PokerStars earned $2.5 million from online poker and $4.7 million from online casino in Pennsylvania in February.

PokerStars Makes Moves In Pennsylvania As Market Growth Continues In February

February was another solid month for Pennsylvania’s online gambling industry.

PA online casino and poker operators combined to bring in nearly $78 million in gross revenue. That doesn’t quite top the state record of $80.4 million set last month, but it’s February’s short length that’s to blame.

Day for day, February was PA’s best month on record. In fact, there’s only been one month in state history that this wasn’t the case, which was last June.

Data for this article comes from the latest figures released by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

PA online gambling revenue highlights – Feb 2021

The exact total for online gambling revenue in Pennsylvania for February was $77,788,458. That works out to a daily average of $2,778,159.

Compared to January, the monthly total represents a drop of 3.3%. However, there’s nothing to be done about the number of days in a month, so it’s the daily average that matters more. There, we see an increase of 7.1% over January’s average of $2,593,972.

That’s a bit of a slowdown relative to two previous months, which both saw gains in excess of 10%. It is, however, better than any other month since retail casinos reopened last summer, so it appears that the second wave of COVID-19 is affecting things.

PA market analysis: by licensee

Mount Airy, home to PokerStars, was the success story of the month in PA. While most other large operators either held steady or lost ground, PokerStars managed to increase its revenue 14%.

That’s before accounting for the length of the month, too. Looking at the daily average, the pace of its earnings increased over 26%.

This doesn’t impact PokerStars’ position in the market much, as it was already in a solid 4th place. The gains pad its lead over second-tier operators like Parx and Unibet, but it would need to double its revenue to compete with the top three. For now, at least, it is stuck in limbo in between those two groupings of sites.

Other significant changes for individual operators include the following:

  • Now that Penn National has both BetMGM and DraftKings operating on the same certificate, its market leadership is likely unassailble. Its daily average increased over 12% in February, and it set a new monthly revenue record despite the short month, at $27,969,368.
  • Valley Forge (home to FanDuel) is once again chasing BetRivers for second place. It increased its monthly total by 5.4% while Rivers lost 14.3%. That swing exceeds the remaining difference between the two, so one more month like this and we’ll see a change in the rankings.
  • Parx and Mohegan Sun (home to Unibet) had a very poor month, down 17.5% and 14.8% on the daily average respectively.

PA market analysis: by vertical

PA had a big month for slots, specifically. It’s been a trend for several months that table games were outpacing slots, but February was an exception.

It’s probably only a temporary reversal, however, because it comes down to a change in hold. In terms of wagering, table game activity increased 3% for the month. Conversely, coin in for slots dropped 5%. As a daily average, these changes amounted to increases of 14% and 5% respectively.

However, hold for slots increased from 3.64% in January to 3.81% in February, presumably just the result of players hitting fewer big spins. Volume is so high on slots, and the margin sufficiently low that even this seemingly tiny difference changed the narrative for February. In revenue terms, slots brought in 9.8% more per day in February than January, while table games and poker each increased just 2.4%.

PA sports betting revenue – Feb 2021

Despite the Super Bowl, February wasn’t a huge month for PA sports betting. Handle dropped 17% from January. Even accounting for the length of the month, that’s an 8.4% decrease in betting activity per day.

Nor can retail sportsbooks take the blame, as they actually increased in handle, from $35.3 million to $39.8 million.

Compounding the issue, hold fell from 7.8% to 6.4%. As a result, revenue plunged by one third on the month, or 26% on the daily average. The good news is that most operators managed to stay in the black. By contrast, several Michigan sportsbooks actually lost money to their bettors in February.

Read more about PA sports betting over at LegalSportsReport.

PA online gambling revenue breakdown

Here’s what February looked like in full detail.

 Feb 21Jan 21Month Chg.Feb 20Year Chg.
Mt. Airy
Presque Isle
Valley Forge
Wind Creek
All Operators
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