$1.2 million PokerStars NJSCOOP starts April 11

PokerStars Releases 2020 New Jersey Spring Championship of Online Poker Schedule

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On Thursday, PokerStars announced the schedule for its upcoming New Jersey Spring Championship of Online Poker (NJSCOOP). The series is beefed up a little bit relative to 2019 but otherwise fairly similar to previous years’ spring series.

Prior to releasing the details, PokerStars did tease a few of the key highlights. We already knew the dates for the series — April 11-27 — and that it would feature $1.2 million in total guarantees.

Now we have the full details to share with you.

If it ain’t broke, PokerStars ain’t fixing it

Not only did PokerStars raise the guarantees for the NJSCOOP, but the schedule also has grown since last year, too. There are 48 events in 2020, up from 41 in 2019.

As has been the case every year since the series launched in 2016, there are two buy-in tiers for each of these for a total of 96 separate tournaments. Buy-ins begin at $5 and range up to $100 for the Low tier, and from $50 to $1,000 for the High tier.

The overall composition of the schedule is similar as well.

Last year’s Mixed NLH/PLO event is gone, but the mix of games and formats is otherwise the same. Most of the new events are special editions of NLH events on the regular weekly schedule.

The Main Event buy-ins have been scaled back slightly, however.

The High version is now a $300 entry with $100,000 guaranteed (down from $500/$130k). The Low version kept the same $50 buy-in but reduced the guarantee 25% to $30,000.

One novel addition to the schedule is a $10/$100 Phased tournament, Event #47. Starting flights run throughout the series, and the combined Day 2 plays out on the series’ final day.

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NJSCOOP promos aplenty, but no Platinum Passes?

PokerStars is giving away a bit of extra money to sweeten the deal for its spring series.

A Depositor Freeroll on Saturday, April 26, will award $9,000 in free tickets to the Main Event the following day. Special Edition $3 NJSCOOP Spin & Gos offer another way to get into the Main Event cheaply.

The series additionally features a $1,000 Second Chance freeroll every day. All players eliminated from NJSCOOP events prior to the money that day are automatically entered. These freerolls are all-in shootouts, so no effort is required. You don’t even need to be logged when it runs for your chance at a prize.

Unfortunately, there’s been no word yet about whether PokerStars will be giving out any Platinum Passes to this year’s PokerStars Player’s Championship (PSPC). Worth about $30,000 apiece, they grant travel, accommodation, and entry to the €22,500 tournament scheduled for August in Barcelona.

PASCOOP schedule coming soon

PokerStars PA will run its own version of the series in Pennsylvania starting on April 4. Despite starting a week earlier, however, the schedule isn’t quite ready yet.

Expect to see the full details as early as next Monday.

Previous PokerStars series in PA have produced per-event prize pools almost twice as large as New Jersey’s on average. Accordingly, PASCOOP will likely have $2 million in total guarantees.

2020 NJSCOOP schedule

Here is the full schedule, including tournament dates, formats, buy-ins and guarantees.

April 111High$100NLHE [Nightly Stars - NJSCOOP Warm-Up]$20,000
April 111Low$10NLHE [NJSCOOP Warm-Up]$5,000
April 112High$50NLHE [Turbo]$10,000
April 112Low$5NLHE [Turbo]$3,500
April 123High$200NLHE [Deepstack, 8-Max]$25,000
April 123Low$20NLHE [Deepstack, 8-Max]$7,500
April 124High$150NLHE [Progressive KO]$25,000
April 124Low$15NLHE [Progressive KO]$5,000
April 125High$300NLHE [Sunday Special SE]$45,000
April 125Low$30NLHE [Mini Sunday Special]$12,000
April 126High$100PL Omaha [6-Max]$8,000
April 126Low$10PL Omaha [6-Max]$2,000
April 127High$150NLHE [Sunday Supersonic SE, Hyper-Turbo]$10,000
April 127Low$15NLHE [Mini Supersonic, Hyper-Turbo]$3,000
April 138High$200NLHE [Win The Button]$15,000
April 138Low$20NLHE [Win The Button]$6,000
April 139High$100NLHE [4-Max, Progressive KO]$17,500
April 139Low$10NLHE [4-Max, Progressive KO]$4,000
April 1410High$300NLHE [Super Tuesday SE]$35,000
April 1410Low$30NLHE [Mini Super Tuesday]$10,000
April 1411High$100NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO]$15,000
April 1411Low$10NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO]$4,000
April 1412High$150NLHE [Escalating Antes]$15,000
April 1412Low$15NLHE [Escalating Antes]$5,000
April 1513High$5008-Game [6-Max]$17,500
April 1513Low$508-Game [6-Max]$6,000
April 1514High$200NLHE [Turbo]$12,000
April 1514Low$20NLHE [Turbo]$4,000
April 1615High$250NLHE [Thursday Thrill SE]$25,000
April 1615Low$25NLHE [Mini Thrill]$8,000
April 1616High$200PL Omaha [8-max, Progressive KO]$10,000
April 1616Low$20PL Omaha [8-max, Progressive KO]$3,000
April 1717High$100NLHE [Nightly Stars SE]$12,000
April 1717Low$10NLHE$3,000
April 1718High$200NLHE [Deep Hyper-Turbo]$10,000
April 1718Low$20NLHE [Deep Hyper-Turbo]$5,000
April 1819High$100NLHE [Deepstack, 6-Max]$12,000
April 1819Low$10NLHE [Deepstack, 6-Max]$4,000
April 1820High$200PLO8$7,500
April 1820Low$20PLO8$3,000
April 1821High$100NLHE [3-Max, Turbo, Zoom, Progressive KO]$7,500
April 1821Low$10NLHE [3-Max, Turbo, Zoom, Progressive KO]$3,000
April 1922High$100NLHE [Marathon]$10,000
April 1922Low$10NLHE [Marathon]$3,500
April 1923High$150NLHE [Progressive KO]$20,000
April 1923Low$15NLHE [Progressive KO]$5,000
April 1924High$350NLHE [Sunday Special SE]$50,000
April 1924Low$35NLHE$15,000
April 1925High$100PL 5-Card Omaha [8-Max]$6,500
April 1925Low$10PL 5-Card Omaha [8-Max]$2,000
April 1926High$300NLHE [6-Max, Turbo]$25,000
April 1926Low$30NLHE [6-Max, Turbo]$7,500
April 2027High$300NLHE [4-Max]$30,000
April 2027Low$30NLHE [4-Max]$10,000
April 2028High$100NLO8 [8-Max]$7,500
April 2028Low$10NLO8 [8-Max]$3,000
April 2129High$250NLHE [Super Tuesday SE]$35,000
April 2129Low$25NLHE [Mini Super Tuesday]$10,000
April 2130High$200NLHE [Progressive KO]$20,000
April 2130Low$20NLHE [Progressive KO]$6,000
April 2131High$1000NLHE High Roller [6-Max]$45,000
April 2131Low$100NLHE High Roller [6-Max]$27,500
April 2232High$200NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO]$20,000
April 2232Low$20NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO]$6,000
April 2233High$100NLHE [8-Max, Turbo]$10,000
April 2233Low$10NLHE [8-Max, Turbo]$3,000
April 2334High$150PL Omaha [8-Max]$7,500
April 2334Low$15PL Omaha [8-Max]$2,500
April 2335High$200NLHE [Thursday Thrill SE]$20,000
April 2335Low$20NLHE [Mini Thrill]$7,500
April 2336High$100NLHE [Heads-Up, Progressive Total KO, Zoom]$7,500
April 2336Low$10NLHE [Heads-Up, Progressive Total KO, Zoom]$2,500
April 2437High$200NLHE [6-Max]$17,500
April 2437Low$20NLHE [6-Max]$5,000
April 2438High$150NLHE [BigStack Turbo]$12,000
April 2438Low$15NLHE [BigStack Turbo]$4,000
April 2539High$200NLHE [Final Weekend Kickoff]$12,000
April 2539Low$20NLHE [Final Weekend Kickoff]$8,000
April 2540High$200Stud Hi/Lo [8-Max]$5,000
April 2540Low$20Stud Hi/Lo [8-Max]$1,500
April 2541High$50NLHE [4-Max, Turbo, Rebuy]$7,500
April 2541Low$5NLHE [4-Max, Turbo, Rebuy]$1,500
April 2642High$200NLHE [Progressive KO]$15,000
April 2642Low$20NLHE [Progressive KO]$3,500
April 2643High$300NLHE [Main Event, 2-Day Event]$100,000
April 2643Low$50NLHE [Main Event, 2-Day Event]$30,000
April 2644High$150PL Omaha [6-Max]$8,500
April 2644Low$15PL Omaha [6-Max]$2,500
April 2645High$100NLHE [Sunday Supersonic SE, Hyper-Turbo]$8,500
April 2645Low$10NLHE [Hyper-Turbo]$2,000
April 2746High$100NLHE [Nightly Stars - NJSCOOP Wrap-Up]$22,000
April 2746Low$10NLHE [NJSCOOP Wrap-Up]$4,000
April 2747High$100NLHE [Phase, Day 2]$25,000
April 2747Low$10NLHE [Phase, Day 2]$5,000
April 2748High$150NLHE [Wrap-up - Deep, Hyper-Turbo]$12,000
April 2748Low$15NLHE [Wrap-up - Deep, Hyper-Turbo]$3,000
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