New program for PokerStars starts rollout in Denmark, Italy soon

What’s In The ‘Chest’? PokerStars Releases More Details For Its New Stars Rewards Program

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We now know a lot more about what PokerStars has planned for its rewards program.

PokerStars announced it would be overhauling its rewards program in April. The initial announcement was short on specifics. But following a new blog post by Severin Rasset, the director of poker innovation and operations for PokerStars, the specifics of the new Stars Rewards program are starting to come into focus. We should get our first real glimpse of it in the next week or so.

In the post on the PokerStars Corporate blog, Rasset pinned down the rollout of the new Star Rewards program, writing, “We will be launching Stars Rewards first in Denmark later this month, with Italy planned shortly thereafter, and most other markets planned for later this summer.”

More importantly, Rasset also offered up a look at what players can expect from the new rewards scheme.

Stars Rewards: Random, personalized prizes

The centerpiece of the new rewards seems to be “Chests.” Chests are random prizes players accumulate for playing poker, casino games, or betting sports.

In the old rewards program, players were rewarded with a fixed amount of Stars Coins based on their play. In the new program, Chests are randomized and personalized, as seen in the video here.

Rasset explained the new program as, “designed to create excitement with a variety of rewards with randomized values. The more you play, the bigger the Chests.” So, there is still a volume element to the rewards program. But it’s augmented by the randomly awarded prizes.

More from PokerStars on ‘Chests’

The post goes on to detail the key components of the new system:

Big top prizes: Every time you open a Chest there’s a chance that you win a big top prize. It might be $1,000 in cold hard cash, 1,000,000 StarsCoin, or a PokerStars Championship package worth thousands of dollars or, if you are a sports bettor, a big bet for an upcoming match. The top prizes will be changing on an ongoing basis, but every Chest for every player gives you the chance at a big prize.

Personalised rewards: You will also earn StarsCoin from Chests, and will continue to be able to redeem them in the store at the same rate for cash rebates, tickets, merchandise, and more. Chests will offer a variety of rewards including StarsCoin, free sports bets, tournament tickets, casino instant bonuses, and more, all personalised to reflect your gameplay. For example, a tournament player will predominantly receive tournament money or tournament tickets, whereas a sports-bettor would receive free bets.

Fasttrack your progress: You will be able to double the speed you make progress for a short period each session you play via ‘boosts’, designed to reward players who play more frequently and play in consecutive days.

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Stars Rewards: An amalgamation of other programs

From the looks of it, PokerStars is trying to take the best elements of different rewards programs. It is taking those elements and combining them into a single package.

In addition to rewarding volume, “The more you play, the bigger the Chests,” the Stars Rewards program possesses:

  • Randomized prizes, which gives every player the chance to win big, regardless of the amount they play.
  • Personalized prizes, to tailor the rewards to each particular player.
  • A mission’s component where players can earn a “boost” for consistency in play, or for accomplishing some other task the site might set out.

We’ll have more details following the program’s debut in Denmark, which is expected to occur next week.

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