New Eilers & Krejcik Report To Focus On European Markets, Will Be Issued Quarterly

Eilers & Krejcik Gaming Launch Quarterly European Online Gambling Tracker Report

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Independent research firm Eilers & Krejcik Gaming has published the first issue of a new quarterly report on European online gambling.

The European Online Gambling Tracker is priced at $2,000, and presents comprehensive coverage of the European market together with insightful analysis regarding how the next few years will unfold.

According to the introduction:

This report is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of Europe’s regulated online gambling market including: current market size, market size projections, revenue breakdown by product set, factors driving growth, key market players & market share by country, key themes, and conclusions.

Standard definitions allow international comparisons

Usefully, the authors have created a consistent set of terms and measures so that the key European markets can be compared.

Gross gaming revenue refers to “the top line number before tax and levy deductions.” Sports betting includes all bets placed on sports or horse racing events and casino includes slot games.

Using their own definitions, Eilers estimates that the current iGaming market is worth €14.3 billion. The report cuts out Russian and Turkish revenues to present “a more realistic version of the addressable market in Europe.”

The resulting market is worth €11.3 billion and is forecast to grow to €18.2 billion by 2020. Seventy-nine percent of the market is made up of revenue from the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain and the Nordics.

Growth is driven by mobile usage

The expected compound annual growth rate of more than 10 percent is ascribed to the “increased use of mobile, improvement of product, increased accessibility and a general rise in ecommerce.”

The report structure follows national markets

Following an overview of the entire European market, the report separates out each individual national market, and goes into some detail about the characteristics of each as well as pointing to possible opportunities.

The Netherlands is highlighted as a strong mid-term opportunity on the basis of “cultural factors, macro-economic issues, tech-adoption and availability of product (which includes regulation).”

France is one market which is identified as less likely to see the same high level of growth, as the result of its high levels of taxation.

The UK is noted as experiencing “an almost perfect storm of conditions” which is causing exceptional growth. The authors suggest that the growth has a ceiling at around £5 billion ($7.24 billion).

One insight the report offers is that the “highest revenue per capita markets are those with the strongest iOS usage.” This is linked with regions which also have high levels of disposable income.

Long term resource

There are a number of excellent charts which show market share and product share and the underlying data is available to Eilers subscribers who want to probe more deeply.

As the quarterly issues build over time, the publication has the potential to become an increasingly valuable tool for industry participants and investors.

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