Howard Lederer Speaks!

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On the heels of DiamondFlush’s excellent interview with Andy Bloch comes news of another Full Tilt principal ready to make (some) information public: Howard Lederer.

Looks like there will be two separate upcoming opportunities for those interested to get a peek inside the mind of “The Professor.”

1) The LVRJ reported this weekend that Lederer has already given an  interview to  Update: PokerNews released details of the interview this afternoon.  Excerpt:

The interview took place on the 46th floor of The Palazzo in Las Vegas on Saturday, Sept. 8 at 5 p.m., and over the course of the next eight hours, we shot just under seven hours of footage. We initially planned to release the interview a few days later, but it became evident that with such a large amount of footage, there was a lot of hard work left to do to serve the public and the poker community in a way that both accurately depicted what had transpired, but also what was easy to digest and understand. The PokerNews team and I reviewed the footage, and spent the past week editing and preparing for the release of what will ultimately be known as “The Lederer Files.”

The video will be released in six or possibly even seven 30-minute video segments. It will all begin with part one and part two on Tuesday, Sept. 18, and the remainder of the segments will be released throughout this week.

2) Perhaps more interestingly,  TwoPlusTwo head Mason Malmuth had this to say yesterday about a second Lederer interview:

We’ve also had some conversations with Howard Lederer this past week. Our tentative plan is to do a follow-up interview with Howard after his PokerNews interview has run. The purpose of our interview will be to address any additional questions that may come up and to address some issues that may not have been covered as completely as possible in his initial interview with Poker News.

So to this end, I ask that everyone who wants to post in this thread do so in a professional manner and keep in mind that this will probably be our best chance to get many questions answered in a timely manner.

That thread can be found here.

Can’t imagine that Lederer will be anywhere near as candid as Bloch was (understandable, as Bloch isn’t facing any charges that I know of), but Lederer’s level of involvement in FTP was (apparently) much, much greater than Bloch, so even a guarded Lederer should have plenty of interesting tidbits to reveal.

Since the PokerNews interview is video, this gem of a chart can be employed:

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