Phil Galfond Files Suit Against Bluefire Poker Partner

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Well-known poker pro Phil Galfond filed suit against William Murphy, a partner in poker training site Bluefire Poker, earlier this week.

The suit, which you can read in full here, was filed in the District Court of Travis County, Texas on 9/12/12.  Some highlights:

  • Galfond earned over $400,000 for his role in Bluefire Poker from 2009-2010.  Was any of that specific money was used to construct the slide in Galfond’s former condo pictured above?  We just don’t know.
  • Galfond claims he resigned in November, 2011.
  • Galfond claims he has not been paid for 2011.
  • Galfond claims that Murphy has refused to share company information despite direct requests, despite the fact that Galfond retains an ownership share of at least 15% in the company.
  • Galfond claims that Murphy “misappropriated and otherwise converted to his use” assets of their shared company.

The suit asks for unspecified damages.  Galfond argues that since he has no access to company financials, he doesn’t know exactly how much to sue for.  Whatever that number ends up being, he’s also asking for punitive damages, special damages, interest, “costs of suit”, and lawyer’s fees.

With all of that and the apparent earnings history of Bluefire as suggested by Galfond’s suit, we could easily be talking about an eventual claim in excess of $1 million dollars.

Galfond publicly announced his impending departure from Bluefire Poker in December 2011.  A bit of dust was kicked up when Phil was apparently locked out of Bluefire following his announcement, leading to speculation that the parting of ways hadn’t been completely mutual.

That speculation now seems well-founded.

Bluefire continues to list Phil Galfond as a “guest pro.”  His site bio does not appear to reflect the details of the last 10 months.

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