888 NJ And WSOP Player Sharing Generates Small Gains

WSOP, 888 NJ Online Poker Partnership Brings Higher Traffic Peaks, But Averages Stubbornly Flat [CHART]

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WSOP.com and 888 have seen greater player traffic peaks in New Jersey since agreeing to partially share liquidity earlier this month, but overall traffic is not seeing the huge boost reported by some outlets.

That’s per data from the latest Scouting ReportPokerScout.com’s daily analysis publication covering the global online poker industry:

New Jersey Online Poker Merger

Breaking down the numbers

The left side of the graph above shows an average weekday in January as far as player traffic (for WSOP and 888 separately, and their combined numbers as well).

The right shows the shared liquidity traffic on January 22.

What does the graph tell us?

  • It illustrates a higher, sharper peak during primetime for WSOP/888 — an increase of about 25%  than the sites experienced pre-shared liquidity.
  • Shared liquidity has resulted in little change in traffic during off-peak times.
  • Poker Scout’s Scouting Report also tells us that the graph helps to demonstrate that the daily average on the right is only marginally higher than on the left, thanks to the higher peak traffic.

PokerScout notes that in its recent published traffic numbers, players in the shared player pool have been double-counted, resulting in what looks like higher traffic for the two sites. WSOP/888 now boasts higher average daily traffic, which is certainly not shocking.

But that is more of a function of the shared player pools than a meaningful increase in overall traffic. 

WSOP and 888 remain, to some extent, independent of one another, as they only share players at specific tables. Shared tables constitute about two-thirds of cash-game traffic at WSOP/888 according to Poker Scout.

The new No. 1

WSOP/888 now holds the top spot over PartyPoker NJ / Borgata for average cash game traffic.

The question is whether the new combined online poker room will be able to build on that momentum and capitalize on the shared liquidity. PartyPoker NJ has consistently offered bigger guarantees in its multi-table tournaments, coming off the second edition of its Garden State Super Series, which guaranteed $1 million over two weeks.

Since the news of the shared liquidity was recent and pretty sudden, it remains to be seen how the New Jersey market will shake out after this change. Can the two sites take measures to increase the primetime peak even more, or get more players to play at off-peak times?

No matter what, it does appear that WSOP/888 will be No. 1, at least for the short term.

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- Dustin Gouker has been a sports journalist for more than 15 years, working as a reporter, editor and designer -- including stops at The Washington Post and the D.C. Examiner. He has played poker recreationally for his entire adult life and has written about poker since 2008.
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