Campos Plea Accepted Avoiding Poker Trial of the Century

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When news broke a few weeks ago that a judge had rejected the plea deal struck between prosecutors and Black Friday defendant John Campos, it seemed as if there might be a jury trial for online poker after all.

Not so fast, now says the judge. Apparently whatever prosecutors provided in response to US District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan’s request for justification did the trick. From PokerFuse:

US District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan has accepted the plea deal of John Campos, the last of five defendants accused of illegally processing funds in the Black Friday cases, extinguishing the remaining hope that online poker would have its day in court this year.

Campos will be sentenced in June and I’m pretty sure he already has a bit of time served, so there’s at least some chance he won’t see any more time inside.

Source: PokerFuse.

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