Full Tilt Poker Getting Back in the Affiliate Game?

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Looks like the “new” Full Tilt Poker is taking steps toward relaunching their affiliate program.

PokerNews UK issued a press release this week announcing the return of their partnership with Full Tilt, which  can now be found at the top of the PokerNews.com “best bonus offers.” Reviews of FTP have returned to the main PokerNews site (and to most regional versions of PN).

Full Tilt Poker is also now listed at PokerNews-affiliated sites PokerWorks.com and PokerNetwork.com. The Full Tilt Poker affiliate program remains unavailable to affiliates at large.

It’s not entirely clear if the partnership is a traditional affiliate arrangement where PokerNews receives some commission on referred players or a flat-rate ad placement. Given PokerNews’ focus on using their links to download Full Tilt, and the fact that they’re using a tracking URL, I’m assuming it’s the former.

PokerStars had previously announced plans to reboot the FTP affiliate program in the first quarter of 2013 as a joint endeavor with the existing Stars affiliate program. Interestingly, PokerNews appears to be using tracking links from the old FTP affiliate system, suggesting that an integrated Stars/FTP affiliate back end may still be some time off.

One site where you’re not likely to see Full Tilt ads any time soon: PokerStrategy.com. PokerStrategy publicly lambasted Stars’ handling of the old Full Tilt affiliate program and (as far as I know) still has a $1.2mm lawsuit pending against the corporate corpse of Full Tilt Poker.

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