Virtual Sports, In-Room Cashier Planned For Resorts iGaming Lounge

Resorts iGaming Lounge: On-Property Shrine For Online Gambling About To Receive A Few Upgrades

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Just off the main casino floor at Resorts Hotel Casino in Atlantic City sits a room bathed in green neon.

Easily mistaken for an Apple Store, the iGaming Lounge is the first and only space in any land-based casino dedicated to online gambling.

And soon, the room — which already does an admirable job of piquing patron curiosity — will be receiving some new bells and whistles.

One room, multiple purposes

Staffed 24 hours a day, the Resorts iGaming Lounge serves a number of purposes:

  • Enables players to register for Resorts’ online gambling sites
  • Functions as a education center for legal online gambling in New Jersey
  • Doubles as a customer support center
  • Acts as an alternative, laid-back hangout for casino patrons

Perhaps most importantly, it’s a place where players can log on to their online accounts and play real-money games, using their own devices or one of the provided tablets or gaming tables.

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Inside the iGaming Lounge

Pictures don’t do the iGaming Lounge justice — but I’ve included a couple anyway.


The space is much larger than I anticipated, and it’s a testament to Resorts’ commitment to online gambling. It’s a millennial oasis in what is otherwise a sea of older slot players.

During the day, the room is largely quiet, a good spot to sit and talk. At night, music is pumped in to create a nightlife vibe. At both times, players can usually be found playing online.

In addition to tablets mounted on countertops, the iGaming Lounge also has two touch screen communal tables, where a group can sit around and play online.

Ed Andrewes, CEO of EA Gaming Consultancy — which manages Resorts’ digital business — explained to me that the devices inside the iGaming Lounge are regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement to ensure they’re safe and secure.

Better than expected

The iGaming Lounge has played a key role in Resorts’ online gambling success, outperforming even the casino’s wildest expectations when it comes to customer acquisition.

It registers dozens of players every day, and over the course of an hour I saw multiple groups come in and play online using the provided tablets. One of the employees I spoke with said the room has a steady trickle of traffic during the day and on weeknights, but is extremely busy on weekend nights.

It hasn’t been a revenue panacea, but as Andrewes told me, the iGaming Lounge is more about acquisition than revenue. Andrewes sees the Lounge as a focal point to get the word out about online gambling to Resorts brick and mortar customers.

“We want to show them a good time here and let them take the casino back home,” Andrewes said.

New enhancements coming to the iGaming Lounge

Andrewes also went over some upcoming changes Resorts has in store for the iGaming Lounge.

According to Andrewes, Resorts plans to reconfigure a seldom-used back corner to add a cashier, and possibly an in-room bar. Together, these new features will likely increase the appeal of the room, and also increase the amount of time people spend in the lounge.

Virtual Sports coming too

On the gaming side of things, virtual sports will be added to the iGaming Lounge by the end of the year.

Resorts’ virtual sports contests will be provided by Inspired Gaming — which is also working with Golden Nugget in New Jersey. They’ll be displayed on a massive screen currently located on the back wall of the lounge (see image below).

Andrewes added that virtual sports might eventually be added to the bar areas of the casino.


For more on virtual sports, read about them here.

Resorts’ ascent nothing short of remarkable

Resorts Casino was late to the online gambling party in New Jersey, launching an online casino nearly a year-and-a-half after its competitors. Despite its late arrival, Resorts has become a major player in the market, on both the online poker and casino side.


Innovative projects like the iGaming Lounge, the upcoming launch of virtual sports, and Resorts’ partnership with PokerStars — which has already led to live poker events at the casino — are key reasons Resorts has been able to close the gap from its competitors so quickly.

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