Cake Poker Migrating US Players to Juicy Stakes

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All US players at Cake Poker will reportedly be forced to migrate to fellow Revolution Gaming skin Juicy Stakes Poker on September 27th, 2012.

The news was first reported by, who cited an “announcement” from Cake that we weren’t able to track down at the time of this article.  Cake support provided the following reply to our request for comment:

Thank you for your email. There are some plans to migrate some of our players to Juicy Stakes and the details should be announced via our newsletter soon. It will be only US players who will be migrating.

Don’t worry you’ll still be able to continue to play as normal and all tourney tickets and bonuses will be moved with your account, and we’re committed to maintaining and improving on services for all our players going forward.

Cake affiliates have reported receiving this email from the room:

On Thursday, September 27, Cake Poker, Colt Poker, HiLife Poker, and Fugu Poker will no longer be serving players residing in the United States. Due to this regional service change, all existing Player Accounts on these sites will be securely transferred to Juicy Stakes Poker ( which is a long standing and trusted partner on the Revolution Gaming Network.

A bit of background on / answers regarding the migration:

  • To the best of my knowledge, Cake and Juicy Stakes were owned (or effectively owned) by the same operator when Juicy Stakes was launched.  The launch of Juicy Stakes predated the partial purchase of Cake by PokerListings (and also Lock Poker’s takeover of Cake) so it’s anyone’s guess as to who owns what now.
  • Juicy Stakes is on the same network (Revolution Gaming) as Cake Poker, so the migration should be relatively smooth.
  • Juicy Stakes also uses the same cashier as Cake, so you shouldn’t expect any difference in processing times.
  • Cake will reportedly not be accepting new US players after the migration of existing US players to Juicy Stakes.
  • There’s no word on whether or not Lock Poker is going to follow suit and transition US players to Juicy Stakes.
  • It’s unclear if players with rakeback deals will receive their same deal post-transition. reports that “player balances, gold chips, and loyalty levels” will be moved but doesn’t mention rakeback.

Assuming the report is true, why would Cake shift US action to another Revolution skin?  If Lock follows Cake’s path and migrates US players, then one could easily speculate that the Revolution network is segmenting their US traffic for possible sale or jettisoning.

If not, then a few other potential explanations emerge: Cake could be being prepped for (yet another) sale, or Cake might be facing pressure (that could come from from various sources) to shed “grey” parts of their player base.  That is all, of course, speculation, but we do know one thing – it’s highly unlikely Cake and Revolution would adopt such a substantial and disruptive change for no reason whatsoever.

- Chris is the publisher of Grove also serves as a consultant to various stakeholders in the regulated market for online gambling in the United States.
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