Online Gambling Adversaries Heralded As Tech Heroes

iGaming Foes Bob Goodlatte And Jason Chaffetz Are “Digital Patriots” According To The CEA

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This year, the Consumer Electronics Association – this is like the AGA of the tech world – recognized U.S. Congressman Bob Goodlatte as a Digital Patriot for his “instrumental role in supporting and advancing technology innovation.”

If you don’t find this ironic, it’s because you don’t know, or don’t remember, that Goodlatte has fought Internet gaming for years.

That’s right – the same cosignatory of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which obliterated the U.S. iGaming industry, drove thousands of jobs and billions of dollars offshore, and created a powerful criminal element we’re combating to this day, was just applauded by the CEA for “supporting a legal and regulatory framework that allows the tech industry to flourish.”

Weird, right?

In fairness, the Congressman’s position on Internet gaming alone should not obscure his meritorious work on behalf of other causes, which include, according to the CEA, intellectual property and patent reform.

Nor should we forget that the Congressman, who’s the current Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, acknowledged the importance of protecting states’ rights during a hearing about RAWA earlier this year.

If anything, this award ought to encourage Rep. Goodlatte to continue to uphold his self-stated goal to “create jobs” and “grow our economy” – both of which a regulated U.S. iGaming market can do its part to achieve.

Of course, being named a Digital Patriot didn’t make an iGaming ally out of 2012 honoree Jason Chaffetz, who spoke glowingly of Goodlatte, in the CEA’s tribute video found here, as someone who can “make sure the federal government doesn’t get in the way.”

Yes, that’s the same Chaffetz who is spearheading a federal bill to block states from regulating iGaming.

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