deliver a sustainable, commercially viable and engaging entertainment experience – for the benefit of all stakeholders.”

His counterpart at NorthStar, Michael Moskowitz, has held the reins there since October. Prior to that, he was chairman and CEO of Panasonic North America, and President and CEO of XM Canada.

In a press release, Moskowitz sang Playtech’s praises:

“NorthStar Gaming is thrilled to be the exclusive Canadian partner in the media and publishing sector with Playtech, the world’s leading gambling technology supplier.”

“Playtech’s exceptional suite of tools will give us an unmatched edge in the marketplace, given our proprietary content and localization – something we know consumers are looking for.”

Both Weizer’s and Moskowitz’s comments are well-spirited and show confidence and determination, plus well-established know-how. Along with their respective teams of people, if anyone can maneuver this launch successfully, it’s them.

Projection date for launch unannounced

NorthStar and Playtech now know what their product will look like and a plan for the future. However, they’ve yet to release a projected launch date for the gaming network. That’s a smart decision in light of the circumstances.

Playtech and NorthStar both noted that the launch would follow completion of “regulatory approvals and the licensing process.”

The province of Ontario jumped the gun in announcing its timeline for opening the market. It has since projected multiple dates for the launch, but fallen short of each on the regulatory front. The Toronto Star, Torstar’s flagship publication, has a big presence in Ontario. We can be sure that NorthStar is getting real-time insight into these and potential future difficulties.

The NorthStar and Playtech partnership certainly seems to be built for success. Aside from the release date of “eventually,” they seem to be going into this market with confidence and capability.

- Katy Jean is a columnist and freelance writer from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. Her writing has been focused on the COVID-19 pandemic and Canadian politics. She is most active from her Twitter account @katynotie.
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