Ultimate Beat Documentary: New Twists, Turns and Teases

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Some recent updates of note from Ultimate Beat, a work-in-progress film that aims to document the Ultimate Bet scandal.

The first update came right around the new year and described a bit of alleged skulduggery that we’ll let Ultimate Beat creator Scott Bell describe:

In August, I received interest from a young guy (name withheld but may release it later) about assisting with editing/recording. Showed a nice, though brief portfolio. Said “I am passionate about helping the players getting their money back.”

I offered to bring him to Vegas […] Once there, he was almost immediately put off by the work, then turning down a nice meal by the folks at PokerTracker. While we were away from the studio he had several hours alone with the gear including a laptop with the entire case files on it (password protected, meh). Long story short, his work concluded prematurely and I sent him home.

I have since determined the company he started at in September is tied to the original UltimateBet corporate lawyer, Daniel Friedberg. […] Turns out there are connections between his latest employment and iovation, specifically an individual who works for both firms. iovation is Greg Pierson’s dream to further monetize the UltimateBet legacy.

The second update hit on January 12th and teased a few potentially explosive developments Bell is attempting to work into the film prior to completion. Again via Bell on Kickstarter:

[W]e have recently come into a significant bit of information not previously available. I believe it to be genuine and definitely important. The source is and will remain anonymous unless I am instructed otherwise […] I am grateful for the material and feel it won’t be the last we receive. It is however, causing a rewrite of script elements. […]

We determined one well-accepted and fairly major insider bit from the original UB threads is not accurate and probably planted purposely by an insider. It was passed through Nat Arem to Mike Fosco and formed a key element in the investigation. NioNio was not an account created by a seemingly unconnected New Yorker but related to an individual who worked for Russ Hamilton. The screenname change to NYMOBSER is particularly interesting.

There’s still no firm date for release. View the teaser for the film below:

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