Conflicting Reports on PokerStars Purchase of Full Tilt Poker

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Update 7/31/12: The deal between PokerStars and the DoJ is now confirmed.

That marks about the 14,286th time this headline could have been used in the last 3 months.

Yesterday saw widespread reports of a completed deal between the DoJ and PokerStars that clears the way for the purchase of Full Tilt Poker by Stars (and a subsequent repayment of players). All of those reports appear to be based on this story from Wendeen H. Eolis at PokerPlayerNewspaper, who is herself a credible source and who also seems very secure with her source.

However, at least one other credible voice is still saying that nothing has been finalized:

Here’s a survey of the sources claiming the deal is done

The general consensus among these sources is that an announcement should be coming Monday or Tuesday (July 30th / 31st).

Ultra-reliable Subject:Poker alum DiamondFlush strongly implies a done deal:

Gambling 911 is claiming independent confirmation, saying they spent $100k on legal motions to obtain the information. Baruch Weiss is the named counsel, tweets below:

Kevmath hedges but apparently has heard some announcement via a source other than the above:

Oddly, Doyle is writing this all up as a win for Howard Lederer:

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