DraftKings Social Debuts Quietly For Web Users, Bringing A New Social Network To Its Sportsbook And DFS Verticals

US online bettors now have their own social network. DraftKings Social is up and running today in what appears to be a soft launch through the DraftKings website. It hasn’t yet been added to the company’s mobile apps and there’s been no formal announcement as yet.

Visiting the DraftKings site, Online Poker Report noticed a “Social” tab on the daily fantasy sports site. This seems to be the feature DraftKings Communications Director Stephen Miraglia told OPR about last month. At that time, he said it would be rolling out within a matter of weeks.

Considering DraftKings developed the social feature partly due to customer demand from its 1.5 million monthly unique paying customers across DraftKings’ DFS, online sports betting and iGaming verticals, DraftKings Social should have plenty of opt-in users.

In addition to being a pioneer in the space, DraftKings has already gained at least one analyst’s accolades for creating DraftKings Social. In a piece published yesterday on Seeking Alpha, Louis Stephens wrote that the feature will help the company acquire and retain customers. He added:

“The introduction of DraftKings Social will help the company improve customer retention and reduce [customer acquisition costs].”

Accessing DraftKings Social

DraftKings Social is, for now, present on the DFS and DraftKings Sportsbook sites.

The company hasn’t made it clear if it will eventually extend the feature to DraftKings Casino users. There may be less use for it there, casino games being more of a solitary activity. However, there are rumors that DraftKings Poker could become a reality soon, and that’s a vertical which would strongly benefit from such a feature.

DraftKings Social tab

The DraftKings Social tab is visible on the DFS page

Clicking on the tab may prompt you to log in or sign up if you haven’t already.

DraftKings Social will want you to confirm your phone number and, ideally, to link it to your Facebook account, as this is how you will find friends to connect with.

DraftKings Social data page

The DraftKings Social data page

Once you’re in, you’ll find a setup similar to other social networks but with a more limited set of features. It appears that the intent of the platform is to communicate with people you already know, like Facebook, rather than to engage in a public conversation like Twitter.

For now, one of the major features seems to be integration with DraftKings’ Refer-a-Friend program. You can now solicit a friend to sign up through DraftKings Social, earning your bonus and adding them to your network at the same time.

DraftKings Social promo page

The DraftKings Social promo page provides users with many options.

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