SBC Digital Summit starts April 27

SBC Making The Best Of A Bad Situation With Digital Summit

The Sports Betting Community (SBC) has announced that it will be hosting the world’s largest digital betting and gaming event.

The SBC Digital Summit will be held from April 27 to May 1. Planned on short notice, the virtual gathering serves as an alternative to live events during a time when most countries have prohibited large gatherings in an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

SBC is both a media company and an event organizer for the betting and gaming industry. As the name suggests, though, the sports betting vertical is its primary focus.

Not just about sports betting

SBC describes the Digital Summit as having “the most comprehensive online agenda ever seen.”

Sports betting will feature heavily, but isn’t the only topic. Also on the agenda are casino gaming, poker, virtual sports, and lotteries — plus topics not specific to any vertical, such as payments and marketing.

It’s also, as SBC says, simply “an opportunity for everyone to stay in touch with their industry friends and peers remotely.”

Naturally, these are these are difficult times for sports betting operators. There is little to bet on with all major sports on hiatus, so all but the most dedicated bettors are turning to other forms of entertainment. Fortunately, most platforms these days span multiple verticals. Companies therefore have other revenue streams, yet some are more heavily invested in their sports products than others.

One major topic for the Digital Summit will be COVID-19 itself and how the industry is handling it. Executives from various companies will discuss what they are doing to weather the storm.

SBC Digital Summit schedule

Each of five days of the Summit has its own topic or topics. The first and last days include keynote addresses. April 28 and 29 have one general topic scheduled for the morning and a market-specific session later in the afternoon.

Here’s what’s going on each day:

  • Monday 27 April: Industry Keynote with Carsten Koerl, Leadership in Betting
  • Tuesday 28 April: Leadership in Gaming, Latin American Market
  • Wednesday 29 April: Lotteries, US Market
  • Thursday 30 April: Payments
  • Friday 1 May: Industry Keynote with Stuart Simms, Digital Market Day

Who’s attending?

SBC says it expects over 10,000 attendees from several dozen top companies, including the likes of:

The full list of speakers isn’t ready yet. Several big names have already confirmed, however, including a number of industry CEOs. Here are a few of the executives who’ll speak:

  • Carsten Koerl, CEO and founder of Sportradar
  • Jesper Svensson, CEO for Bettsson Group
  • Adam Greenblatt, CEO for Roar Digital
  • Mickael Marceau, Head of Payments for Kindred Group

Betting on Sports America delayed

SBC’s flagship event is Betting on Sports. There are two such events annually, one for the US and one for Europe.

This year’s Betting on Sports America was originally scheduled for April 28-30 at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in New Jersey. On March 10, SBC announced that it would have to postpone the event until December 1-3 due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The idea for the SBC Digital Summit emerged out of this decision. It will provide industry members a safe way to meet up in virtual fashion and exchange some of the same ideas that would have been discussed at Betting on Sports.

Betting on Sports Europe is scheduled for June 2-4 at Stamford Bridge, London. So far, that plan hasn’t changed, although SBC is monitoring the situation and may still have to postpone it.

- Alex is a journalist from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. Now site runner for Online Poker Report, he has been writing about poker and the online gambling industry in various capacities since 2014.
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