Launch of new poker games starts at, will roll out in UK, ROW soon

Flipping The Switch: PokerStars Power Up Goes Live For Real-Money Play

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PokerStars is confident its hybrid poker game, Power Up, is ready for its real-money launch after several rounds of play-money alpha testing,

According to PokerStars, it will first add a real-money version of the game to the client. It will later be available on the UK and rest-of-world clients in the coming days.

Power Up will launch at the $1, $3, $7, and $15 levels.

A permanent play-money version will be added to the client.

Is Power Up the next big thing?

Based on the buzz and the marketing push surrounding Power Up, it’s safe to say PokerStars truly believes it’s sitting on a game changer.

“Since the game’s inception, we’ve been eagerly anticipating this moment and it’s finally here,” said Severin Rasset, Director of Poker Innovation and Operations. “The team have worked incredibly hard to produce a brand new game which, by utilizing our custom engine, delivers incredible mechanics and an engaging universe. We are immensely proud of this major innovation to poker and we hope our players love it as much as we do.”

What is PokerStars Power Up?

In short, Power Up is a combination of poker and card games like Hearthstone. It sprinkles in a dash of video games to add depth and bring the game to life.

The game is a three-person tournament featuring traditional sit-and-go rules, with one notable exception. Each player can possess up to three “Special Power” cards. These cards cost “energy” to use and have wide-ranging effects. Those include manipulating your hole cards, altering the board, and providing intel about opponents’ hands or the upcoming cards.

More on the game:

The Power Up universe

Power Up takes place in a futuristic universe called the “Neutrino.” It features characters and a backstory that PokerStars hopes will immerse the player into the game, and capture their interest, much like popular esports.

This includes marketing the game in new ways, to new demographics (gamers) accustomed to an entertaining product capable of taking on a life of its own.

“Poker has maintained its popularity for nearly two centuries because it has evolved with the times. PokerStars Power Up continues this evolution by providing a modern twist on traditional poker that we believe will be exciting to not only poker players, but to a broad spectrum of gamers as well,” said CEO Rafi Ashkenazi.

“We’ve been encouraged by the reaction during alpha testing in July and August and are optimistic that PokerStars Power Up will introduce poker to a new generation of mobile gamers, excite current players and help reconnect with less active or former players.”

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Bottom line on Power Up

Power Up is a sleek and exciting product that PokerStars is ready to fully unveil to the world.

The question is: Can it capture the world’s attention?

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