Wire Act compliance deadline now June 30, 2020

DOJ Extends Grace Period For Wire Act Enforcement To Mid-2020

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Online gambling operators will get six months added to the forbearance period for enforcement of the new Wire Act opinion.

Deputy Attorney General Jeff Rosen extended the grace period to June 30 in his latest memo. Delays are due to the Department of Justice‘s appeal of the New Hampshire Lottery Commission‘s challenge that found the Wire Act only applied to sports betting.

The deadline didn’t require an update, though; the Dec. 31 deadline was only one of the dates. Also included is a stipulation that the grace period could end 60 days after final judgment in New Hampshire.

Considering Rosen mentions all other provisions of the previous memos should remain in place, not much changes here. It’s unlikely that litigation will be wrapped up by July.

Wire Act appeal status

The Department of Justice appealed the decision for the NHLC, which successfully argued the Wire Act applies to sports betting only.

The challenge from New Hampshire came after last November’s reinterpretation of the Wire Act that attempted to include all interstate gambling. That could shut down all state-regulated online gambling, including casino games, poker and lottery.

We could see the first oral arguments as early as January. Both sides have submitted preliminary briefs, and the DOJ is currently on the clock for a reply.

Biden against Wire Act interpretation

Former US vice president and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden doesn’t agree with the Trump Administration‘s Wire Act views.

Biden doesn’t support adding unnecessary restrictions to the gaming industry; his campaign told CDC Gaming Reports.

The Wire Act should only be interpreted under the 2011 ruling, according to Biden. That ruling limited the restrictions to sports betting and opened up iGaming regulation.

Fellow candidate Andrew Yang similarly voiced support for the widespread legalization of online poker in a recent tweet.

- Matthew Waters is a reporter covering legal sports betting and the gambling industry. Previous stops include Fantini Research and various freelance jobs covering professional and amateur sports in Delaware and the Philadelphia area.
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